AGE Old BORN Ziost SPECIES Sith Pureblood GENDER Female
OCCUPATION A Darth in Biotic Science dealing with the sphere mergers AFFILIATIONS The Empire
APPARENT AGE Old HAIR Faded in colour and immaculately neat EYES Tired grey SKIN Red with a purplish tinge
BUILD Tall more than anything else, powerfully built HEIGHT Tall WEIGHT Muscular beings tend to be heavy

Imposing and regal or a terror to behold, it depends largely on her mood and company. She dresses for the occasion whether that be in silky evening robes and formal jewelry, ornate armour or gold, resource crisis permitting. Regardless of what the event calls for she covers everything below the neck. Events that call for undressing are typically turned down.

Her eyes, once vibrant and gold, have faded to a tired grey, off-white and bloodshot. The right side of her face suffers scars, as if raked across by claws.


Ashaatul has slave hands for her estate, staff and contacts but precious little in the way of company. All husbands were outlived over the natural course of Sith life. Her parents Anaatul and Aratuul died long ago due to their poor parenting choices, taking on children as Apprentices and enabling the former respectively. She was frequently seen collaborating with the redheaded Pureblood Darth Ignis, even laughing together in spite of the warriors' infamous hotheaded streak that complimented her temperature-based Force abilities - but she perished on Ziost. Ashaatul keeps her golden skull mask as a keepsake.

For all she speaks of bloodlines and true Sith her family are nowhere to be seen. Inquiring is not advised by those working with her. Like the Emperor before he turned traitor, many in her family have not made contact with the public for a long time.


Ashaatul is a die-hard traditionalist and does not suffer fools lightly, frequently responding in kind to sass with violence. When met with someone of equal rank or at least one intervening on their half she prefers to deescalate, feeling that treating those on her level that way is uncouth. Pureblood Sith can find a softer, even matronly edge to her in conversation - everyone else meets icy politeness or indifference at best for 'diluting the red marks', being non-Imperials or aliens. A woman impossible to please that nevertheless suffers for her standards, she is bitter that others wouldn't choose tradition over personal happiness like she did, seeing it as no excuse to not 'rise above the challenge' as it were.

Enjoys tea and blood soup frequently, a steaming pot of either her go-to for de-stressing.


Darth Maliscientiam prefers to keep what she can of her skillset secret but nevertheless working with other Sith in the field lets slip details. She is considered something of a pseudo reality-warper, warding her presence in the Force from detection, fading from sight, casting illusions or a pull in the Force that drags everything in a surrounding area towards her as the epicentre. She can place individuals in a sort of mental stasis or otherwise manipulate the mind, allowing her to slip by. Fighting her proves disorienting, with some of her armoursets even playing into the appearance of her being an entity. In short, she attacks her foes' comprehension itself.

She is a Makashii enthusiast with the saberstaff, the form best suited to fighting other Force users as was traditional for her family, though Niman appears to be the favourite of hers. As a Darth she is potent in the Force. Opposing teams on the battlefield have suffered for her throwing their armies into mental disarray.


Ashaatul's upbringing was a peculiarity but traditionally Sith in its own right - sibling was pitted against sibling even from childhood. A forceblind, she would learn, would have no place in their family. When they were old enough to do so, if they survived such a tumultuous home, her mother would take them all on as Apprentices. Her father was cold and indifferent about the matter, later struck down by his own family. The competition was raw even before the Apprenticeship. Anaatul Chirikyat could split between having one Apprentice be her favourite person and then her worst enemy in moments. Only her own blood were worthy of succession and having her Lordship become theirs, or so she would spout - unsurprisingly she never made it to Darth and was cut down. In the bloody mess that ensued, Ashaatul emerged as the victor. Young even for a fledgling Lord, she would have to prove herself and did several times over. The teen became an adult before she was married off to a cousin.

Her surname is her original one, having gone through a number of husbands that simply did not survive as long as her with no foul play involved. Through this, the many-time widow has connections to multiple families. Having long-since become infertile from natural causes she sees no reason to remarry at present. With her public mistakes in recent years she has been left well alone in solitude.

When the first aliens and slaves were permitted to become Sith she was among the most outspoken. In time, she simmered down and begrudgingly accepted this temporary re-population measure. Instead it made history and brought change to the Sith Order. She was furious, all the more driven to delving into scientific and arcane knowledge in the name of her species. In time she became Darth Maliscientiam, equal parts Sith Alchemist and scientist, commissioning a small Imperial prison of her own - on public record. When Pureblood rivals or otherwise found themselves disgraced enough to permit death the bodies were never recovered.

As the Empire made more allowances and loss struck her anger only boiled harder. When the Empires' hero Darth Ikoral returned, lashing out and being slain on Red Reaper she grieved the loss as much as she was in awe for such a bold attempt to exercise the old status quo. When Ziost perished, Purebloods, her homeworld perished with it and her reaction to witnessing the world turn grey was such that she had to be forcibly restrained despite her rank lest she shatter the transparisteel window. She would lose her Apprentice a decade ago, only for them to proclaim a mistaken death but be disowned years later for a relationship with an alien Sith.

It was all too easy to assign blame where she shouldn't have. The traitorous Emperor would not have acted so outside of Pureblood interest if he hadn't so much human blood, grief reasoned. Adverse to aliens, she took one into her estate under the interest of research, watching how the beautiful Lethan interacted, conducted herself, existed. In a few months the slave was dead and she proposed a bold theory to her fellow sphere - the lesser races were not just purposefully manipulating the masses to achieve sympathy for their own survival but biologically corrupt, yielding anything from an unrealized Zeltron telepathy-like ability to pheromones lulling the 'better races' around them into unwitting tolerance. They were diluting their blood. They would slowly bring the Empire into ruin.

Those of equal rank laughed her out of the room.

Furious, she renewed and rushed her efforts towards an attempt to remove human genetics from the hybridized Pureblood Sith bloodline. Results were imminent...then silence. She withdrew inward for some time rather than publically announce her failure, but the lack of results spoke for itself. When she next emerged publicly the bright gold of her eyes had faded to grey, half her face bearing clawed-in marks. Unspoken public opinion was that her golden age had passed, her eyes almost a metaphor for her slipping from grace. Frequent bouts of seclusion into her estate did not help matters especially when it interrupted work.

Zakuul struck hard and she would not back down, losing as much as she did on Ziost until she had no Harrower to call her own. It was during these turbulent five years before the Outlander that she disowned her Apprentice. She would grumble at the allegiance with the Alliance, unafraid to say 'I told you so' when they chose a certain side - she earned new scars until she finally stopped.

The last straw was the unexpected survival of a traitorous reformist and their being welcomed back into Imperial society. Maddened with grief, misguided blame and the fear of her species going extinct from gradual outbreeding, Ashaatul Chirikyat has finally decided to do what Darth Ikoral did and forcibly enact change - a vow she has kept undiscovered for now.

t h e m e _ b y _ r a v n i e
w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ s a m f