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SWTOR Revitalization Petition: Make The Game Great Again!

1 reply
Several days ago I started a petition on, directed towards Electronic Arts and Disney, imploring them both to allow Star Wars The Old Republic to be revitalized. How can this be done? By increasing the game's funding, resources and manpower. I have elaborated on it in the petition, so feel free to check it out here:

Currently we have already 1400+ signatures and a week hasn't even passed since the petition was made! The amount of supporters keeps growing by the minute which is simply amazing to see. It shows that the game is still loved, that the playerbase wants this game to thrive, to get attention.

Because this game really has the potential to become something big and amazing once more. Part of this is because it is set in the Star Wars universe and right now, it's the only Star Wars MMO out there. EA's current approach towards the game turns SWTOR into huge wasted potential, because the foundation to rival ESO, Guild Wars 2 or WoW in a serious manner is there, it just needs that extra push of increased funding, resources and manpower.

On top of that, Disney is sitting upon a potential goldmine that they're not even aware of. If they got engaged and collaborated with EA (for example by slowly intergrating SWTOR's content into the official canon lore or let their PR teams work on the MMO's advertising) they would grant the game a lot more attention than it currently gets. There are tons and tons of gamers out there who would want to play a Jedi, a Sith, a Bounty Hunter or Smuggler, but they just don't know this MMO exists. If Disney worked with EA on SWTOR's PR, for example, they could really throw the game into the limelight and make the wider public become aware of its existence.

It's why I hope to not only start a discussion about this, but also to motivate people to sign the petition I linked. Some of you will surely say "they're never going to listen", but if there is no noise at all then they won't ever be able to listen, neither Disney nor EA. At least this way there is a possibility of raising awareness towards this subject, if anything it's at least worth a shot.
Posted Jan 26, 19 · OP
While I admire your efforts, and hope they succeed, I think the main problem is something you referenced--SWTOR is no longer canon. And I highly doubt they'll make a 7 year old video game canon when the rest of the EU is still non-canon. It sucks for the fans, but Disney wanted a clean slate.

Add to that the fact this isn't just a SWTOR issue--there's actually no new Star Wars games *at all*. I was reading something about this the other night, something about EA having an exclusive license but not doing anything with it. It's very strange which makes me think there's a lot more to it behind the scenes that won't be swayed by a petition.

Ultimately we're at the mercy of whoever owns the rights. I still vividly remember how it felt when Star Wars Galaxies was cancelled at the launch of SWTOR. It sucked, but it's what the powers that be ordained.

For what it's worth I've only just come back to TOR after 3 years away and it feels far from dead. I would say, based on the older MMOs I've played, SWTOR is doing pretty good for a 7 year old MMO. Things naturally slow down, but it doesn't feel dead to me.
Posted Jan 26, 19