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IMPORTANT Looking for an Imperial Guild

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Moved OzzieN20's post here!
Posted Jun 19, 14 · OP
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I guess I should put this here then.

Character name: Aizy/Izy
Roleplay Style: Heavy
Activities: A bit of everything
Age Group: 18+
Previous Experience: I played about a year plus ago, and took some time off for other stuff, but am back for a while. I honestly cannot remember the guild names or many of the players.
Other Information: Aizy is a Chiss Sniper, female, who would work for an official Imperial group, be it Sith controlled or more military. I also have a high level Bounty Hunter Izy, but I'm not sure what to do with that one atm.

Any directioning, etc would be helpful, thanks!
Posted Jan 16, 15
Aizy is a Chiss Sniper, female, who would work for an official Imperial group, be it Sith controlled or more military.

Why not both! :d

Browse through our recruitment thread, take a look at our website, and feel free to apply if it looks like something you might be interested in. Good luck in your search!
Posted Jan 16, 15
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Since this forum divides the looking for guild into separate factions I am double posting. If this is not allowed moderators I apologize and you may delete one.

Hello Ebon Hawk players and guilds,
I am part of a RP duo that has just come back to TOR, having last played it at launch and for some months after and we are both looking for a guild on Empire, Republic, or both. Faction doesn’t matter as each offers some wonderful roleplaying opportunities, especially through the various storylines TOR offers in addition to those provided by the players. We are new to Star Wars but there is a wealth of material available to assist, from wiki entries to roleplaying guides available on this forum and others connected to TOR RP.

We both have a great of experience in RP settings, at least on the small scale. Both of us come from Neverwinter Nights, having played on heavy RP servers since 2003. The player counts of these have been as high as the upper thirties and as low as a small handful of people. It is our desire to make the jump to something larger yet still have smaller scale stuff available. Heavy RP is a must, though it need not be in every moment. TOR has a central story and class story that runs throughout that may not always be in line with how a character presents themselves and sometimes things are best served by taking the RP hat off and putting the gamer hat on. That is up to the group in question, however, with no preference on our part in either direction. We have a keen interest in exploring the possibilities the setting and other players in it provide. Further information on our backgrounds can be provided if requested.

We are both US Central players with playtimes that range from late afternoon/evening to about 3 AM central. We’d prefer an active, mature and Heavy-RP guild of about 25+ members that is understanding of the learning curve we are experiencing jumping into MMO RP. We are currently playing on Empire with new characters but have not yet decided to say “this is our main,” so we are open to rerolling as anything, really, and then turning that into a main.

Please respond to this thread, send me a PM, or contact me in game as Tethas.
Posted Feb 25, 15
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I am searching for a guild on Imperial side that is -against- The Empire or has goals of trying to change it to become more stable (No infighting, less corruptions, etc). Such a guild -must- be anti-slavery also, as this is a large part of my character's motives towards challenging The Empire and current Sith Order.

If anyone can point me in the right direction toward such a guild, it would be very much appreciated. More details about myself and what I can offer are reserved for any guild applications I fill out.
Posted May 8, 15
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LOOKING FOR AN RP GUILD FOR MY MAIN BOUNTY HUNTER/HIRED GUN/HIRED MUSCLE/BODY GUARD SHEHISH. ICly Shehish is looking to be hired for some kind of security, bouncer, body guard, ect ect job to some neutral corporation/group... or even better, be with a bigger group of non mandalorian (or a mix) bounty hunters doing jobs together. I'm thinking Cowboy Bebop or Firefly themes in this case.

AFFILIATION & ALIGNMENT: Works in Imperial space but is neutral otherwise (no personal vendettas against republic or imperials)


ACTIVITIES: RP, PVE, PVP, Flashpoints, Ops


RP POST STYLE: It depends on the situation and what I'm given, but I enjoy writing and make an effort to try and give as much as and a little more then I get. I'm dyslexic and often make dumb mistakes or have to take my time to proof read/spell check a post before I publish it. I do not erp so don't try to pressure me into it, but I have nothing against people who do!

PREVIOUS GUILD EXPERIENCE: Been a guild leader/creator to a pretty successful GW2 RP guild, mostly just try to work my way up to a position where I can help the community of the guild the best I can (help run events, help officers/leaders with organization, be there for people when no one else is on).

GUILD EXPECTATIONS: I enjoy groups of people who don't shy away from engaging the general public, but still have their own stories and activities to strengthen relationships between members. I don't want a 'cool kids club' who avoid other RPer's because they're 'not as good', or who claim to be against drama but are just interested in their own drama. I don't need a bunch of people trying to one up one another to be the best or strongest... Also, please please please no ERP guilds.

OTHER INFORMATION: I'm still new to the game and to the world and lore. Shehish is my first and only 60 and my main. Shehish is at the beginning of her career and personal story.

Please whisper me in game, or send mail, or message me in PM's here! Thank you!
Posted Aug 2, 15 · Last edited Aug 3, 15
OOC Info
Alignment: Neutral

Preferred Guild Type: Heavy RP

Time Zone: EST

Age Group: 15

Experience: I've been RPing for a couple of years now, mainly small things with close IC friends. I have been in two guilds before, the 1st being The Galactic Fifth Column as a standard member, and the 2nd being The Hive, also as a standard member.

Expectations: I would like, above all, for the guild to be respectful. I don't mind fooling around and joking racism/sexism etc as long as it isn't meant in a directly offensive or insulting way to another player. I would also like the members to be mature enough to realize if they have offended someone and at least attempt to apologize and make ice. Secondly, I would like an active guild, active enough where I can jump in and usually find someone on willing to RP or even just to hangout OOCly. However, I don't mind joining an early guild as long as its developed well enough. Sorry, but im just not interested in helping to create a guild, but I am willing to assist in supporting one. I am looking for a neutral guild that would be a good opportunity to put my characters skills to use, while earning him some credits doing it. Whether Criminal, Legitimate, or somewhere in between.

Other Notes: Also, as it says above, yes I am 15. I understand most guilds have age restrictions which I understand the reasons for. I would just wish to ask that you at least give me an opportunity to show that while I can be an idiot at times, I am no different from the rest of you. All I ask for is that you don't outright reject me because of my age.

IC Info

Characters: As of right now I only have one character I continuously RP as. His name is Farnis Kryll, a former Imperial Agent, former Sergeant in the Imperial Military, and former Assassin. However given the proper motivation, whether credits or otherwise, he can be convinced to take up a rifle again.

Specializations. If you need anything done that falls into these categories Farnis is your man and you can choose no better.:
Espionage (All types, from being Undercover to sabotage)

Skills. If you need anything done in these departments, Farnis can do it. Just don't expect it to be fast, or of any quality better than good, maybe a bit above that if he's really trying:
Unarmed Combat
Basic Field Medicine

Weaknesses and explanations. If you want the mission to succeed you're better off with someone else. While he can make do with some of these, don't expect him to make any lasting impact, or even survive such an encounter.:
CQC. While he can take down your average mook with his hands he's not good for much else in this department. Don't expect him to go charging in with a scatter gun
Piloting: Farnis couldn't tell the difference between the guns and the chair reclining if you sat him in the cockpit of one of these.

Book Smarts: Practically the only thing that he is good with under this category is math and History, and only because that falls with his background. He is not book smart, he is just clever, and able to think on his feet. So if you need someone to decipher that age old Sith Writing, or to classify all the different fauna on Felucia, you got the wrong man.

Fighting a Force User: While given the right preparation and time he -might- be able to take down Jedi Knight, don't expect him to do much better. While he has only killed 3 force users in his life, they were all weak, and any one worth his salt could wipe the floor with him.

Endurance: Farnis is not built to take any lasting wounds. The occasional brawl, sure but a decently placed shot or knife is enough to interrupt what he is doing and have him attend to his wounds. He isn't immediately out of the fight when wounded however, it's just a bit harder.

Closing Note:
Thank you very much for taking the time to look over my lengthy info, and I hope I can make a good fit in your guild, and you guild is a good fit for me. If you wish to contact me, please message me on Enjin or in-game as "Farnis"
Posted Aug 3, 15 · Last edited Aug 3, 15
I am looking for a guild! Here is what I am looking for:

  • Heavy RP
  • At least 10 people on in the evenings
  • Guild events or story arcs regularly scheduled and allows members to create events
  • Guild arcs are not focused around one person all of the time.
  • Active website
  • Solid recruiting standards
  • 18+
  • Tolerant of darker characters
  • Not heavy military theme. My character would not fit well
  • My toon is force sensitive but no Sith
  • no drama within the leadership ranks

About me: 8+ years RPing, just returning to the game, not the best at lore but I am getting there, stickler of IC/OOC separation, not interested in PvE or PvP just yet. I am over 18….ok ok over 30. Very familiar with leadership ranks and duties. Can be a typo queen if late at night. Games played, Aion, GW2, Tera

Please PM me here <3
Posted Aug 8, 15
Rilen is a lone survivor who has had very bad luck with Mandalorian clans in that she keeps getting permanently separated from them. She worked for a while aboard the Relentless (Imperial Army guild) as a random mercenary and has been known to take odd jobs to make money to get by.

About a month ago she met Zayed (Of Mareel) and Roman, who've helped her initially return to life as a Mandalorian.

I'm looking for a guild, or even just RP partners, who'll help her reintegrate...The catch is that this is my first attempt at playing a mandalorian so it's a first for me. I need people to interact with, and for Rilen to look up to as she re-learns what it means to be a part of a clan again.

Finally, Rilen is a Miraluka, but the visor she wears is intended to allow her to pass as a Cyborg. She's a demolitions expert.
Posted Sep 23, 15
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Edit: Found a home.
"I promise you won't ever have to worry about whether you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing.
Because we will do the only thing."

Posted Nov 21, 15 · Last edited Dec 3, 15
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