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Empire [2/27] Gladiator Games!

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Quick Information

Host: Anihrul (Empire)
Who: Sith and citizens loyal to the Empire who would like to attend Gladiator duels, and non-force users who wish to compete in a pvp dueling competition.
What: Social event / pvp dueling event.
Where: The Adumbrate Academy base (guild sh), Yavin 4. Will need to whisper Anihrul for invite.
When: Wednesday, Februrary 27th, 8pm eastern.

Scene Premise

Darth Anihrul, Dark Lord of the Adumbrate, welcomes all loyal Imperials to the Gladiator Games at the Adumbrate Arena! As evening falls on the moon of Yavin on the date posted, join us at the arena on the grounds of the Adumbrate Academy to test the might of the strongest and wiliest non-force users in the galaxy!

Come and fight in the lush jungles of Yavin for reputation and credits, place bets from the crowd, or simply watch and enjoy as these combatants spill blood for your entertainment!

1st place: 1,000,000 credits
2nd place: 500,000 credits
3rd place: 250,000 credits

Character Involvement

This is a roleplay event with a pvp dueling contest at the core of it. Any character who is non-force sensitive who is in decent standing within the Empire can come and participate in a pvp dueling contest. Any character loyal to the Empire is welcomed to spectate. The information of this event will be widespread and can reasonably be known.

Out of Character Information

Duels will be pvp.
Duels will be between non-force users only.
Brackets will be randomized.
If there are 9 or less combatants, the competition will be double elimination; if there are 10 or more, it will be single elimination.

1st place: 1,000,000 credits
2nd place: 500,000 credits
3rd place: 250,000 credits

This is a pvp and an rp event. You don't need to duel to join in the rp, and you don't need to rp to duel in the contest! But you can also do both! Come join us, this is tons of fun!

*Anyone who griefs rp in this event will be removed*

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!

Posted Feb 10, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 12, 19
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This is coming up and will be a fun time! No one is required to duel, but you can come and bet on people, cheer on your favorites, or rp in the crowd with other people. This will be a large social setting with a dueling tournament at the center of it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Posted Feb 25, 19 · OP
This was a fun event! We ended up making two divisions, Force user and non-Force user. And there was a lot of great rp!

Non-Force User Division Champion: Gzero'one'six

Force User Division Champion: V'aren

Posted Feb 28, 19 · OP