"And of course, no witnesses." Says the Director.

"Aye sir." Agent Maxwell Garrigan replies over his private comm as he heads to the back of the transport ship. On both his right and left side over thirty two Republic soldiers sit facing each other. "Alright boys listen up!" Garrigan yells at the troops, snapping the talkative troops attention. "I know everybody was expecting to return to the fleet, but shit happens and we still got a job to do." Garrigan quickly continues, his voice elevated for the troops. "One of our research facilities is currently under siege by an Imperial assault team. I'm sorry to spring this on you boys, but the facility is not equipped to handle it. This is a classified mission boys, our job is to secure the facility by taking down the assault team. Reinforcements are on the way as we speak. Try not to shoot any unarmed scientists, and kill anything that looks Imperial. Can I get a Hoo Ahhh?!"

A loud HOO AHH erputs from the soldiers. Max sits back down in his seat next to Shella with a sigh. Lying about objectives in the military was a slippery slope, yet so was the entire operation to begin with. "Entering Bespin orbit sir. ETA forty minutes." The pilot says over the comms. "Are you ready for this?" A blonde short haired sergeant Shella asks him. Garrigan racks the slide on his rifle and nods. "Always." He replies.

The ship lowers into the main courtyard of the facility, a large circle with a few entry points scattered around. The soldiers all exit out the back of the ship, weapons raised as they go. "Shella, Tenshin-" Garrigan begins when suddenly two large blast doors open leading into the courtyard. Weapons from both sides of the door begin exchanging fire almost immediately, with one of the soldiers yelling "CONTACTTT!!"" as a large shielded droid with rotary cannons on each arm begin to open fire on the soldiers. "Oh shit." Garrigan says to himself as he slides to cover. "Shella, Tenshin, you have your targets and your orders." He says on his private comms, referring to the cleanup order given to him by the Director himself. "Making our entry sir. Good luck out there." Shella replies. Garrigan nods to himself before opening fire on the large droid. "We gotta take that thing out boys!" He yells at the soldiers.

Sergeant Shella continues moving through the ice white facility with Specialist Tenshin. A black haired, tan skinned scientist opens a door and runs out toward them. "Are you with the Republic?" She asks, before Tenshin expertly puts a round through her head without a word and continues moving forward. "Tenshin look!" Shella calls out. Tenshin takes notice of a shot up woman in an all black jumpsuit lying in a puddle of blood, her fingers still clutching her vibrosword. Both soldiers move to her body, with Tenshin taking a knee and Shella covering him. Tenshin holds a button on his wrist and says into his holo, "Target G - Zero - One - Five KIA, repeat, Target G - Zero - One - Five KIA, confirming." Tenshin pulls out a retinal scanner from his pack and begins to scan her eye. "Confirmed." He says into his comm."Target killed by apparent scatter shot wound to the torso." Tenshin stands. "We gotta find the others." He says to Shella, who immediately pulls out her comm, "Max, do you copy? What's the situation out there?" She asks.

Max answers on his holo comm as the men behind him use a cutting torch on the disabled droids armor, "Took some heavy losses disabling --" Max starts to frantically point at the droid as the soldiers break through with the cutting torch. "Get me a positive ID!" He hurriedly orders the soldiers, "G Zero One One is KIA, repeat G Zero One One is KIA." Shella on the other end of the comm feels a brief wave of victory pass through her, "Good work." She replies. The soldiers begin to extract G Zero One One from the wreckage. He appears to only be two and half feet tall with slicked back, grey hair. "He weaponized his armor Shella, cost me a little more than half my men."

"Copy that, stay focused Max." Shella says into her comm a feeling a worry comes and goes as her training suppresses her emotions. Suddenly a scattergun blast from the lefthand corner of her eye erupts! She doesn't feel the shot, but the impact puts her on her back where she watches as a Rattataki woman wearing a bra and armored leggings slowly begins to form seemingly from an advanced stealth belt. Tenshin turns not nearly fast enough as the Rattataki woman unloads an entire blaster clip from a blaster into him, ending with a headshot. "MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!" Shella yells into her comm. She painfully squirms backward on her back, leaving a smear of blood in front of her. Slugshot, she thinks to herself, raising her wrist, "Zero One Three spotted, repeat, Zero One Three spotted!" Shella practically screams into her com before pulling her blaster pistol out and firing at the Rattataki. The blaster bolts however, pass right through the Rattataki woman, making a slight electrical distortion as each bolt passes through her. "What the --" Shella thinks to herself. Shella begins to sit up, but stops as she hears movement behind her. The Rattataki, G - Zero - One - Three, aims her scattergun at Shella's head and fires. The impact of the blast would practically make Shella's head explode painting the walls and some of Three's armor with blood and brain matter while launching her body in the other direction. "Boom....Headshot." Three says to herself with nasty grin.

"SHELLA!" Max yells into his comm, he starts to run in the direction of the blasts. "Hold your position!" He yells to the remaining men, and despite not getting a response Max begins running full speed. After a few moments of running, the lights turn off leaving the facility almost pitch black. A loud click echoes through the facility and the red emergency lights dimly light the halls. Max tightens his grip on the foregrip to his rifle and raises it as he continues onward. As he quietly lurks the halls, the middle aged agent controls his breathing moving with a quiet efficiency that comes with years of experience. Although no blaster fire is heard, the soldiers left behind begin to scream loudly. Their screams were so intense they not only echoed through the facility, but they almost sounded non human. It was easily the type of screams even the most hardened of war veterans would never forget. The facility became dead silent, Max frozen solid with both fear and adrenaline. "It's just us now...Agent Maxwell Garrigan." A heavily altered voice says into the teams holo comm. The Director, who had remained quiet throughout most of the battle immediately replies,"Identify yourself." And is answered with complete silence. As Max passes through a set of double doors, he is relentlessly assaulted by a black armored soldier both bigger and faster than him. First Max is expertly disarmed and eats a few shots to the face by the assailant. Without a moments hesitation, Max pulls out his combat knife and takes a few swipes at the assailant, missing each time. After a few more attempts to wound the man, Max hears the shot before feeling the blast. His leg begins to burn and his knee buckles to the floor. Max takes a brief look to asses the damage, "Blaster bolt to the knee, fired from behind." Max says into his comms. As he looks up just in time to catch a clear glimpse of his assailant before catching a repeated barrage of right hands to the face. "Dread Master soldier helmet, white skull." He says over his comms to the Director. The large assailant lands one last hard right to Max's face, causing the grenade in his hand to leak a dark, heavy, green smoke. "You're going to tell us everything we want to know." He says to Max with a heavily modified voice as he drops the gaseous grenade. Max tries to hold his hand up, and attempt to stop the assailant as he bends down and takes the comm from Max. Although Max was still conscious, he was so weakened by the green gas all he could muster was a hushed groan before losing conscious.

"We are coming for you." Zero says into the comm.
"Who is this? Identify yourself." The Director demands.
The holocomm plays back the Directors voice over and over again, "Identify yourself. Identify yourself. Identify yourself. Identify yourself." As it replays again and again the tone and speed speed up. Playing more again and again like a broken radio before ending with a perfectly clear recording of the Directors voice, "Identify yourself."