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Dossier: Darth Hestran

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Darth Hestran

“The Empire Is Civilization, the only one that prevents the eventual fall into anarchy and chaos”
-Darth Hestran

Everything not in yellow is not considered public knowledge. Blue is SIS knowledge, red text is Sith Intelligence knowledge. Either can be accessed by a skilled slicer. With everything else, please check with me OOC before using.

Well-spoken, calculating, and experienced; Darth Hestran is a major asset to both the Sith Empire and the Sith Order. His skill with his lightsaber is almost equal to his oratory skill as the Dark lord works tirelessly to ensure the safety of Imperial society and the foundations of Sith and Imperial culture. A staunch supporter of the policies imposed by Darth Marr, Hestran has dedicated his time in the Sphere of Military Command towards the very society he holds sacred.
Callous and cruel, yet merciful; Darth Hestran is renowned for his battlefield prowess and physical might. He has been known to show mercy to some who do not meet his ire. Additionally, the Dark Lord has been seen sparing women and children when assaulting Republic settlements in the mid-rim, only brutally murdering the military-ages citizens who displayed potential resistance.
Quiet and calculating, Darth Hestran is not known to say much to those he does not respect. The armored Sith Lord is rarely seen around the rabble and instead remains dedicated to preserving the safety and security of the Empire from the bridge of his flagship or the front of a battlefield. Those who get to know Darth Hestran may note that he's quite personable and even friendly. He's clearly pragmatic, owing to his place as a "Marrist" Sith Lord.
Darth Hestran
Born3675 BBY
SpeciesSith Pureblood
Mass200 LBS
Hair ColorJet Black
Eye ColorAmber
AffiliationSith Empire
  • Sith Order
  • Sphere of Defense of the Empire (Pre-Zakuul)
  • Sphere of Military Command (Post-Zakuul)
  • Darth Upsilon (Sith Master)
  • Darth Marr (Informal)
  • Arvora Renn
  • Seron Mael
  • Numerous others
In-game nameHestran
ClassSith Juggernaut

Anything that appears in yellow is to be considered PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, anyone who has spoken to him knows this information and it can be used by everyone.
Full Name: Merak Thol
Preferred Name: Darth Hestran
Aliases: Hestran, Aegis of Belkadan
Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith
Occupation: Member of the Sphere of Military Command – Ministry of Defense of the Empire.t
Religion: Sith Order
Organizations: Sphere of Military Command, Sphere of Defense of the Empire (Formerly)

Sexuality: Unknown
Marital Status: Single


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Darth Hestran was a Sith pureblood male who spent as much time refining his abilities on the battlefield as he did chastising people for not refining their abilities on the battlefield. Prior to his ascension to Darth, Hestran was rather quiet. He would much rather feel out a conversation before entering into it, rather than say something which would end up portraying him in an incompetent light by his peers. Like his mentor Darth Marr, Hestran lived with the notion that the Empire could only expand properly through the field of battle. While he lacked the overall conviction to warfare, Hestran believed in a strong Imperial military which would exist as a foundation for a strong Imperial society. To Hestran, a strong society meant strong morale for the troops on the field of battle.

After becoming a Darth following the battle of Belkadan during the renewed Galactic War, Hestran fully subscribed to the school of thought presented by Darth Marr and attempted by Darth Malgus during his rebellion. Hestran began to adopt the idea that the Empire needed to evolve in order to meet his own presented creed. With this in mind, Hestran became a full supporter of Darth Marr, even sanctioning Cipher 19’s assassination mission against the rogue Sith Lord, Darth Upsilon, Hestran’s one-time master.

Following the Zakuulan invasion and the subsequent collapse of the Empire, Hestran remained a staunch follower of Marr’s legacy, still believing in his modified creed. When Acina ascended to the Throne, Hestran supported it, especially with Acina’s doctrine of Imperial unity surpassing the petty power-plays which the Sith were known for. Hestran has been described as amicable and thrill-seeking. His prowess on the field is well-regarded as his is dedication to keeping the Empire as a Galactic superpower.


Biographical Information
Early Life
Born on Ziost, Merak Thol was part of a prestigious Sith house which eventually fell to power politics in the wake of the Treaty of Coruscant. This didn’t stop the young Merak from being sent to Korriban at a young age when he was revealed as a force sensitive. Throughout his time as an acolyte, Merak displayed a remarkable skill in marshal prowess and physical might. His ability to use the force was noticeably weak at first due to negligence from his Overseer, Grippa. Following the arrival of Lord Upsilon to the academy, the young Merak Thol was given the task of retrieving a Lightsaber from a tomb deep in the Valley of the Dark Lords. After retrieving the saber, Upsilon tasked Thol with killing his negligent overseer before being accepted as an apprentice by the Lord.

Apprentice to Upsilon
After leaving Korriban with Lord Upsilon, Merak Thol travelled with his master to Imperial worlds which had been newly gained following the Treaty of Coruscant. The purpose was to quell small uprisings which were occurring across the newly occupied territory. The results from this campaign would raise Upsilon to the rank of Darth and grant Thol the prestige of being the Darth’s first apprentice in said position. After being an understudy to Darth Upsilon for half a decade, Thol was given his first true test: track down and kill Jedi Master Dahl Khor and his apprentice. Thol wasn’t given a real reason, just the task and one which was rather daunting given his place as a simple apprentice.

After tracking down the Jedi and his apprentice to Ambria, Thol used guile to take out Master Kohr’s apprentice before moving to duel the Jedi. After suffering heavily in their first fight, Thol fled into the wastes and recovered. Having been severely disappointed in his own cowardice, Thol’s rage grew to new levels and the Sith apprentice harnessed his frustration and anger, finding the Jedi Master and dueling him again, resigned to death should he fail. Having been so incensed with the idea of losing again, Thol managed to successfully slay Master Kohr, taking his saber arm back to Darth Upsilon as an example.

When he returned, Upsilon was not only pleased that his old rival had been slain, but was even more impressed that Thol was able to successfully kill two Jedi on his own. As a result, Upsilon bestowed Thol with a new name: Hestran, and granted him the title of Lord of the Sith.

Lord of the Sith
After becoming a Lord, Hestran continued to work in Upsilon’s Powerbase for a time. After Upsilon’s fall from grace following his humiliation by Darth Raktos and Cipher 19, Hestran was transferred to the Sphere of Defense of the Empire.

In the lead up to the renewed Galactic War with the Republic, Hestran was tasked with shoring up the defenses in the Empire’s northern sectors, specifically the systems which lay Galactic north of the Braxian Run. When the renewed War broke out, Hestran was sent to the Battle of Anaxes before being sent to Corellia in order to observe the transition to Imperial rule. He was transferred off of Corellia just prior to the Republic counter attack which saw the deaths of Darths Acheron, Hadra and Decimus.

Following the disasters of the Imperial Core Worlds Offensive and Malgus’ betrayal on Illum, the Empire fell into a defense war for a time. It was at this point where Hestran was tasked with moving to Belkadan, the Imperial’s northern most holding and defend it in case of a Republic assault. This was to come in 3939 BBY, when the Republic’s offensive pierced deep into the heart of Imperial space and laid siege of Belkadan. The Siege lasted for a standard month and, due to Belkadan’s isolated place in Imperial space, received little offworld aid. The Siege was only lifted when Makeb was successfully taken and the Imperial navy was augmented with Isotope 5. After having gained numerous scars in the defense of the world, Hestran’s successful protection of the Imperial asset garnered him the epithet “The Aegis of Belkadan” and acted as the catalyst for his ascent to Darth.

Dark Lord
After claiming the title of Darth, Hestran returned to Dromund Kaas and dedicated himself to the defense of the Empire and the progression of Imperial society. He subscribed to the pseudo-progressive vision ushered by Darth Marr and took to working in the Sphere of Defense of the Empire. After gaining Cipher 19 as a military asset following the dissolution of Imperial Intelligence, he used the agent to assassinate or “clean up” potential threats to the Empire’s security. It was at this point that Hestran engaged in a bit of a power struggle with his former master Darth Upsilon. Especially in regards to Cipher 19 as an asset.

After the end of the Revanite campaign and the establishment of Sith Intelligence, Hestran moved Cipher 19 back to that Sphere with the belief that the agent would be better suited there. He then continued to work against the attempted Republic invasion of Serpindal before returning his focus to the home front in the Seat of the Empire.
During the invasion of Ziost, Hestran planned to aid in the evacuation of the planet and the protection of Imperial citizens, however his aid came too late when the former Sith Emperor Vitiate consumed the world and every living thing on it. Following this, Hestran temporarily put his work on hold and travelled to Ziost to visit the dead world.

Following the destruction of Ziost, Hestran once again received the aid of Cipher 19. When a rogue sith was planned the destruction of the Sith Sanctum on Dromund Kaas, he sanctioned 19’s assassination of the rogue Sith. This lord happened to be Darth Upsilon who had gone insane and converted his body into that of a cyborg. Following the successful assassination of Upsilon, Hestran retrieved the Darth’s lightsaber and began to use it as his own.

Conquest of the Eternal Empire
When Zakuul invaded the greater Galaxy following the death of Darth Marr, Hestran was stationed in Galactic south on Eriadu. When the Eternal Fleet swept over both the Republic and Empire, Hestran worked tirelessly to ensure the defense of that world before it eventually fell to the might of the Eternal Fleet. Having managed to survive the onslaught, Hestran attempted to return to Dromund Kaas to aid in the planets defense, only to be stalled by a Republic task force under the command of the Saresh supporter, Feilex Armistad. After dispatching the taskforce, Hestran arrived back to Dromund Kaas only to be met with the Zakuulan blockade of the world. Having no where else to go, he travelled to Begeren and fought there until the Empire surrendered to Zakuul.

With the Sith and the Empire in disarray, Hestran fully supported Acina’s rise to the Sith Throne, viewing her own message of Sith and Imperial unity as similar to that of Darth Marr. Given that Hestran was pro-centralization, it was clear that Acina was the only choice. As the Empire rebuilt from the catastrophe, Hestran was folded into the new Sphere of Military Command, where he continued to work for the defense of the Empire.

Current Positions
There would be no peace following the collapse of Zakuul, as the Republic and Empire were soon at each other’s throats once more. Hestran fully supported the renewed conflict and began to use his own powerbase to aid the work of other Sith during their own campaigns. Hestran has dedicated a task force to Darth Andross’ campaign in the Braxant Run. Hestran elected to join his forces, leading them on the front during the Battle of Ord Sigatt.


Equipment & Gear
Darth Hestran is known to keep a very simple set of belongings. Prior to the Zakuulan invasion of the Empire, he was seen with his white coloured plated armour, accented with a black underlay. He wore a simple utility belt, armored greaves and heavy boots. This was all capped off by his faceless helmet, inspired by the one worn by Darth Marr. Hestran’s armor was so heavy as to accommodate for his preferred lightsaber style, Juyo. The heavy plating granted the Dark Lord protection when engaged in his fully offensive frenzies.
Spoiler: Darth Hestran's Armour before the invasion by ZakuulShow

Following the collapse of the Eternal Empire, Hestran adopted a newer and lighter set of armour. He replaced the armored greaves for a simple set of military slacks, equipping a higher set of armoured boots and a lighter set of armour. He carried over his helmeted mask from his previous set of armor, leading to it being associated with his battlefield fury.
Spoiler: Darth Hestran's Current armorShow

Hestran carried his standard hilted lightsaber. The saber itself formerly belonged to his old master Darth Upsilon. It contained a synth crystal which gave it a red hue. The lightsaber itself was built with a heavy duty and utilitarian design. It featured a rigid handgrip in the center of the hilt along with a pronounced pommel and two lopsided emitter talons.
Spoiler: Darth Hestran's LightsaberShow

Powers and Abilities
Spoiler: Lightsaber StylesShow
Spoiler: Force AbilitiesShow


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