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IMPORTANT Looking for an Imperial Guild

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Hi there! I am relatively new (a returning player, really) to the game, and am seeking a home for my Togruta. A former M.D-turned-scientist (biologist, bioengineer; worked previously with the Imperial eugenics program), her prior history is so far minimal at best (apologies!) as I haven't quite finished developing her backstory.

It's been difficult finding an Imperial-themed guild that accepts aliens ('cause xenophobia and all that good stuff within the Empire), but I'm hoping someone will make an exception! Ashala is a somewhat reluctant Imp loyalist, but she's willing to lend her services to any interested parties, for both the medical and scientific.

Mostly, I'd be interested in a heavy RP guild that could use a doctor/surgeon, or a community where she'd be allowed to continue with her research, as her methods aren't always... pleasant. In the past, I have provided people with private contracts for the development of chemical and biological weapons to be used for RP purposes, as well as development of vaccines (the rakghoul plague is especially fun!), among many other things.

Please feel free to PM me or reply here if you're willing to employ Ashala.

Thank you!
Posted Feb 16, 17
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Hey there Ashala! The guild i run here on the Ebon Hawk has plenty of alien characters in its midst, and she sounds like she would be a good addition. Give me a shout if you want to talk details :)

The same goes for you Kal! If you have not found a home for your character yet.
Posted Feb 17, 17 · Last edited Feb 17, 17
Same can be said for myself and my group. We're looking for more mercenaries to join the band with Draeo and his Crimson Gundarks merc group taking contracts from the Empire, going out and doing underworld things. Always a side of the game I love to help grow.

And Ashala, it's safe to say we've got projects underway that could use scientific minds, kind of a collaboration between Sith and other related scientific fields. So if you're looking to work on your own, and a group project- don't shy away from reaching out!

Necessary link!
Posted Feb 17, 17 · Last edited Feb 17, 17
Radical , if you need room for your experimentations and research, the Sith Academy Annex is available, and may even have a place for a biotic sciences instructor in the future. (At rate of injuries the acolytes are getting, you'll probably have a regular sick call going too.)

If you're worried about the racial purity thing, i'll just say the current class of Acolytes has no humans in it. ;)

Referral Thingy
Posted Feb 17, 17
Black Gauntlet Could definitely benefit from another doctor! We are rather short on them at the moment. Check us out if you like!
Arts by Spaceling

Posted Feb 17, 17
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As I've tried to read through some of the threads on here while looking for a possible guild to join, I realize there is WAY TOO MUCH content for me to digest it all in a single night when I would prefer to be in game playing. So... I'm going to just leave some pertinent info for me here and hopefully that will suffice for now.

For several years, I have been a big player in GW2. If there is a blue guy in my portrait to the left, that's actually my main in GW2, from when I used Enjin a few yrs ago. However, for about 2 months now, I've been very addicted to playing SWTOR, and haven't really bothered with any of my other PC games of late. While I have 8 different characters already created, and so much from class story alone to still do with many of them, I have started lately to feel like I would occasionally like to join with others to play more aspects of the game, such as Operations, Uprisings, or other things that require more than a single player.

What I'm looking for: I would like to find a guild that is for mature adults only. I've had my fill of playing games with kids, and really don't have the patience to deal with their "unpredictability" anymore. Getting too old for that! I would also like to find a guild that focuses on just having fun playing the game with friends, and does not take things so seriously that ppl forget, "it's just a game!" A guild with mostly active players, but is at times laidback. I play games to help forget the stresses of RL. I certainly don't need any games I play to add more stress on top of my RL stress. I've actually stopped playing some games at times for that exact reason. Other than what I've said here, I'm not overly picky. I simply am looking to make some new online friends to occasionally play the game with.

What I can share about myself: I'm a guy in my 30's, and I live in the U.S. in CST. The most typical time of day I am on is either in the evenings or very late at night. I can occasionally be on at other times of day, but my RL is so unpredictable at times that I can't say always from day to day when I can be on, but can at times know for sure when I can't.
My primary empire character that I prefer to play the most is a Sith Warrior named Ganon Raz, and he is the main one I want to join a guild with for now. My primary republic character is a Jedi named Link Stormwalker. I mention that cuz if you pay attention to a few of my names, like these 2, you can tell what game I grew up loving; video games have essentially been a part of my life since I got my first NES at age 7. Ganon is already lv 70, and I'm currently working through his class chapter 3: The Emperor's Wrath storyline.
As I mentioned above, I play to destress from RL. As I get to know ppl, I may share why that is so important for me, but for now, details of my RL are too private for me to share on a public forum post. Bottom line, I just want to have fun with other like minded players. In the 2 months I've been playing, I'd say I've learned a lot about how to play the game, but I'm sure that there is a vast wealth I have yet to learn about, especially where group play is concerned.
Lastly, I very much prefer to play in the PvE or role playing parts of the game. I've played my share of PvP in other games, and honestly, I don't care for it as much cause there seems to be too many ppl in PvP who are only concerned with actual "backstabbing." I enjoy the stories that go along with everything in PvE and the content, which is probably why I've become so addicted lately... cause there is so much story content to go through! The more in-depth the story, the better for me. This allows me to more fully feel I'm getting into the game and able to put reality on hold for a few hrs whilst I do so.

So if any of what I have stated here fits with any Imperial focused guilds, feel free to contact me via my Link enjin account.
Posted Apr 20, 17
Looking for an imperial RP guild for a -new- character so they have a fresh story slate. Heavy RP. 18+ preferred so I don't have to watch language or rp content. I'd like a forum that has been decently active with guildmembers and has guild and RP info.

I'm pretty open as far as character concept. I prefer a situation that allows for Master/Apprentice or similar set-up to help me learn lore oocly, while the character learns icly.

If you have a guild you think might fit, please PM me the info. My main character who I play outside of RP is Alira Drakrul if you'd like to send forum/guild info that way. Thank you so much!

About me:

> I have 15+ years experience with RP, but I'm fairly new to SWTOR and Star Wars Lore.

> I am unavailable most Friday and Saturdays as that's my bestie's days off so its our only time to play together. The rest of the week I can usually attend an event with warning and am on periodically throughout day and evening.

> I get motion-sickness so likely whatever character I make will be ranged. I know, I know,... what an awful gamer trait.

> I enjoy writing stories when inspired by RP for my characters.

> Not much offends me rply. Gore, Violence, etc.

> I'm open to helping and open to playing level 1 temporary characters as alts for a guild plot.

> I'm not interested in rank power grinding. I'd rather the character's rank go along with the character's development and I'm fine with that being slow as it needs to be.

> Lastly, I'm anal about my character's rp and development. I will likely ask a gazillion questions to get more information and to give her a solid background and way in rply.

>Yes, the character will be a her, probably human. I can play male rp alts, but being a woman, I like to stick with the same gender. I'm not familiar with the other races and I'd probably not be able to do them justice yet without guidance.
Posted Oct 9, 17 · Last edited Oct 9, 17
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Hello there!

My friends and I are all looking for an imperial guild that can accommodate a wide variety of characters, from imperial agents to sith acolytes and lords. There are at least seven of us, and while we are capable of making our own guild, we would also like to reach out and make connections with other great RPers! We have several years of RP on various MMOs under our belts and have even begun to RP amongst ourselves here in SWTOR. We have already tried and applied and left a number of RP guilds on the SWTOR server because they did not suit our needs, and we're hoping to find what we're looking for here! Some things we're looking for:

- We are looking for a friendly community that wants to share its great stories, rather than simply looking for background characters to surround its leadership with and act as cannon fodder at RP events.

- We would like to find an 18+ guild that is not focused on ERP

- We are looking for a guild that does NOT use a dice system for combat, and trusts its players to emote things out fairly.

- We are used to dark themes and dark humor. Many of us come from RPing in Nightmare Courts in GW2, where dark themes and body horror were central to the RP.

Please PM me on Enjin or message my character, Nephysis, in-game! She is a Chiss Operative who immerses herself in underworld planets such as Nar Shaddaa, getting into trouble in back-alley deals.
Posted Oct 27, 18
Picky, Picky, Picky...

So, after some time away and a few disappointments, I'm trying to get back into some SW Rp. What I'm hoping to find is something a bit different from what a lot of guilds seem to offer:

-Hard RP. Not trying to be all things to all playstyles.

-On the smallish side.

-Themes: Either Sith Mystic circle (more like a witch coven than the traditional academy/Master-servant routine) or tight-knit underworld gang or small-unit military or mercs (not specifically mando; either contractors or small Black Ops unit. Extra points for an all-female-character merc company!)

-Varied activity cycle. I work a lot of nights, and travel a lot for work, so my availability is somewhat random.

I have several loose characters who could fit any of these themes, but I'm not averse to rolling characters to fill holes in existing structures. I'm also quite willing to discuss start-ups!

I know, I know. What a snowflake! Demanding little rhymes-with-witch! Still, I've passed through a number of guilds here since launch, and have never quite found what I'm looking for (save one that blew up shortly after we started it :cry: ). So I'm still hopeful. Or naive. Or something.

My mailbox is open!
Posted Nov 17, 18
Hello there! I am a returning player since launch looking to finally get into the RP scene of SWTOR. I was a bit worried I was a little too late, but it never hurts to try. I'm not new to Star Wars lore either, but I will need to freshen up on parts that I'm rusty on. I had to take a hiatus and returned to the guild I was in being dead whenever I logged in. :(

What I'm looking for:
- 18+
- Hard RP, though I'm still open to doing other things casually. I am primarily looking for an rp experience and finally getting to rp.
- Medium size / activity level. I don't mind if the guild is small and looking to grow, but I'd rather not get into one of those gigantic guilds.

What I can offer:
- I currently work on commission, thus I am available 24/7 basically.
- 10+ years of RP experience on other games and platforms.
- Prior guild leading / officer experience if needed at some point.

As for my characters, I have two that I am primarily working on. My main is a Sith human assassin that has a fascination with artifacts and history. I haven't had a chance to roleplay yet, so there's not much to her or development. I have a backstory, which I'll be writing out soon. The other is a Chiss imperial agent.

EDIT: Found a guild, but still open and looking for more contacts!
Posted Dec 12, 18 · Last edited Dec 16, 18
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