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Dossier: Pattax Chrayce (WIP)

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Specialist Pattax "Patch" Chrayce


Precis: Patch is a naturally gifted mechanic, and thoroughly enjoys building and fixing the components that make up a starship. She has always had a deep and abiding fascination with space travel and obsession with ships and ship components. Growing up on the Imperial-governed world of Jurio, her dream was to be a pilot in the Imperial Navy. She failed out of flight school after crashing too many training craft, but rather than cashier her, her squadron commander recognized her talent for fixing up the birds she had just wrecked and sent her to technician school. From a purely technical perspective, she was top of her class. However, her complete lack of understanding of (or disdain for) etiquette and protocol, and negative reviews from jilted superior officers has held back any advancement in the Imperial Navy. Now she finds herself planet-bound on Dromund Kaas, maintaining refueling spires and other logistical supports for the ships she desperately wants to join.
Born4 ATC
Height1.6m / 5’3”
Mass54kg / 119lbs
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
AffiliationImperial Navy
Rank and ProfessionSpecialist: Starship Technician
Education and Training:Inter-planetary Systems Institute (Jurio), Imperial Naval Academy (Dromund Kaas)
Current Station and Billet:Logistics Adjunct to the Imperial Defense Fleet, Dromund Kaas
Personality Profile:Upbeat, optimistic, insubordinate tendencies, smart mouth

// Attachment: Technician Orders File //

Starship Systems and Maintenance Technicians operate and maintain highly technical propulsion, mechanical and power generation systems, enabling Imperial Navy warships to move and fight. The primary responsibilities of Starship Technicians are to operate all starship systems engineering equipment onboard ship, troubleshoot failures, advise command on limitations and repair as required to restore system function. They execute and track maintenance schedules to keep the ship’s engineering equipment in prime condition. They respond to emergencies as the onboard experts in firefighting and damage control, including starfighter and shuttlecraft crash rescue. They are the ship’s metal workers and carry out burning, welding and machining.

Command relies on the starship Technician’s in-depth knowledge of the following systems:
• Propulsion powerplant, hyperdrive systems, sublight engines and associated systems, including gearing and shafting
• Generators and power distribution systems, including casualty power
• Machinery control systems
• Fitted and portable damage control and firefighting equipment
• Life support, internal atmosphere conditioning and ventilation equipment
• Hyperfuel and other volatile gas and liquid management systems

OOC: Looking for a few Imperial and Sith contacts for one-shot/slice of life style RP scenes, that could maybe grow into a longer-term assignment.
Posted Feb 5, 19 · OP
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Well-written post and character! I also see the start of a nice format. I’d love to have Solmn collaborate with her on some future projects, especially since he doesn’t do much hands on metalwork. Feel free to take a look at Solmn’s dossier, which can be found on my Enjin post list. Happy hunting!
Posted Feb 6, 19
While my guild is still building up our fighter squadron and Ship, I think we could find something to do on Dromund Kaas that needs a seasoned mechanic. If interested message me here on Enjin or on Discord Darth Vitrial#9371
Posted Feb 9, 19