The Dromoors are well-known in Imperial society as one of the oldest families in the Sith Empire. The family traces its roots back to the days immediately following the Great Hyperspace War, when the Sith Emperor took the remnants of the Sith Empire into a long exile. Prominent family members have included both Force-sensitives who attended training at Sith Academies throughout Imperial space to Force-blind Imperials who occupied senior positions in the artistic, cultural, political, business, and military organizations of the Sith Empire.

The Dromoors constitute one of the oldest existing noble families in the Sith Empire. Living family members regularly highlight their family's involvement in such prominent events in the history of the Sith Empire, most notably the long exile after the Great Hyperspace War, the settlement of Dromund Kaas, and the family's vocal support for the purge of the Dark Council at the hands of the Sith Emperor in approximately 297 BTC. Current members of the family continue their ancestor's tradition and have members in prominent positions as administrators of Imperial education centers, senior bureaucratic positions in the Imperial Ministry of Logistics, and select command positions of the Imperial military.


Oclivius Dromoor. Imperial scholar
Sphere of Sith Philosophy
One of the oldest living members of the Dromoor family, Oclivius is a renowned theologian, scholar, author, philosopher, and noted apologetic of the Sith Empire. He sat on numerous councils in the Sphere of Sith Philosophy in an advisory capacity, specializing in highlighting the relevancy of Sith teachings to non-Force users. A staunch traditionalist, Dromoor is especially noteworthy for being one of the few prominent members of the pyramid of Sith Philosophy that was not a Force-user. A significant amount of Oclivius' writings concerned obedience to the Sith Emperor, whom he was regarded to have worshipped as a god. Oclivius never accepted the reality of the Sith Emperor's betrayal, and regarded the Dark Council's campaign to search and destroy him as high treason. He was placed under house arrest for a prolonged period following the cataclysm on Ziost and is now regarded as having become deranged.

Cdre. Edyard Dromoor. Naval intelligence mastermind
Imperial Navy
A leading patriarchal figure of the family. Edyard's position as a family leader is tenuous as he remained single and childless his entire life. He suffered considerable battlefield injuries in the Battle of Hoth in 12 BTC. The complications brought on by these wounds are believed to be the principal cause for his stalled career in naval intelligence, where he currently serves as deputy head. Like most senior family members, Edyard is a staunch traditionalist and conservative, but finds his views increasingly minimalized in an ever-progressive Empire. A capable intelligence officer and insightful strategist, Edyard believes his talents are often wasted serving the machinations of Lord Ploitus, a Sith who exercises a considerable amount of influence over Imperial military intelligence organizations. Lately, Edyard has been endeavoring to align himself more closely with the capable militaristic Sith lord Darth Immanitas ( Sephe ).

Grp. Cpt. Ershel Dromoor. Naval vessel commander
Imperial Navy
Younger brother of Edyard, Ershel followed in the footsteps of his eldest brother, father, and grandfather, and pursued a career as a naval ship captain. His last battlefield assignment was as commanding officer of a Harrower-class dreadnought before he took up his current position as an instructor at the Imperial Naval Academy in Kaas City. He is the father of Rycklin Dromoor. Ershel adopted his distant nephew, Joffred, after his parents were killed following the Eternal Empire's blockade of Dromund Kaas. With the family's fear of the reappearance of Darth Malgus on Ossus, rumors have circulated that Edyard Dromoor has been encouraging his younger brother to petition Darth Immanitas for a group command position in the Sixth Fleet.

Cpt. Rycklin Dromoor. Marine commando
Imperial Navy
Son of Ershel and nephew of Edyard. Rycklin deviated from his father's, uncle's, and grandfather's career paths by pursuing enlistment in the Imperial marines. Rycklin's uncle Edyard previously employed his influence to first secure his assignment to Imperial Forward Command and later attendance at the Imperial Navy's commando school. He currently serves as a company commander of marine commandos in a battalion attached to the intelligence agency led by his uncle.

Hargun Dromoor. Imperial Guardsman
Imperial Guard
Born to an ancillary wing of the Dromoor family, Hargun initially served with the Imperial Army. An aggressive and determined combatant, Hargun came to the attention of the Imperial Guard during the Galactic War. Selected to undergo the trials for Imperial Guard training, he was arrested along with other prospective initiates at Yavin IV during the Revanite crisis. Slated for execution for treason, Hargun and his prospective trainees were spared due to the influence of his distant uncle, Edyard. After the Zakuulan invasion of the Galaxy, Hargun was placed into training as a candidate of the reformed Imperial Guard.

Pvt. Joffred Dromoor. Reclamation soldier
Imperial Reclamation Service
One of the younger members of the Dromoor family, Joffred does not share most of his family's zealously traditional beliefs. This is attributable to the fact that he has grown up in a more progressive Empire that has changed considerably since the youthful days of his uncles. Joffred does not share his family's xenophobic beliefs, and is more amenable to the Empire's increasingly progressive policies. He recently requested and won an appointment in the service of Darth Sirenis ( Sirenis ) of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge.