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Candidates Apply Here (18+, Military)

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A Joint Special Operations unit is looking for highly intelligent potential applicants to undergo a rigorous selection process to become some of the Empires most elite. Any previous training and rank is immaterial and will have no impact on the candidates selection.
Any branch of service is welcome to apply, and upon successful completion of the course, will immediately be transferred to the unit to further training until such a time the candidate will be then put into action.
Reporting instructions:

Every Friday, a selection course will be held, with shuttle departures leaving from Vaiken Space Dock promptly at 2000 until the unit requirements are met at the discretion of the commanding officer.

Docking bay 26-B ((Korriban and Hutta Departures)) Report promptly at the required time of 2000 with the packing list and authorization from the current commander to the instructor. Failure at any point in the course will result in a return to the parent unit.

Disclosing the nature of the selection at any point in time is punishable under current Imperial Military law, and will be subjected to punitive action.
Packing List:

-Candidates will pack a required 20 KG rucksack without water included in the weight. After being weighed, they may bring as much water as required.
- Uniform will be boots, utility pants, and utility jacket and moisture wicking undershirt.
-No weapons are required or authorized
- A current copy of a physical signed off by authorized Imperial medical personnel.

OOC Information

-Task Force 3-10 is looking for a few good men and women to join up in some highly realistic and fast paced Roleplay while still retaining the feel of Star Wars!

-There will be constant events and no pressure to show up to each and everyone of them, as the whole idea is that the team can either function as a group or in pairs.

-We are currently looking for twelve people for operational talent and two pilots. Once you get past the selection process, depending if a slot is taken, you can absolutely fill it. Slots range from Communications to Dog Handler to Sniper!

- If we do fill those twelve slots, and we get an overwhelming response, I'll post in here for a second officer to lead said team.

-The range of events will generally be as easy and simple as raids, to some pretty morally questionable stuff in so far as RP is concerned.

-Hit me up here, or in game as Vincentius!
Posted Jan 9, 19 · OP
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This isn't for me, as I play a Mandalorian character. But I thought I'd ask a question about something that might be confusing for people who may be interested in your guild. When you say, "military" do you mean you're only looking for current or prior military from real life? Or just simply that it is a military oriented guild?

Just thought I'd ask a question about something that might confuse other potential recruits and might be too nervous to ask themselves.

Regardless, I wish you luck! The concept sounds fascinating and from what I see here, it sounds pretty fleshed out. It reminds me of an Imperial guild from my time on Starsider in SWG's. I can't remember the guild name, 13th battalion or something like that and they had current and prior military and had a boot camp for Storm Troopers and they were insanely dedicated to their craft. It was great!
Posted Jan 13, 19 · Last edited Jan 13, 19
Sorry about the last response, I've been getting settled into a schoolhouse.

It's a IC'ly Military Task Force (Guild) But having current and or prior military experience (IRL) helps alot! If not, and your roleplay is found to be good, I'll show you everything IC'ly that you would need to successfully complete one of our missions!

Also, reminder! Tonight at 2000 (EST) We are holding our first try outs, remember the location!
Posted Jan 18, 19 · OP
Second round of recruiting in one hour, PM me on Vincentius if interested!
Posted Jan 25, 19 · OP
Third round of selection taking placing in 30 minutes, Imperial fleet, korriban and Hutta departures, Pm if you are attending!
Posted Feb 1, 19 · OP
Selection beings in One hour! (Imperial fleet, Korriban and Hutta Departures.) Pm Vincentius if you have any questiosn. AS well, only 10 slots remaining on Operational staff, 2 pilot slots still open!
Posted Feb 8, 19 · OP
Definitely interested but missed the shuttle will there be another chance to apply?
Posted Feb 9, 19
There will! Hit me up in PM with your most active name, and we can arrainge something if you'd like!
Posted Feb 10, 19 · OP