Full name:Full name: Ina'cas'inrokini
Core name:Core name: Acasin
Nicknames: "Inrokini Bikini" - though if you call her that, you might just not live to see the next day.
Age: 32
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Known Languages: Basic, Cheunh, Minnisiat, Huttese, Mando'a (limited)
Homeworld: Csaus
Guild: Houses of the Chiss Ascendancy

Profession: Strategic Deployment Officer, including training in terrain and environment assessment.
Military Rank: Lieutenant, CEDF
Affiliation: Sith Empire, Chiss Ascendancy, CEDF
Training: Operative and stealth training, hand-to-hand and infiltration.
Eye color: Deep red
Hair: Deep blue, short.
Skin color: Medium blue
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 138 lbs
Force sensitivity: None
Build: Fit, curvy.
Distinguishing features: Scar below left eye
Likes: Reading, particularly historical and planetary data. Stargazing. Art and music. Dancing.

\\ Loading :: Mission Details - Codename: Nahn //
:: Holo recording, Mission Debriefing and Reassignment of Lt. Ina'cas'inrokini - CEDF specialist by Captain Whitaker of Imperial Naval Forces on Ilum ::

The Captain frowned. Why he was always given the task of debriefing the aliens was beyond him. At some point he must have angered one of the higher-ups, perhaps during the incident on Hoth. A squad of dead Chiss did put a kink in relations, he supposed. Well no matter, this little incident would soon be smoothed over and so would his involvement in it. The sharp click of a pair of boot heels snapping together in smart military fashion made him glance up to acknowledge the chiss woman. Idly he set the datapad aside and folded his hands over his desk, leaning forward to regard her. She was quite good-looking, for an alien. Those cold red eyes even had a hint of defiance in them that really ..No. No. He must not allow his thoughts to wander that direction. Not this time. Too many incidents and the higher-ups would reassign him to Taris next, Emperor forbid.

"Lieutenant Ina'cas'inrokini." She said shortly, snapping no salute save a momentary propietary stiffening of her posture. And what a posture, he thought idly as his eyes roamed.. No. No, he must show control as befitting an Imperial officer.

"Lieutenant." He acknowledged, running a finger over his moustache. "I will keep this short and to the point. The incident at the crystal cave.."

She made a subtle motion he recognized as one seeking to interrupt. "Is there something I can help you with?" He made a decent effort this time to keep his eyes focused on her face, and so he congratulated himself on that.

"The incident was due to faulty information." She bit the words off crisply. "Provided by your office."

"Was it now?" He tilted his head slightly.

"I respectfully request that you include -all- of the details of the information I was provided with, which I based my decisions upon." As she spoke, her gaze never left him, the eyes narrowing just enough to send a chill through him. Alluring they might be, these alien allies, but when they had this look in their eyes.. He averted his gaze to the datapad, swiping fingers over his moustache to disguise his fear.

"I am afraid that is impossible. Regardless of the details, the loss of personel.."

His voice trailed off uncertainly as she did not reply, only continued to stare unblinking at him. He cleared his throat uncertainly. "So, I am afraid the Imperial military has no further use for your skills. You will be returned to the care of CEDF and they will reassign you as they see fit. The Empire thanks its allies for their aide and expertise, as always." As he finished pronouncing her sentence, he allowed himself a smile showing all his teeth. A smile which faltered immediately. In her hand she held a holo device, and upon seeing his attention fully on her, she activated it. A small image of himself appeared, speaking with one of his aides.

"Yes you will change this file as I instruct you to, Sergeant.. or I will see you wading in pools of rakghoul filth on Taris!" The holo image of Captain Whitaker grabbed the shirt of a man who was just outside of the recording's image. "Are you so enamoured by that ALIEN that you will follow her orders over MINE?"
The Sergeant currently being shook by the shirt collar stammered. "But sir, if she had not ordered us to retreat when we did.. the collapse would have killed us all. That explosive you had placed to use as a back-up to her plan.. it.."
"GET OUT OF MY SIGHT. If the file does not show the -correct- version of this incident, you will wish you had never seen my face."

Calmly, she deactivated the holo. "You were saying, Captain?"

He said nothing at all. A single bead of sweat rolled down the side of his forehead, as she placed a datapad on the desk. Glancing at the title, he saw -Operation Nahn- blinking steadily. His eyes moved back up to meet hers.

"You will find this report much more thorough than the one the Sergeant prepared for you. I trust you will forward this to the appropriate individuals?"

It was a measure of the man's willpower that only his reddening face betrayed his anger. "Naturally."

"Very good, then. It has been a pleasure serving beside you, Captain." She turned on her heel without saluting, pausing a moment at the door. "Oh, and Captain Whitaker? Should something untoward happen to the Sergeant, I am afraid this holo may find its way to High Command. A good man and a fine soldier is an asset not to be wasted."

-End Recording-