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<Journeymen> - Carry the Law in your Hearts

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Medium RP Guild/PvP/PvE
RP Schedule: To be Determined, based off average time members will be available

After returning to SWTOR and spending about a week or so, I took notice to a lot of people claiming that RP on the Pub side is dead, while most of the RP groups that I've seen advertise for members on Ord Mantell or Tython being geared towards Republic military or Jedi respectively. While there is nothing wrong with that, it certainly leaves a hole in the community for those who's characters aren't affiliated with either, and so I opted to make a RP guild of my own, that will hopefully be one of many that could work in concert with each other to create a much more fleshed out experience and to accommodate all walks of life.

Being completely upfront about things, I am not a player who has much resources to his name. The only thing I can guarantee those who wish to join is an honest effort to create a new RP'ing experience that will rekindle things on the Pub side of the server, but I will also do everything I can to help out anyone if it is within my power to do so.

I'd ask for all potential recruits to send me a PM first, acting as a basic application that highlights your past experience RP'ing, telling me a little more about your characters if you do not have a dossier posted for them, and what times you are most comfortable playing in.

The Journeymen, as the name implies, is meant to be a precursor to the Journeyman Protectors, and is meant to be a loosely knit group of vigilantes and lawmen that operate on across the Galaxy, being a means of justice whenever a gang tries to extort a town while the Republic military is too busy fighting to intervene or when a government official is engaging in some shady businesses at the expense of those he is obligated to serve. They are even bold enough to be willing to trade blows with the Republic's finest or the Sith Empire, if either brings them at odds with the people that the Journeymen seek to protect. (Think the Brotherhood Without Banners, if you're a Game of Thrones fan.)

To that end, the classes that are looking to be recruited will be kept to the blaster-utilizing classes of the Smuggler and Trooper, though I deeply encourage creativity looking beyond the archetype of the classes. Lawmen from various organizations like Corsec, bounty hunters aligned with the Republic, and even those who wish to serve in a civilian capacity such as informants or craftsmen could have a place in the group. For those seeking to be a Mandalorian in heritage (Though technically still Dar'manda due to not following Mandalore), you are more than welcomed to, and you don't have to stress over putting together a suit of armor, as I know that cartel gear can get expensive. Simply acquire it at your own pace, and remember that verd ori'shya beskar'gam. A warrior is more than their armor.

As a final note to this little advertisement, I'd like to address the few individuals I had come across over the course of my windowshopping who had also been searching for an Underworld focused guild in the past, and offer a final bit of advice: Go for it. Form gangs. Cause turf wars in the streets of Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine. Smuggle weapons and spices beneath the noses of the Trooper and Jedi guilds. Raise some serious hell. Because the Journeymen are now out there, looking to investigate and put a stop to those who see themselves above the law.

I look forward to working with everyone, whether it be within the guild or organizing events that cross guilds or even factions, and I wish everyone the best of luck with their own endeavors.
Posted Apr 14, 19 · OP
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Update on things, being namely that I've decided to disband the guild, as after spending a fair amount of time since its inception trying to recruit RP'ers for fellow Mandalorians and the other categories (With most remarking that I'm playing the wrong faction for the former), I have yet to really come across anyone. I'm not really surprised, as RP'ers, especially on the Republic side, are rare. Republic RP'ers who want to RP as Mandalorians, bounty hunters, etc are even rarer. And of course all of the above that would take a chance on a small group with minimal funding like mine are the rarest of all.

That said, I choose not to see this strictly as a defeat. Only that my concept for a RP guild/group, regardless of what merits it had, was something that the server doesn't have a place for at this time, and so I'd welcome anyone who want to take a stab at the concept to do so. As for myself, I'll probably stay guildless for the foreseeable future, as I'd like to pursue being an advocate for Republic side RP'ers and collaboration, and to that end being a completely neutral individual with hopes that I could help bring people together. A rather pretentious/overly optimistic way of looking at the situation, but it makes me feel a little better about things. lol

I'll probably update my post in the Classifieds later, as I've been playing around with experiments for my Mando that expands the RP hooks to Republic military and the like, but it'll probably be a bit later.

Otherwise, I wish everyone the best of luck with their own endeavors.. Also sorry to the mods for having to go through the trouble of deleting this thread or moving it to Disbanded Guilds. Feels like I kind of wasted your time with that one. My bad.
Posted Thu at 07:32 pm · OP · Last edited Thu at 19:33