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[Spoiler] SWTOR Datamining Feed

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I'm fairly certain I'm one of the few people that browse the SWTOR SubReddit, but swtor_miner and Dulfy are pretty active, and the two are on top of updates and sneak peaks. So, I figured I'd do you guys a service and clue you in on some of swtor_miner's stuff.

Keep in mind that everything this guy posts are potential spoilers and are subject to change.

Edited February 2, 2015: swtor_miner no longer actively datamines, but others have continued to do so. The feed will continue, but not all information will be retrieved by the same person.
Posted Dec 18, 13 · OP · Last edited May 27, 16
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Patch 2.5.1 12/17/13


  • Upcoming Cartel Market items. Getting a Hoth and Mass Effect vibe....

  • New speeder mount.
Posted Dec 18, 13 · OP
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Patch 2.5.2? 1/9/14

Image Gallery ((OMGosh look at those emotes!))


  • Cartel Market Items, see image gallery.

  • Class change: Orbital Strike/Freighter Flyby damaged reduced by ~62%.

  • GSF 4v4 Team Deathmatch with 4 power-ups (damage, engines, shields, weapons).

    EDIT: Official Dulfy Update
Posted Jan 9, 14 · OP · Last edited Jan 10, 14
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Patch 2.7 PTS Patch 2/24/14

Quesh Huttball Loading Screen
Collections/Cartel Market
New Icons


  • New Outbound Mission Hangar on Fleet. Presumably where the shuttles leave from for the "Assault on Tython" and "Korriban Incursion" Flashpoints.

  • So each side gets 2 new Flashpoints, instead of Tython only being for Imperials and Korriban only being for Republic. They are also "Tactical" Flashpoints: Weakness in the defenses over Korriban have opened a window for an assault on the planet. Defeat the defending Imperial Forces on Korriban and secure the Sith Academy. Republic forces have sacked the Sith Academy on Korriban. You have been sent by Darth Arkous and his advisor, Sith Lord Lana Beniko, to wipe out the enemy and reclaim the Sith Academy for the Empire.

  • Unannounced class changes: Scoundrel Operative
    Scamper/Exfiltrate No longer rolls half the distance while slowed.
    Roll forward 12 meters. Can be activated a 2nd time within 10 seconds to roll again and go on cooldown for 10 seconds. While rolling, your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks is increased by 30%. Does not break stealth. Cannot be used while immobilized.

    Slippery Devil/Shadow Operative Elite Now increases your chance to Dodge incoming attacks by 25% per rank instead of 25% chance to trigger Dodge/Evasion.
    Increases your effective stealth level by 1. In addition, when you activate Scamper/Exfiltrate you gain a 25% chance to dodge all incoming attacks for 1.5 seconds.

  • GSF: Infiltrator-class ship, two new strikefighters (1 per faction), ability changes. Additional information on new ships.

  • Quesh Huttball: Featuring Acid Traps, Magentic Grapple points, and Air Vents.

  • New Item (Speeder): Wings of the Architect - Activates the Wings of the Architect, increasing movement speed and offering excellent protection against being knocked off. Movement speed increases based on the rank of your Speeder Piloting skill. These powerful machine arms were constructed by Dread Master Brontes, the "Architect of Fear.

  • Dread Fortress titles for completing while Nightmare Power (NiM Mode) is active: Deposer of the Dread Masters and Gate Crasher
Posted Feb 24, 14 · OP
Quesh huttball sounds like it'd be cool
As men we can do anything, we can change the world and our fates. We can even become what we worship.

We can do the one thing a god cannot do, grow.

When men walk among gods, we walk with purpose.
Posted Feb 24, 14
Vivek x
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2.7 PTS 3/1/14

Map images for the Quesh Huttball arena, shuttle departures on each fleet, and the Tython/Korriban flash points.

Additional Information from previous update

  • Gree Event: Grey Helix Focus, Generator, and Shield offhands.

  • First Grand Acquisitions Pack (Potential Cost 900+ Cartel Coins): One Reputation item, for either the Contraband Resale Corporation or the Bounty Supply Company, One Rare bonus item with a chance of a Super Rare, One Rare complete armor set with a chance of a Super Rare!

  • Synopsis of Tython/Korriban Flashpoints (Major Spoilers. Do not discuss publicly!):
    Spoiler: Show
Posted Mar 1, 14 · OP
Vivek x
Banned users
Mined Data 3/11/2014

Posted Mar 11, 14 · OP
Mined Data 3/13/2014

Unannounced Class Changes


Jarring Strike/K.O. -
  • Old PTS - "...and make your Backstab/Back Blast no longer require you to be behind the target to activate for 5 seconds."
  • New PTS - "...and allow your next Backstab/Back Blast to be activated while face-to-face with your enemy target."

Quickening/Scurry -
  • Old PTS - "..In addition, when you activate Exfiltrate/Scamper, you have a 15/30% chance to gain Quickening/Scurry.."
  • New PTS - "..In addition, when you activate Exfiltrate/Scamper, you have a 50/100% chance to gain Quickening/Scurry.."

Surgical Precision/Emergent Emergencies -
  • Old PTS - "...In addition, Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac immediately re-grants Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand when used on targets below 30% max health. This effect can only occur once every 6 seconds."
  • New PTS - "...In addition, Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac immediately re-grants Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand once every 10 seconds."


  • Old PTS - "Reduces the pushback suffered while activating...and Thundering Blast/Turbulence by 35/70%..."
  • New PTS - "Reduces the pushback suffered while activating...and Thundering Blast/Turbulence by 50/100%..."

Lightning Storm/Tidal Force
  • Reverted previous PTS changes to Live state.

Operation Changes

The Dread Council Siphon Energy bug has been fixed. Siphon Energy now has a 0 second cooldown.

Cartel Market

Stronghold seems to be the name of the Cartel Market Packs
alex is cool
Posted Mar 13, 14
Vivek x
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PTS Patch #5, 3/13/14

Additions to the previous post, so only the new stuff with pictures!

New Cartel Market Items.

GSF Denon loading screen.
Tython FP loading screen.
Korriban FP loading screen.

Bantha mount. Note: eyes won't load in these early renders.
Posted Mar 14, 14 · OP
Canderous' jacket. Nice.
((Sig courtesy of Beviin!))
Posted Mar 14, 14
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