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X-Faction OOC Location Pick 'n' Mix - an LGBT+ Bar in Space

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Stronghold owner: Boris Juunaba, the Manager. (aka me)

Location: Aboard a Harrower that fell out of Imperial hands and into the grasp of ragtag cultures and spacers, drifting in the Outer Rim.
(An Umbarra stronghold is used to represent the ship, ic it is a room on New Providences' guild flagship)

Key permissions: Silver keys generally granted on request. One need simply review the stronghold policies and bear with my GMT timezone to acquire a key.

Policies: Boris Juunaba welcomes all of relevant walk of life, his own enemies included, but old grudges must not be settled within the bar slash cafés' confines, lest Gamorrean bouncers politely ask them to leave.
(For stronghold rules see the Code of Conduct)

Pick 'n' Mix is an LGBT+ bar and holonet café located within the faction-neutral Harrower called New Providence, drifting somewhere in the Outer Rim. The manager is Boris the Hutt, entrusting his project to the staff members he has along that spectrum. A stretch of three rooms adjacent to an engine compartment, jaunty Huttese tracks help to drown out the constant rickety thrumming in the background.

OOC, this is a project by myself with huge support from two guild officers of New Providence, the ooc-Imperial-side Rp guild that this Umbarra(But not actually on Umbarra) stronghold draws from for its story. The intention is thus: cover a niché with having a gay(+ other LGBT groups) bar Rp stronghold on Starforge and allow an environment where the players themselves can Rp those characters without the hassle or unfortunate attitudes that can spring up around those character concepts.

As this is a player-specific stronghold and not a guild one, characters from both Empire and Republic can enter - you need simply ask me for a key. (And bear with my being in the GMT timezone)

Spoiler: A Sneak Peek of the PremisesShow

Spoiler: Code of ConductShow
Posted Jan 20, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 20, 19
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  • 1000 Mile Run - Oat-soaked whiskey, honey flavoured syrup and cream blended with shortbread and tablet.

  • Sugar-Free Rush - Spacer juice, Alien Green food colouring and crushed ice with Sugarless Gummy Ewok flavoured syrup.
    (WARNING: Do not exceed consumption of three Sugar-Free Rush drinks in an hour)

  • Hoth Summers Day - Dairy ice cream, cream liquor and a dash of vodka with Hoth chocolate sauce, an additional scoop and a wafer to garnish.

  • Confetti Funfetti - Aircake vodka, white synthchocolate liquor, hoth chocolate cream and rainbow sprinkles blended together in a frosting sprinkle-rimmed glass. Dairy cream and more sprinkles to garnish.

  • Taste Sensation - Sour candy apple syrup, Fizzer Sweet flavouring, Sweet 'n' Sour Liqueur and Maximum Fizz cider with a popping candy rimmed glass.

  • Ilum Icyhot - Scry-mint, Icemint and Flameout with Mando Spicy! Fizz Sensation and Jawa Juice popsicle pieces in crystal shapes.

  • Hotshot - Starshine Surprise with fireball candy syrup, lit ablaze for you to enjoy.

  • Zeltron Glitterbomb - Zeltros 9000 Rum, Water soda, Pink synthcitrus juice, Muja juice and edible glitter on the rocks garnished with fizzy berries and a candy heart.
    (Available in non-Zeltron measurements)

  • Yocola Patogga - Sweets Patogga shake with caramel swirl, Huttese Hangover and a few drops of Boga Noga. Our strongest concoction yet.

  • Pick 'n' Mixalot - layers of every colour spectrum topped with whipped cream and the servers pick of bulk confectionary from top to bottom. Let your bartender get creative with Pick 'n' Mix's array of ingredients!

Virgin(Alcohol-free) versions of our drinks available!


Main courses

  • Mynock Coronet City

  • Mynock Cloud City

  • Gorak and Rodian Mayonnaise sandwich

  • Vercupti

  • Space potato salad

  • Dianoga sushi platter

  • Rehydrated Ahrisa

  • Veganese Blood Chowder

Side dishes

  • Pickled spaceworm

  • VegHash

  • Nar Sha dip

  • Gizka legs

  • Space potato wedges

  • Fried dianoga rings

Soft drinks

  • Caf (Available in decaff, regular and All-nighter strengths)

  • Spiced tea

  • Water

  • Juice of the Day
Posted Jan 20, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 23, 19
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