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///Personnel File: Darth Duraanir\\\

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♦ "Your pride falls on you like false armor." ♦

Title: Darth Duraanir
Rank: High Inquisitor
Birth Name: Björn Drex
Marital Status: Married to Darth Kitaria Zara
Children: One, lost before birth.
Holocom Frequency: 1105-364-421-7
Sphere Of Sith Philosophy & The Inquisitorium

Physical Information:

Eye Color: Gold iris with a pure black sclera.

Hair Color: Silver

Skin Color: Pale White

Height: 6’11

Weight: 425lbs

Species: Human Lorrdian Hybrid that appears to have been ██████████████████

Age: Appears in his early thirties. But his official age is ██████████████

Facial Markings: Blast scarring to the left side of the face.

Known Physical Characteristics: Two sets of canine teeth, the original top two having been elongated.
They appear to be a result of █████████████████████████

Known Gear: His battle gear, it is scarred from many warzones and conflicts, he is also seen in rather large robes normally worn over his battle gear, and sometimes in old robes fashioned from the pelts of beasts he has hunted or used in his Alchemy practices. He also has a cybernetic implant behind his right ear that he can toggle with the finite twitch of the ear, that uses bone conduction so no one else can hear what is being said back to him, unless they are patched into the comms channel.

Known Weaponry: A Sith Sword and a Custom Lightsaber, Master of Forms 1, 3, 4, and 5. He shows preference in utilizing Form 5, as it was most likely his original form. He is also a highly skilled unarmed fighter. And is known to use custom slugthrowers from time to time.

Hidden Weaponry: A Shikkar at all times, normally tucked amongst whatever he is wearing. He is never unarmed.

Known Armaments: The Talon of Vengeance, Duraanirs' personal warship. And Dxun's Hammer, a starship that is tasked to the Dromund Kaas Defense Fleet, until called up in times of war.

Languages Spoken: Mando'a, Basic, Catharese, Huttese, Ryl, Sith, High Sith, Cheunh

Languages Understood: Shyriiwook.

Languages Written: Mando'a, Basic, Catharese [Broken], Huttese, Sith, High Sith, Cheunh.

Personality Information

Favorite Drink(s): Shig, Kri’gee, Rishi Rum, and most other strong forms of alcohol.

Favorite Food: Shutal Roast, is his favorite, but most meat is fine when he does eat.

Likes: Warriors and their cultures, The violent and harshness of nature. Old Sith knowledge. People that adhere to honor and a code of unification within the Sith and the Empire.

Dislikes: Pride, arrogance. Weak leaders, and ones that refuse to fight along with their soldiers. Rage that makes one not prepare or plan effectively.

Motivations: Was born for war and to fight, seeks to teach the young effectively and efficiently so they may one day carry the Sith and the Empire to glory. To weed out heresy that divides the Sith further apart, which he believes makes the Empire and the Sith weaker. And seeks arcane and old knowledge finding them to be crucial to the core Sith Philosophy.

Disposition: Battle hardened Sith that favors tactile planning and violent execution. He won’t always jump to rage and violence but is happy to do so when the time comes. Otherwise his age and ability in battle allow him to teach and mentor those around him. At his core he is a commander, and teacher to those around him.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning to Lawful Evil.

Before his time as a Sith, he was always strong mentally and physically from being a Mandalorian. He favors loyalty but hates those that blindly follow. Regardless of all his accomplishments he seeks knowledge from the young and old. And has a love and interest in most warrior/tribal cultures. He has seen many soldiers and Sith alike fall out of sheer arrogance, refusing to listen to another strategy, in favor of brutality. Leading ultimately to the downfall of armies. He cares for soldiers that follow him that is seen as weakness by some Sith, he would rather fight with those inspired by his rage and brutality, rather than fight with that fearing rage and power would be turned against him. Regardless of this care of his soldiers and comrades he has shown his ruthlessness to those that have betrayed him or gone against him.

He finds pride and arrogance to be weaknesses of many Sith. Though he has gained titles throughout the battlefields his served in he doesn’t care for them. Titles breed arrogance and that in turn makes one drop their guard, making it so the greatest Darths and Lords are quickly culled by an apprentice they believed too far below and not a threat.

He was once Mandalorian and holds those that still maintain the code and beliefs with respect as best one can, though has started to see flaws in the way of life with the hatred of the force they hold. Cause he was not able to maintain his soul or beliefs in the Mandalorian faith and instead decided to go down a path of vengeance, giving into his force sensitivity. One that would damn him in the eyes of many Mandalorians, but all in the name of avenging his family and Clan.


I was born of Mandalorian blood to Clan Drex, on the world of Dxun, the thrill of the hunt is already a part of my blood. My clan was thane to Clan Wren, we were sworn to help the Empire in their pursuits and in return were paid well. Both me and my sister Rashan, were born force sensitive, but were told that the force was a crutch by our father, our clans leader. So we had it from everyone and had striven to live and fight as Mandalorians, by our physical strength and will. As the years went on my sister had set forth the motion to leave the Empire and seek an even better life at the side of the republic, the Clan initially disagreed but as she pressed and pressed a schism started to form and the Clan was divided, my father attempting to keep both sides united. Shortly after being blooded, we eventually decided to return home and settle this instead of infighting on what should be done. Me and those with me pleaded that we should maintain oaths taken and stay with the Empire and keep the funds and glory our clan had amassed. She pleaded that we should turn to the republic and seek them out, and look for paragon glory, to turn from the history of violence and destruction. Take up the mantle of protector and defender. The infighting raged to near violent levels through the night. It was when the republic commandos showed in force to our home we knew it was either obey or fight to the death. A battle raged that destroyed the Clans home, and catching the attention of the nearby Imperial garrison to the battle. Not being able to tell who was friend and foe the Sith in command Lord Antar ordered that we all be killed to be safe. Caught in the three sided battle those of us that still sided with the Empire believed we were safe, until they opened fire. The republic commandos fled in return. Those that survived the onslaught now faced the Empire.

Once there was no one left alive around Bjorn, only the bodies of friends, family and the soldiers on both sides, he looked around still outnumbered, and surrendered. The soldiers were going to take him to live out the rest of his life in a prison. He swore vengeance for his clan, no matter the cost to himself. As the Imperial captain approached him to take him into custody he let the rage, hate and remorse flow from him, and the force tore out in him and snapped the man's’ neck quickly with the flick of his wrist. His eyes turned to the golden color of a burning inferno. The soldiers moved to kill him in retaliation for their lost friend, Lord Antar motioned them to cease and that instead if death he would be sent to the academy and would either succeed, or die horribly trying. The soldiers found this to be a delayed but fitting punishment.

Bjorn was acquired in ████-BTC

After his training, he went on to fight in many battlefields under Lord Antar until his death, then becoming an Apprentice of Darth Hraalstar, though much of his time with the Darth is largely not known though he upon becoming a Lord under Darth Hraalstars' guidence he joined the Sphere of Military Offense earning himself a few but notable commendations during his service.


Recent History

Björn Drex, completed his hunt for his sister, spanning decades and half of the know galaxy. The final battle was recorded by the Captain of his guard Darvus Tythoc that was there with him in the fight. The record goes as follows:
Björn Drex, completed his hunt for his sister, spanning decades and half of the know galaxy. The final battle was recorded by the Captain of his guard Darvus Tythoc that was there with him in the fight. The record goes as follows: Meeting in the war-torn cities of Corellia, Lord Drex met with his sister and her detachment of republic soldiers. So words were exchanged in their native tongue that still escapes me, before all hell broke loose. As Lord Drex jumped into the fray, I shifted to engage the soldiers. Blaster rounds tore out all around the two, but they remained locked in battle, focusing only on each other. They rage that burned within Lord Drex was like the feeling one gets before lightning strikes. Even under my armor, I felt my hairs raise. As the soldiers were dispatched the battle between the two coming to an end. The Jedi seemed exhausted and she parried severing the Lords hand. He bellowed in such a deep anger, that it caused my own helmets comms to crackle with static. As he doubled over, the some of the remaining soldiers sought to subdue him. In his melee with them I saw him snap a mans neck with one hand. The power was rallying to those of us that remained to fight at his side. Once all the soldiers were killed she was at a disadvantage and was forced to surrender. To my surprise instead of killing her outright in all his anger he took her into custody, freezing her in Carbonite. She is now affixed over his desk, and the sight is slightly haunting and somewhat inspiring at the same time. After word of his success and spread outwards he was elevated to the title of Darth Duraanir.

After his victory on Corellia he remained in Military Offense, later her joined the Sphere of Sith Philosophy also taking on a role within the Inquisitorium to handle the infighting and defection cause with the forced armistice with Zakuul and rising to the mantle of High Inquisitor through his actions.

Character Notes

Please be aware that all the information above is what could be recovered with ease on Duraanir. Anything else would need either searches from higher echelons of the Military for his service record, or Sith Intelligence in order to uncover more of his past. This is due to the fact that as seen above some of his records are classified.

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Darth Duraanir and Darth Zara
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