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IMPORTANT Looking for an Imperial Guild

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Hello Everyone, I am looking for a new guild to join and RP with. All of my previous guilds have disbanded and I want to get back into Rping with people.

What I am looking for:
-medium to heavy RP (it is only if we do other things I love having fun in group activities, But I want to RP)
-for the RP type it doesn't matter very much I can go with almost anything (previous experience with Mando, underworld, and military)

What I have to offer my new guild:
-From my disband guild (I am currently the GM):
- Fully unlocked Rishi stronghold (currently mando themed, Can be changed to fit RP) 60% filled
- Guldship with half the crew decked unlocked (mando themed again, also can be changed) 45% filled
- I have the dancer, hutt, and wookie disguise stations, and over 800 decorations that can be donated to new guild
- have been RPing since 2013

Cad Darkmoon- Male Cyborg Mercenary (Main)
- previously RPed as head of Night Sky Industries, also head of clan Moon

Mara Darkmoon- Female Cyborg Assassin (Twin of Cad)
Desla - Male Cyborg Sniper
Atariks - Female Twi'lek Marauder

Eithe message me on enjin, or in game on Cad Darkmoon
Posted Feb 21, 19
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Hello all, I'm looking for a guild to play in. I've never joined a guild in the game, though I have been playing for a while and tried all the classes and races except Rattataki. I was usually roleplaying with just one other person while we gamed from level one start to story finish with characters, but my friend is no longer able to play swtor.

I generally play female characters and am open to any races and classes; I'm not picky. I also tend to make characters to fill a need in a story, though sometimes I get a character that wants to be played. I've been roleplaying since 2003 (I'm in my thirties) and been playing SWTOR since 2015, off and on.

Looking for:
Medium to Heavy RP, emphasis on character development
Open to most types of RP, though generally not ERP
Not really interested in PVP at all, since I'm more casual in how I play and get trashed there.
Posted Feb 27, 19
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