Quick Information

Host: Immanitas (Empire), Riker Maris (Empire)
Who: Imperial soldiers of any rank or branch, Sith of any Sphere
What: A course of events (5) that cover advanced ground combat tactics and their application. These events are a mixture of practical classroom instruction and the application of that lesson (most events will include a "combat" portion).
Where: Viscount, Volition Flagship
When: Friday, April 19th, 8:00PM EST - whisper Immanitas in-game for invites.



Attention: Imperial soldiers and Officers,

AILAC Headmaster: General Riker Maris, CO, 49th Armoured Infantry Division

The Advanced Imperial Leadership Aptitude Courses, AILAC, will begin soon. These courses will serve as a primer for Imperial soldiers, Imperial Officers, and lower ranking Sith to further their knowledge of ground and space based combat. Included in the schedule of courses is the following:

  • Course 1: Basic Leadership Fundamentals and Small Unit Tactics
  • Course 2: Planetary Invasion and Strategic Assessment of Terrestrial Engagement
  • Course 3: Ship to Ship Engagements and the Dimensions of Zero Gravity Environments
  • Course 4: Sith and Imperial Relations and how to Interact on the Battlefield
  • Course 5: Capstone, Full System Invasion

This Academy and the Advanced Imperial Leadership Aptitude Courses are open to all Imperials, regardless of rank, station, or posting. Soldiers and Officers who successfuly complete this Academy and all courses will be awarded the Imperial Achievement Medal, and their new aptitude will be reflected on their Imperial Records.

Please be punctual. All related gear and weaponry will be provided upon arrival.

Glory to the Empire!


Welcome to AILAC! This leadership course is meant to be a bi-weekly set of five events, spaced out over a few months. Anyone is welcome to attend so long as they play a soldier, NCO, or officer in the Imperial Military, or a Lord or below Sith, regardless of your guild or RP ability.

These courses will include training on ground and space based combat (boarding ships during naval battles), and will be something that all players can apply to their roleplay going forward. They will also be an interesting and informative collection of events. Players that make it to all five events will be awarded a medal that they can apply to character sheets or dossiers.

If you have any questions about this set of events, you can contact me on Immanitas or Riker Maris in-game, or Slyravaniste#3181 or J. Jordan#1947 on discord.

Hope to see everyone there!