The Obsidian Directive

Deep space
Imperial Battlecruiser 9102A "Bastions Curse"

The tall officer walked quietly beside the armored Sith. This Sith had a mean streak, and was known to have harsh ideas when it came to punishment. His own former lieutenant learned that the hard way. Granted, the officers error cost lives, and was in his mind a very stupid mistake, but to be choked to near death, then stabbed through the chest was a grisly way to die. He would step carefully around the leaders apprentice. The two men walked into the chambers of Darth Xinta, bowing before the hooded man, and taking note of the fleet Admiral standing in the room as well. Satado, apprentice and a for mentioned Sith with a mean streak moved to his masters side and stood, his arms crossing behind his back.

Darth Xinta looked at his apprentice and spoke in that cold growl tone. "Is it done, apprentice?"

"Yes, My Master, the colony ship was located and ravaged. All crew members and colonists were killed, save one, as you requested." The helmeted Sith, Satado replied in a mechanically modulated voice.

Darth Xinta nodded once, then looked at the pair of officers before them. "Admiral, after this meeting, you will prepare the fleet for departure. Find a place within striking distance of the core worlds, but not close enough that we are discovered. Have one of the newer destroyers stocked for a long duration mission and assign the Captain here to command it."

The white haired Admiral nodded without hesitation. "It will be done, My Lord. If I may ask, what will be the ships assignment? I only ask so I can ensure the ship is provisioned properly to fit the assignment."

"Yes, I can see the logic in this. I am assigning the destroyer to Lord Satado. He will be undertaking a series of clandestine missions. Assign at least a battalion of soldiers, and none with less then satisfactory efficiency ratings. No trouble makers. We know how long those types live around Lord Satado." The Darth smirked when he spoke the last and nodded to his violent apprentice. Satado didn't seem to respond, though with that mask, nobody would know.

The Admiral did not look at the apprentice, though he did wonder if he was sending one of his best junior officers to his death with the mission. The Captain beside him stood military rigid. Letting no emotion touch his features. With a dismissive wave from the Darth, the Admiral and Captain saluted, and departed the Darths chamber.

Alone, the pair of Sith moved to a digital planning table. Satado lifted his hands to the helmet he wore and removed it with a hiss of pressured air. He kept a breathing mask on that covered the lower portion of his scarred face.

"Lord Satado, I have requested, and the council has seen fit to elevate you to Darth. Your training is now complete." Xinto said quietly. "You have the authority to assume command of the destroyer, and deploy it as you see fit. As long as you also complete the list of missions I have assigned, you are free to take on any other tasks you see the need for."

Mechanically modulated with the mask, Satado bowed to his master. "Master, I am greatful."

Xinta nodded once more then brought up the display on the planning table. A series of dossiers were displayed, as well as star maps for several sectors of space around the core, but not within the core worlds. In subdued red letters was Obsidian Directive.
It was familiar to Satado, and he thought about it until his master spoke again.

Xinto plugged a datapad into the display table as he spoke. "I am initiating the Obsidian Directive. You may remember, shortly after I took you from Korriban, I put forth a plan of this name assembling a battle group of specialists. Highly trained, effective, and deadly. The purpose of this directive is to create a clandestine battle group. Able to deploy without delay, trained to handle any situation, and above all, to destroy the enemy. Our new council has seen the logic of this plan, with the impending return to conflict with our old enemy, the Republic."

Satado listened and looked over the displayed data, knowing he would have the information available via the datapad being loaded. He was already putting together a list of potential tasks for the battle group.

"On this datapad, you will find a list of personnel that I want you to recruit for your team. Specialists, and one unruly bounty hunter. Do try and put up with his antics though, he is annoying, but he is excellent at his craft. Your first assignment is to take your team to a remote world and train them. When they are to your satisfaction, contact me and I will give you your first list of missions." Xinta finished speaking as the datapad chimed. He reached down and unplugged it from the table, and handed it to his apprentice.

Satado took the datapad and placed it in his belt pouch. "Master.. I have a question. Why did you have me spare one of the colonists on that ship?"

Darth Xinta chuckled rather coldly "Fear, my apprentice. Fear is one of the greatest weapons. When that soul is found, among the corpses and wreckage of that ship, others will hear of it, and fear will spread."

Satado understood what his master meant. There was no strategic reason for wiping out the colony ship, so the objective was to spread fear, most likely within the Rift alliance, as this was the origin of the colony ship.

"Now, my apprentice, go, prepare your ship and be ready. Ready for war." Darth Xinta turned to return to his command chair. Satado bowed respectfully, then turned, putting on his helmet and going in search of the Captain assigned to him.