A system on the edge of Imperial Space surged in relevance in the Galactic social network through the discovery by Veruna Industries on an exploration mission.

The Adinya System is inhabited by a society of colonists who landed on the sole inhabitable planet several hundred years ago.


Aria is the system's only inhabited planet out of the four and is surrounded by two moons. Due to the proximity of the planet to its sun, the majority of the planet is sparsely populated with flora or fauna, making the colonists resort to constructing their society within two neighboring cities, Agapanthus and their capital Vakrinen.

The government [ known as the Arian Government ], and the people [ Arians ], have experienced great turmoil from the massive resource crisis that the entire galaxy is facing. Leading to fundamental shift in the organization of its government, transitioning from a two-party system to singular authority. President Astin Nachev oversees a population of 325,784 citizens, 13.2% of which are Rodians and the remainders are Humans. The military is organized into a single branch, for efficiency and streamlining purposes. Military Commander General Eyla Thales operates a fighting force of roughly 75,000 soldiers.
With a recent surge in military and police brutality, a protest which resulted in a massacre, reports of civilians launching attacks against the government have increased to the point that President Nachev has declared that there is a rebellion of roughly 100,000 individuals and is seeking either Imperial or Republic support.
Episodes of rebels attacking officials have forced General Thales to approve the use of drone strikes and militant force to be used within their own streets.

Unfortunately these tactics have turned the city of Vakrinen into a literal warzone.

Veruna Industries, an Imperial company, has submitted a report in hope of providing the Empire a new planet to increase territory and act on the rumors have massive reservoirs of Hfredium, a scarce resource crucial in ship hull construction.

In response, the Empire has elected Fleet Admiral Kal-Vem Karr to command The Adinya Sector Fleet and the 20th Infantry Division, who'll be directly overseen by Major
General Lawer Skoda, to reinforce the Government of Aria and support Imperial interests.

Reports have indicated that the recently approved fleet will set sail and engage in their mission within the upcoming week.

Any questions may be submitted to the proper authorities.

( Proper authority's Discord: Kal#0328 )