Name: Aurelius ‘Wicked’ Starfire
Species: Human
Age: 20 GSY
Birth World: Alderaan
Base of Operations: Korriban
Affiliation: Imperial
Rank: Unknown

Family: House Starfire
Father: Theo Starfire <Deceased>
Mother: Athena Saoirse Starfire <Missing>
Sister: Laura ‘Victimize’ Starfire <Rogue>
Sister: Laena Starfire <Rogue>
Sister: Alluria Starfire <Rogue>
Brother: Dominus Starfire
Brother: Maximus Starfire

Misc -
Weapon of Choice: Dual bladed lightsaber
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Brief History:

Aurelius Starfire is the youngest brother of Laura ‘Victimize’ Starfire, Laena Starfire, Alluria Starfire, Dominus Starfire, Maximus Starfire, and the son of the deceased Theo Starfire, and Athena Saoirse Starfire (Missing). Aurelius was captured after his family’s home was bombed and terrorized following his parent’s refusal to send their force sensitive children to Korriban for training. Laura Starfire lost track of her brother amidst the explosion and was only able to escape with four of her siblings from Alderaan and hasn’t seen Aurelius since. After his capture, Aurelius, age 10, was sent to Korriban and fell under the teaching of Darth Xon. His training under the Darth was harsh and very intensive, nearly breaking him numerous times as his mind was constantly thinking of his parents and his siblings. Aurelius eventually overcame these difficulties as he grew older and began to give more of himself to the darkside of the force. Through his dedication, practice, and constant study, Aurelius has gained substantial skill in a short amount of time and wishes to enhance his abilities further by seeking out additional ancient sith texts and holocrons. Currently, he has a desire to move out from under the thumb of his master, however, this process will require patience and careful planning. He also desires to take on an apprentice, to explore the galaxy together in a quest for knowledge and power.