The following Press Release is brought to you by the Sith Society of Excellence in Bureau Practices and Regulations (SSEBPR), the Academic Journal of Laws and Practices in the Sith Empire, and the Academy of the Adumbrate via the Academy Overseer, Darth Mirovondius, Lord Inquisitor of the Sphere of Sith Philosophy and Academic Specialist in Philosophical Dialectics, Religious-Pedagogical Practices, and Historical Religious Law Studies. The author of the Press Release is a representative within the SSEBPR, with the speaker being the aforementioned representative, Darth Mirovondius. This Press Release is published with the legal consent of the Imperial State via the Imperial Outreach Bureau, which reserves the right to censor, monitor, or otherwise dictate public broadcast and releases. This Press Release is in direct response to a Press Release made by one Darth Harbinger earlier this evening, titled "Dominion Overlord Press Release." Attached to this Press Release is a document referred to in this Release as well as the one made by one Darth Harbinger.


The Sith Society of Excellence in Bureau Practices and Regulations (SSEBPR) and Adumbrate have both been made aware of Darth Harbinger's recent Press Release, and creates this Press Release in response. Darth Harbinger's statement was made in haste and in matters outside of his area of expertise, and by natural result contained many errors, as well as an overall statement with many political implications in the inflammatory direction. The document that Darth Harbinger critiques was intended as an out of court settlement, in order to address grievances from within the organization in a healthy manner. The Adumbrate's sole involvement, which was clearly outlined in the document, was in crafting the document within legal pretext of the situation for the benefit of the organization as a whole; the Adumbrate remains impartial between Darth Harbinger and his critics. The document is not an attack or slight on the organization, but only a demonstration of complaints from within that needed to be vocalized in order to be addressed.

Despite claiming to be "a humble servant of the Empire," Darth Harbinger displays a great deal of arrogance in matters he holds little understanding in, not because of any mental incapabilities on his part, but only because his attention is turned towards matters of Military and not matters of Law. Supposing "whispers" originating from his allies is a misconception, as the Adumbrate's intention was and still is to assist the organization in reform, as it appears that at least addressing some possibilities of reform may be necessary. The document questioned Darth Harbinger's dedication to the Empire and other matters of the Dominion, as that was its intention; without the full weight of the complaints being materialized, one cannot hope to properly address them. The Adumbrate does not hold the same intentions, beliefs, or even concerns as the Plaintiffs represented anonymously within the Complaint do, and assuming so would be contradictory to the explicit statement set in a legal document.

Darth Harbinger's utterances were poorly formulated, dangerously borderlining on illegality, and were clearly made in the throes of emotion rather than logically addressed, which is not a result of mental failings on his part, but a lack of experience and specialization on his part; the SSEBPR suggests that Darth Harbinger hires a speech writer. Some of the most glaring of Darth Harbinger's statements undermines the authority of Empress Acina, the Imperial State, and the legal process facilitated by the Imperial State, and could be construed as treasonous and heretical if taken with the utmost seriousness. In conclusion: there is no ill-will held towards Darth Harbinger or the Dominion by myself, Darth Mirovondius, or by any of the organizations that have backed this Press Release, only an iteration that Darth Harbinger, as with the rest of us, is not above the law and the Imperial State will exercise legality as it is intended; Darth Harbinger claims to be above question, but that is not factually the case.

Full Transcript:

The Sith Society of Excellence in Bureau Practices and Regulations has been made aware of a particular broadcast produced by one Darth Harbinger of the Novus Dominion, an Imperial Tributary State on the fringes of Imperial Territory. My cohorts and I found it of mild amusement, that a Darth would attempt to plunge head-first into the complex and multi-faceted manners of Law and Religion without having such a background within those areas; he is a Darth within the Sphere of Military Offense, and purports no credentials regarding Law or Religious Law. Of course, we all knew why he made such an inflammatory and near-sighted statement: to save face, as any Sith is bound to do. Hence, we cannot necessarily fault him greatly for the mistakes he made.

Firstly, I find it of importance to define in clear, unmisconstrueable terms, the intention of the document mentioned in the Press Release made by Darth Harbinger. The document in question could generally be called the "Novus Dominion Informal Complaint," but in specific terms is considered the "Informal Complaint of [redacted] as an individual, and on behalf of all others similarly situated, Plaintiff, Vs. Darth Harbinger, Defendant." Since this is a Formal Complaint placed Outside of Court, this particular Complaint is not identified by a specific Case Number. If this Complaint were to proceed to legal trial, it would receive such an official identification.

However, in consideration of legal consequence, I believe it apt to make one aspect of this proceeding particularly clear: the Adumbrate never intended to have this Complaint ever become an official legal proceeding, and if it did, the Adumbrate reserved the right, as it is state clearly in the Complaint, to withdraw from legal proceedings or Complaint proceedings at any time without stated reason. The Adumbrate only involved itself as an organization, and myself by extension as an individual, in order to facilitate a proper legal framework for these complaints, not justify them or prove them in any capacity. The purpose of the potential charges is primarily set in precedent, as all Complaints, for the Accused's benefit, contain the legal consequences of such complaints containing legal substance.

This was also never intended as a slight against the Dominion itself or the aforementioned Darth Harbinger: as with all things, the Adumbrate seeks constructive reform when it is called for, and wished to provide a framework in which the Dominion could potentially pursue reform on its own terms. Assuming any of the complaints warranted any merit at all, the Dominion was supposed to address them internally in order to better themselves, as the Complaint was never constructed in order to slight or otherwise harm the organization in question. Though some within the Adumbrate may have held informal complaints against the organization in the past, none of those complaints were ever included in the Formal Complaint: only those originating from within the organization and from substantiate sources were included.

Returning to the mistakes made of the identified Defendant of the document: inadequacies of knowledge in terms of legal ramifications, terms, history, and intent. The speaker claims to speak as "a humble servant of the Empire," then proceeds to throw any fleeting accusation at his accusers and critics, who originate from within his own organization. Despite what he might believe, the document mentioned was drafted based on compilations of testimony and evidence from within his own Dominion, and simply compiled and placed into legal context for his critics' use, in hopes that it would bring about some measure of much needed reform. Instead, he has decided to try and prop himself up on what little insult and reaching supposition he can; again, something a Sith is ought to do, to defend his pride, his dignity, his face. But unfortunately, his efforts were ill advised and of utmost arrogance.

The supposed whispers among his allies are a falsehood: as previously iterated, an allied organization, the Adumbrate, did those within his organization, and by extension his person, a service by compiling a long and documented list of complaints and potential legal ramifications if those complaints were to be founded. Calling such a public document, which is now on full display here, a whisper, is particularly disingenuous.

The document in question did indeed question Darth Harbinger's dedication to the Imperial State, as well as his organization's practices and legal framework overall. This was the intention of the document: to clearly define the exactitude of the complaints levied against the organization overall and Darth Harbinger's person specifically. To claim that the allies that compiled this document and the Plaintiffs represented therein are of the same intention is completely contradictory of the clear, explicit statement made at the outset of the document's details.

I would like to in particular highlight the word-salad that is this particular statement by Darth Harbinger: "I am, and will always be, the vanguard of the Empire’s my honored warriors." This statement literally makes no sense, would be made better if clarified by the one who spoke it, and perhaps demonstrates the emotion Darth Harbinger was overcome by when providing this statement: we cannot expect Sith to always be level-headed, and I do not blame Darth Harbinger for this lack of posture on his part. But I would say, perhaps in the future, it would be best if he attempted to compile his words to paper before uttering them, or perhaps have another, more experienced speaker, write his speeches for him, as many Sith are ought to do.

By stating his will is to solely the Dark Council is an interesting premise, as we are all bound to the Imperial State, which is the corporal manifestation of the Empress, Acina. The Dark Council is not above her, nor should it be considered as such, and Darth Harbinger's choice words about the Empress might be construed as borderline-heretical and/or treasonous. As a concerned party, I would suggest he refrain from making such short-sighted and inflammatory remarks, which I would point out was one of the complaints outlined in the Formal Complaint itself. I do not say that the Complaint in particular is fully substantiated due to this singular instance of its demonstration, but it does produce questions that one would pursue in due-diligence.

The next few lines are of particular curiosity: "There can be no question in my decades of service, that my authority is without question. Believing that the Dominion could breed treason, subversion, or corruption through my hand; is sedition, in the highest manner." This statement is particularly concerning and borderline treasonous: his authority is without question, even to the Empress? That is the implication within that statement. There is also the misuse of the term "sedition." Sedition is formally defined in legality as "incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government." Levying a formal Complaint recognized by the Imperial State as legally legitimate is in and of itself actually the exact opposite of Sedition; rather, it is the nature of the State to have agents within it to enforce its Sovereignty. If Darth Harbinger believes agents of the Imperial State to be seditionistic in this manner, then perhaps the Complaint's outline on sedition brought about by Darth Harbinger is not unfounded; but such is difficult to say, and I would say this is more a demonstration of Darth Harbinger's emotional near-sightedness than anything else.

Furthermore, to say that an Imperial Legal Document is in and of itself Heresy is profoundly fatuous, as that would also insinuate that the Imperial State itself is a heretical state unsupported by the Sith Order, when the two are united under the Empress herself. Once again, I point to the potential validity of the Complaint, as the words of Darth Harbinger are particularly concerning if not incredibly unnerving, pointing to, perhaps, those complaints holding some semblance of truth.

The purpose of the document is one of order, not chaos, despite what Darth Harbinger might claim: legality is what holds the Sith Empire together. Without it, we devolve into anarchy. To call order a chaos and chaos an order is also rather disconcerting, perhaps once again either pointing to shortsightedness on Darth Harbinger's part, or that the suggestions of state of mind outlined in the Complaint actually hold some semblance of truth to them. This, once again, does not confirm the Complaint or what it entails, but still is of fascination to consider.

While I would like to take Darth Harbinger up on his supposed "holy crusade," I am afraid for the time begin I must decline, if not out of political necessity, as his recent statement has more than likely made a myriad of enemies, but also out of a realization that he may not know of what he does. He clearly demonstrated a lack of forethought in making the statements that he did, so what is to say of the organization that he runs? This is why legality is the mode of operation of question, of answer, and of thought within the Imperial State, and to undermine it by saying you are above the law, is in and of itself treasonous.

With that, I hope Darth Harbinger knows I hold no ill-will towards him or his organization, but simply wish that his organization would see the potential flaws within its structure and leadership, and would go about rectifying and repairing those flaws. A broken Empire is a fallen Empire, as the Zakuulans quickly found out. We should not follow in their footsteps by abandoning precedent, law, order, and justice, at the behest of one potentially insecure man. In short: Darth Harbinger, realize that you are but a man, and no man's will is above that of the Imperial State. We will be eagerly watching from the sidelines as you make your next move, in earnest hoping you heed our advise and our words, for they are all we wish to bring against you. To bring a sword against you would in fact be sedition, but to bring remonstrances against you is the purpose of the facilitation of a state, especially one such as our own within this glorious Sith Empire.

- Darth Mirovondius, also known under the authorial name Sorin Almeida