Hello Everyone, I am looking for a new guild to join and RP with. All of my previous guilds have disbanded and I want to get back into Rping with people.

What I am looking for:
-medium to heavy RP (it is only if we do other things I love having fun in group activities, But I want to RP)
-for the RP type it doesn't matter very much I can go with almost anything (previous experience with Mando, underworld, and military)

What I have to offer my new guild:
-From my disband guild (I am currently the GM):
- Fully unlocked Rishi stronghold (currently mando themed, Can be changed to fit RP) 60% filled
- Guldship with half the crew decked unlocked (mando themed again, also can be changed) 45% filled
- I have the dancer, hutt, and wookie disguise stations, and over 800 decorations that can be donated to new guild
- have been RPing since 2013

Cad Darkmoon- Male Cyborg Mercenary (Main)
- previously RPed as head of Night Sky Industries, also head of clan Moon

Mara Darkmoon- Female Cyborg Assassin (Twin of Cad)
Desla - Male Cyborg Sniper
Atariks - Female Twi'lek Marauder

Eithe message me on enjin, or in game on Cad Darkmoon