Of the Empire’s mercenary allies, a group that Intelligence would best keep an eye on would be—of all things—a Jawa clan going by the moniker “Clan Pag’oz-Bendak”. Led by a Mandalorian and apparently styling themselves after his culture, the Jawas of Pag’oz-Bendak notably focus their activities on terrorizing Republic military holdings and terminating Force-users (their focus being primarily on Jedi, though Zakuulan Knights and renegade Sith have also been known to enter their crosshairs). Other tasks they have been known to undertake, be it on the Empire’s behalf or otherwise, include salvage recovery and the acquisition of exotic technologies. These items are often sold later at established markets, the clan’s apparent favorite being Vendaxa’s underworld outpost Point Nelere.

In regards to their allegiance, Pag’oz-Bendak have eschewed employment with private contractor companies in favor of working directly with the Empire to further shared goals; notable examples include the clan’s aid in Imperial Naval Intelligence’s Operation Sunder campaign and their current service to Darth Tarasirs’ power base, the Paragons' Covenant. In spite of its affiliations, the clan largely claims independence, and has been slow to bow to Imperial authority. Members have, however, responded favorably to diplomacy; promises of marketable technology or Republic-related intelligence also tempt the clan into compliance.

Noted Members:

Ca'vorr Bendak:

Species: Zabrak
Birthplace: Unknown, though subject has denied hailing from Iridonia
Approximage Age: Early thirties
Sex: Male

Clan Pag’oz-Bendak’s effective chieftain is Ca’vorr Bendak, a Zabrak Mandalorian who claims to have been adopted by the clan’s Jawas at a young age. Recordings and witness reports from Bendak’s occasional visits to Vaiken Spacedock indicate that he is the driving force behind the clan’s campaign against the Republic, apparently blaming the Empire’s age-old enemies for the demise of his original Mandalorian clan. The alliance seems to be loose at best, however; Bendak has shown discontent with working under Imperial rule, and his insistence upon bringing at least one Jawa with him on his visits to Imperial space have occasionally led to disputes with both law enforcement and even his fellow Mandalorians (which may contribute to his clan’s largely isolationist tendencies).

Nonetheless, Bendak has demonstrated a noted understanding of Imperial law, as well as the consequences for defying it, and has more often than not resolved legal disputes with proper documentation and clarifications. While gruff and uncouth, Bendak seems to only be directly aggressive either when sufficiently provoked (belittlement directed at his Jawas seems to be the most effective trigger) or when in the presence of Republic personnel or Force-users unprotected by Imperial law; the reasons for his vehement targeting of the latter are not yet clear. Proper manipulation of his hatred for the Republic could potentially turn Bendak into a useful tool, though his independent streak may cause difficulties.


Species: Jawa
Birthplace: Tatooine (presumably)
Approximage Age: Unknown; demeanor suggests early or pre-adolescence
Sex: Male

Of the Jawa mercenaries in Pag’oz-Bendak, one specific Jawa—going by the name “Yitol”—has gone the extra mile in its efforts, constructing a mechanized combat suit out of what seems to be a modified Zakuulan Skytrooper chassis. The Jawa in question seems to have removed the droid’s head and hollowed out its torso (using the new space as a sort of cockpit), as well as adding propulsion and weapon systems to the outer body. Yitol’s suit has also been seen producing strange devices that, when attached to computer terminals or droids, somehow slice the system remotely; a theory for how this is carried out is that another Jawa does the slicing from a different location, while the device produced from the suit (and presumably in the possession of other Pag’oz-Bendak members) provides a connection point.

In regards to the suit’s owner, Yitol has demonstrated a child-like naivety but surprisingly exceptional aptitude for its chosen line of work; its assistance in carrying out a contract for Intelligence saw the completion of the party’s objectives with no impediments whatsoever, and the creature has also been reported to have—with aid from a fellow mercenary—defeated an advanced combat droid reputed as having overcome multiple Force-users. The Jawa also seems to be on friendlier terms with Sith and Imperial personnel than its Zabrak leader, and could potentially become a valuable asset to the Empire should a potential client be willing to accommodate the creature.


Species: Droid
Birthplace: Tatooine (presumably)
Approximage Age: Seen to have been online for approximately three months
Sex: N/A, though it uses a feminine voice

Pag’oz-Bendak’s arsenal is typically a hodge-podge assortment of metals at best, ranging from custom-built weapons to the baffling feat of home-made walkers. Clan-constructed droids are no exception, and while most are sold to potential buyers, this particular unit seems to be in service to the clan itself. This unit—referred to by Pag’oz-Bendak members as “Kyramud”, a Mando’a word meaning “assassin”—favors a double-ended vibroblade that can separate into two singular blades, and makes liberal use of a built-in cloaking device. This choice in armaments suggests that the droid’s purpose is oriented towards fulfillment of more covert operations than Clan Pag’oz-Bendak is typically known for.

Kyramud also has the reported ability to learn new melee combat techniques through observation, and has subsequently been spotted in attendance of events where swordplay has been advertised. Given Kyramud’s adaptive programming, reports of it having a particular fascination with expressions of sentient emotion, and bearing in mind past incidents such as Directive Seven, Intelligence has attempted to ascertain Kyramud’s level of sentience. Findings thus far have seen it rarely—if ever—out in public without another Pag’oz-Bendak clansman by its side, suggesting that either the droid cannot operate with full independence or the clan does not trust it to do so. Further observation will be required for a more concrete analysis.


Despite their eccentric qualities, Clan Pag’oz-Bendak has proven useful to Imperial efforts in the past. Should one wish to employ them, they may be reached at the attached public frequency, or an in-person meeting may be arranged at an agreed-upon location.

With little other relevant information available at this time, this report will be amended with further updates as events warrant.

For the Empire.

-Recon Agent Faredi Nika

(OOC thanks to Ravnie for letting me reference Point Nelere, Grim the A.N.Droid for the two contracts in Yitol's section, and TrickyNick87 for the Operation Sunder event!)