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Runaway fugitive Sith shenanigans, etc

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This is running concurrent to my other ad about Rping a traditionalist villain. A lot of these plot points will be slow to come to fruition - I've finally started the actual "Se'sil is on the run" portion.

you see this twi'lek


with a big ol' dossier here

This twi'lek is going to have a number of bad things happen, including:

  • Being accused of the murder of her Lord, Darth Lankost, in a bid to gain Lordship. The rule is 'don't get caught' and the Pureblood wankerpowers that be declared a trial, between that and "did you seriously commit arson on a Purebloods' estate to do this, Miss I-started-a-forest-fire", she was found guilty.

    ...and absconded the trial by defenestrating herself out of the Kaas Citadel, so add 'property damage' to that one.

  • Fleeing into the jungle.

  • Getting her arm cut off by a saber. She already had an arm cut off by a saber. Now she has had two arms cut off by a saber and that's just terrible.

  • A period of time in which she escapes to lay low at, no surprise, Nar Shaddaa. She'll have to blend among the spacers, the trash, the streetworkers and the galaxies' washouts - so Rp circles that do that sort of thing are welcome, the main bit being that she feels safe from Imperial detection (Or at least thinks she goes undetected).

  • She'll discover a little unrelated conspiracy in her time there, brings it to light For the Empire with the help of friends earned along the way/whoever puts up with her for her room and board/some dude.

  • Eventually, yay everything is resolved/fixed she can return to the Empire with her Lordship to boot, but not without a lot of suffering and soulsearching along the way.

As for ETA...Well, I'm up to the part where she runs around Kaas Jungle screaming and finds an unfortunate spacer to forcibly cajolemooch a free ride off of. After that comes Nar Shaddaa, so if you have spacer trash or Sith that would go toe to toe with a chick with no arms, hit me up.
Posted Feb 9, 19 · OP · Last edited Apr 13, 19
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Spoiler: Apprentice slot taken, spoilering for future reference and or if I give her another oneShow
Posted Feb 9, 19 · OP · Last edited Apr 13, 19
Bump with some updates.

Taken slots:
  • The prosecution. Sith: prosecuted. Or would have been if she didn't defenestrate herself right out of the courtroom.

  • Eventual Apprentice with Nar Shaddaa backstory. May get a second one with more of a Imperial backstory, who knows - I'd want to see how I handle having one first.

  • Arm cutter-offer. They cut off her arm. It was very sad.

  • Person to take her to Nar Shaddaa: in progress.

Not taken:
  • Nar Shaddaa dregs for her to bump into when the time comes. Could also be Imperials not realizing "waitaminute is that..." or acting like they totally aren't onto her etc.

  • Old allies to run up against her with "se'sil n o" when the time comes. She'll become increasingly paranoid and secretive for spoilers reasons least of all being "well shit guess im a fuckn fugitive now". They won't uh, be able to catch her until I give the sayso of course. Might make that into a bounty rp way down the line.

  • Characters to play into the 'oh fuck conspiracy uncovered' - will likely bounce that off of a preexisting Rp group but more are welcome potentially. Not saying too much because I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself re: planning. (Sort of a 'lets focus on this tree way over here and not the one immediately in front of me' issue?)
    Basically, if you want to go up against traditionalist Imperials performing shady, not-actually-beneficial-for-the-Empire-long-term stuff ic'ly, hit me up.

  • Would-be bounty hunters, inquisitors etc, that won't succeed until I very specifically give the "here is a [classic] bounty boards thread" greenlight to do that. So if you're alright with Rping the failure if it means adding to the tension of 'x is on the freakin run' in the meantime, sure. Otherwise, wait for the bounty thread and I hope you like rollfights.
Posted Feb 27, 19 · OP · Last edited Apr 13, 19
Bump. I'll do a mote ic write-up eventually when I feel I've got a good layout, but so far: Se'sil is wanted for the murder of Darth Lankost, arson, absconding a trial and refusing arrest. She was last seen in Kaas Jungle after escaping an inquisitor that caught up to her.
Posted Sun at 08:03 pm · OP

Name: Se’sil
Species: Twi’lek
Sex: Female
Skin: Pink
Eyes: Red
Age: 39
Height: 5’2
Weight: 45 Kilograms
Reward: Tier 3 Bounty Distribution

By order of the Ministry of Laws and Justice, a Notice of Imperial Remandation has been issued for the capture or termination of one ‘Se’sil,” former Lord of the Sith Order, for crimes against the Empire: Dereliction of Duty, Evading Arrest, Arson, Unauthorized Murder , Petty Treason.

Effective immediately, the suspect’s status as Sith is revoked. Hereby declared an enemy of the state, lethal force is authorized and encouraged against the accused.

Last seen on the world of Dromund Kaas, the suspect is assumed armed and dangerous. Approach with extreme caution.
Report all crimes to the Ministry of Laws and Justice for due processing. It is not only your responsibility, but your moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety and security of our sovereign territories. Failure to notify Imperial authorities of unlawful elements is a punishable offense, resulting in appropriate sanctions.
Posted Tue at 03:53 pm · Last edited Tue at 16:02
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