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the Revenant Legion (Imperial Military RP)

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The Revenant Legion

The 322nd was born from the Empire's defeat on Ord Radama. The remnant of several Legions were rallied together and later formed a new Legion which returned to the site of their defeat to forge themselves in the fires of a glorious victory. Since then the 322nd has had many victories and defeats, throughout all we remain loyal to the Empire.

From the Harrower Class Dreadnaught, the Marauder we push back the forces of the Republic and any who would try to bring down the order the Empire has instilled. Our units are specialized to handle whatever task that is required of us.

Banshee Squadron: Made up of expert pilots, all the way from Starfighters to Troop Carriers. Our pilots provide air support to our ground units and defend the Marauder from all threats.

Ghost Platoon: Our frontline unit, these soldiers defend our bases, our ships and take the fight to the enemy using a wide array of weapons and tactics.

Wraith Squad: Trained in fighting Jedi, like a pack of Tuk'ata they descend on their prey with speed and efficiency. Made up mostly of honor guards, they work closely with the Sith, but some have heard rumors that they serve another purpose.

Shadow Squad: Special Operations soldiers. This elite force takes on the most daunting tasks, from infiltrating enemy lines, sabotage to assassination. No task is too large.

We seek loyal soldiers, citizens and Sith to aid in the war effort. We are an Imperial military RP guild first and foremost, but we do have some positions for civilian technicians, doctors and specialists as well as a place for Sith who put the Empire first.

Here is a LINK to our guild site. We also have Discord.

Contact Darth Vitrial here on enjin or on discord at Darth Vitrial#9371 my in game name is Vitrial Azerac.

For the Empire!

Here is a list of the ranks we currently have within our guild. As well as our promotion system.
Spoiler: RanksShow

Here are our authorized uniforms and dye information
Spoiler: UniformsShow

Some commonly asked questions:
Question: Does my class matter?
Answer: It does not ICly reflect anything unless you want it to. All classes are welcome, I myself have a few sword wielding sith classes that ICly have zero force ability, and are just melee troopers.

Question: Is there any race/species restrictions?
Answer: For the most part no. We allow all species, except Miraluka if they are playing a non Sith character. Other than that small restriction, all are welcome.

Question: Do you allow Sith?
Answer: Yes, but on a case by case basis. We are an Imperial military guild, so we want that to be the main focus. While Sith are an important part of any Imperial guild, we just want to keep the numbers down so our focus remains with the soldiers.

Question: Do you require an application be filled out?
Answer: We do not require an application be filled out, though during the recruitment process we do ask several questions to get to know both you and your character a little better. Some may call this an application, we prefer the term "questionnaire".

This "questionnaire" can be done on our guild site, or we can do it on Discord, and if neither of those things are your cup of tea we can do the process in game.

Question: Oh, you're an RP guild, I'm not really into RP.
Answer: Not really a question, but we understand and wish you luck in your guild search.

Question: Do you require any uniforms?
Answer: Yes we do. We have several authorized uniforms and we provide some to our members when they join if they do not currently have one of our listed sets.

Question: Do I have to wear the uniform outside of RP?
Answer. No, but we would very strongly encourage all our members to wear a uniform outside of RP. As members of the guild everyone is an ambassador, and it makes the guild look good to both the RP community and random passers by to see us all wearing some form of Imperial Uniform.

Question: Can I not be a soldier and join? I want to do military stuff but don't want to wear a uniform or be in the military.
Answer: Short answer, no. Long answer, For our non Sith characters, we ask that all be in the military or joining the military ICly. While we do have some room for civilian personnel, those are mostly for support roles ( Doctors, Scientists ect.). If you are looking for military RP but don't wish to be in the military ICly, this probably isn't the guild for you.

( More to come)
Posted Jan 23, 19 · OP · Last edited Apr 6, 19
Any Darth's or high ranking military personnel ( above a Major) are not being accepted at this time. If you are still interested in joining and your character fits in that category then we will handle it on a case by case basis.

We are of course looking for lower enlisted military personnel, lower tier officers, civilians and more moderate minded Sith.
Posted Feb 20, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 31, 19
Posted Feb 27, 19 · OP
** Updated** our ranks, promotion system and added some more uniforms.
Posted Mar 20, 19 · OP
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Also we will be starting our first Guild campaign on the 6th of April.
Posted Apr 3, 19 · OP