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The Sovereign Invictus

The Harrower-class Dreadnought had been one of the Empire's most expensive and devastating warships ever built. Capable of taking on small fleets and numerous fighters on it's own, each vessel was a force to be reckoned with. The Empire's latest addition to their ever ammassing navy was branded the "Sovereign Invictus", the Dreadnought that would not fall. Unlike other flagships however, the 'Sovereign Invictus' had been designed for a specific purpose. Armed to the teeth and equipped with some of the best stealth technology available, the dreadnought tore through the galaxy like an icy wind- unseen, but heavily felt.

The crew on board the Sovereign Invictus would be one of a kind. Each of the 3,200 hands aboard had been trained for years, all with the singular purpose of serving abroad on the warship. Maintaining this caliber of machine and technology required the best, and the ship would have it. Trained to specialize in advanced recon and espionage, the crew of the Sovereign Invictus would be responsible for turning the tide of the war in the Empire's favour.

While the Sovereign Invictus would quickly become a symbol of the Empire's naval power, it would also be draped in a shroud of mystery. Few knew the true purpose of the dreadnought, and so unease spread. There were Sith serving aboard the vessel aswell, which only furthered suspicions. Only superior officials in the Empire were aware of the true purpose of the vessel, and any attempt to bring it up with them would often incite consequences. In reality, the purpose of the Sovereign Invictus had been rather simple; locate and aquire any object of power in the galaxy, whether in unexplored regions, or the within the Republic itself.

the Sovereign Invictus Crew & Capabilities

Minimal crew size 3,000
Trooper capacity 6,500

71 Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighter (Strike fighter)
4 S-SC4 Bloodmark (Recon)
20 S-12 Blackbolt (Recon)
10 M-7 Razorwire (Bomber)
22 B28 Exctinction-class (Bomber)
35 Imperial Assault Shuttle



OOC Info

The Sovereign Invictus is, at the moment, in the stages of building itself up, and as such has only just begun selective recruitment. Commodore's and other high ranking positions need to be filled, though applications for other roles will be accepted.

Competitive Ranks

While aboard the Sovereign Abyss, players will be subject to a Competitive Ranking System. This means that there are a limited number of ranks, each with their own benefits. In order to move up in the established structure, you must either prove yourself superior to those you challenge, or undermine them and risk the potential consequences.