T H E _ C A L L I N G

Travelers of different backgrounds band together in search of the source of the distress signal. _

When responding to what may be seen as regular distress beacon, a ragtag group soon found themselves pulled into a legendary battle. Warriors from all across the galaxy came together in hopes of finding something of their own interest, but instead they only found conflict with a new enemy. The warriors were met by a strange force of cybernetic warriors. Augmented with cybernetics to the maximum extent, these enemies lay dormant in an unnatural state. Though their bodies suffered from decay, the cybernetic enhancements preserved them.

Although these new rivals were overpowering with their vast numbers and powerful advisories, this band of warriors still prevailed. Even while being outnumbered, they were able to vanquish a herculean giant of cybernetic horror. All the while these adversaries were being commanded by the divine might of The Great Machine and it's hooded worshipper who gave birth to inhuman numbers and sorcery so overwhelming that they blotted out the rays of the sun.

Already being knee-deep in this situation after defeating the cybernetic threat, the party decides to rest and collect themselves before forging on in their adventure any further. Who knows what they’ll face on their next adventure.