Entry 1

Old Town Market
Dealer's Den Cantina

She sat in a booth in a corner of the lower level of the cantina. A glass of the local ale in her hand as she watches the other patrons mill about on the dance floor. A couple card games were going on other tables and Rori watched the gamblers as they won and lost. Card games carried little interest for her, she was a student of people. So she sipped the weak drink, watched people, and picked up on little nuances here and there. She had never cared for being on a world with such a large population, preferring a quieter venue over the hustle and bustle of city worlds. Rori checked the time between people watching subjects, and tsked softly with her lips. She would wait ten more minutes, then she would return to her ship, and be on her way to other jobs.

Nine minutes later a man sat down at her table across from her. Rori rested a hand on the smooth handle of her pistol, under the table and out of view, just in case. The human was unkempt, in need of a shave, and about two days from his last bath.

"You the cap'n of the Sisao Ayy?" The human butchered the pronunciation of the name of her ship.

Rori arched a brow as she responded in slightly accented basic. "That's correct, you Chambers?"

The human nodded and called over a serving droid, ordering a whiskey. "Aye, that's me."

"Your message said you had cargo to haul. Tell me the particulars." Rori said before taking a sip of ale.

"Load of plant samples with three destinations. Third o' the cargo goes to Taris, third to Balmorra, and the last stop on Zakuul. Pays eight thousand per stop, and ten at job completion. And no questions asked." Chambers said, then knocking back his whiskey in one drink.

Rori'anthia considered the offer. Thirty four thousand would still leave her with a tidy profit after fuel and supplies. "How is the cargo shipped? Temperature control? How is it packaged?"

Chambers waved the droid over for another drink. "Sealed containers, room temperature. No special handling."

"Crews at the offload sites?" Rori asked as the droid refilled Chambers drink.

Chambers gave a nod of his head. "Aye, they will be waiting at the spaceports to offload on the spot."

Rori gave a nod then after considering for another minute or three. "Scanners will be used during the load, and I will randomly pick containers to inspect. If we find spice, the deal is off. I don't have qualms about questionable legality of some things, but I don't run spice."

A slight smile touched Chambers lips and he knocked back his whiskey shot. "Scanners are alright, but the seals on the containers have to remain intact. No opening the canisters. I give you my assurance, these plants are not spice related."

"Well, if I can't inspect the plants, that is going to cost you another five." Rori looked at the human as she spoke.

Chambers took out a comm unit and tapped a key, then spoke in fluent huttese. "Bu ulwan banag k'wanna don keemon dokwacha cuee bai taadtahia dopyocan bu phiva". The voice that responded was definitely a Hutt. "Da doth baplamkadi." Chambers nodded to her then. "Done."

Rori took a datachip from her pocket. "Docking bay 102, when do you want to load?" She slid the datachip across the table.

"First thing in the morning." Chambers said as he slipped the chip into a pocket.

Rori glanced over Chambers shoulder as she noticed another human who seemed to be paying close attention to their conversation. Her left lekku twitched slightly as she lifted her glass for a drink. Chambers seemed the observant sort, and dropped a credit chip on the floor. He leaned over and picked it up, stealing a glance to the upper bar as well. When he sat back up, he gave an almost unseen shake of his head. This action caused Rori to evaluate Chambers differently. Clearly he wasn't the slob she took him for.

With a nod to Chambers, Rori stood and walked toward the exit. Once outside she turned left and began to head to the speeder landing pad to catch a ride back to the spaceport. As she turned a corner, she paused at one of the public news displays and was looking at the screen. As she expected, the interested human rounded the corner and almost collided with her. She looked at him, and he looked back with a stunned expression. He pawed at his belt for his blaster as Rori made a smooth draw of hers. She had the barrel of the high caliber weapon inches from his face as he pulled his own. He stopped suddenly as he looked down the black maw of the barrel pointed at him. Another blaster appeared from around the corner, its barrel bumped against the humans head, and Chambers stepped out. Rori took notice of two things. The mans stance said military, and his weapon was government issue. She made another adjustment in her evaluation of Chambers.

Rori reached forward and removed the humans blaster pistol, tucking it in her belt, while keeping the man covered. Chambers stepped around the man and patted him down, removing a holdout blaster from his boot, and a vibroknife from his belt. He looked at the man and spoke. "Well, chum, you have some explaining to do."

The human stammered "Juss make sure she ain't gonna shoot me."

"Oh, I can't control that, she looks like she is touchy about people following her." Chambers replied.

Rori kept her pistol in place and watched the man sweat. "Why were you trailing me? Answer quick, I am in no mood."

"I weren't follo..." He was interrupted by Rori bringing the pistol closer to his face. "Alright, alright, I was gonna try and scoop your load and haul it myself."

Rori gave a shake of her head. "That's it, eh? You wouldn't be a front man for a pirate gang trying to find out where I am going, and jump my ship in space, eh?"

The human shook his head "No, I'm no pirate."

Three men in the livery of Republic Security rounded the corner and drew weapons. "Alright, what is going on here?"

Chambers spoke up "This fella was following us. Says he was going to snake this pilots cargo."

The security team asked several more questions, as Rori holstered her blaster. When all was said and done, they took the human, and she and Chambers were free to leave.

Rori tossed Chambers a spacers salute and turned toward the speeders. "See ya in the morning."

Chambers nodded in return. "Yup."