The barren world was silent and marred; its surface coated in dull, infertile, orange clay and twisted black trees that had long since become petrified. Ossus, the former archive-world of the Jedi, long since abandoned. At least, that was the consensus of the wider galaxy. Unbeknown to many, a secret colony had formed within the last seven years to ensure the survival of the Order in face of recent debilitating tribulations. That secrecy, however, did not hold, nor did the planet’s silence.

War had come to Ossus, like it had come to many. The Sith Empire sought to strike an early and fatal blow against the Defenders of the Light. A preemptive strike that had boded well, even with Darth Malora’s tumultuous, if not short lived, command of the initiative. With a new weapon leading the charge, the Ancient Archive was under full siege by a united Sith and Imperial front - a force that the limited Jedi, civilian volunteers, and robotic defenders could not stave off for long.

Yet, it was not his task to assist with the removal of the Jedi’s corrupting presence, even if the desire to quell their lives churned in the back of his mind. His impulses did not win. His duty was of a higher calling.

Knowledge, and the pursuit thereof. The Pyramid of Sith Doctrine placed little faith in the military’s ability to not significantly damage the library in their pursuit of conquest. As such, a trusted agent of the Dark was dispatched to claim the Temple’s hidden secrets.

The Sith paced himself, bypassing the chaotic clash of forces at the front of the temple via his talents of shrouding himself in the obscurity of dark energy. To all others, he was invisible. His footsteps nullified in the force. His presence diminished. Only a focused, and significantly talented, force user would be able to detect his presence. Even to sensors, he was non-existent. In the pandemonium of a full fledged assault, few had their mental acuity so high. To the Assassin, his colleagues were providing an ample distraction. He strode through the ebon halls of the Temple as turmoil rained around him in every direction. Passionate scarlet sabers contended against the assortment of bright shades wielded by the Jedi. Imperials and temple defenders exchanged blaster fire across the intersecting corridors. Structural damage intensified as the distant sound of blast charges echoed through the halls, likely used to bring down barricaded doors.

‘Graceless.’ The inner thoughts of the Assassin mused to himself as a flourish of anger bloomed in his aura. The total disregard for the lore that lurked in these tunnels reaffirming his understanding of why they sent him. His attention drifted back into focus as his obsidian clad frame instinctually shifted to avoid a passing blaster bolt. He increased his pace, turning a sharp left down a far more narrow pathway. Army intelligence was ‘kind’ enough to share their preliminary scans of the temple and the schematics that their strategists crafted up. Thus far, it remained accurate.

The pathway led past multiple closed doors. Eventually, the pathway concluded with a dead end. He suppressed a momentary snarl of aggravation, careful to not disturb the sound suppression barrier he had erected around him. Yet, the Assassin did not seem deterred. Rather, he simply reached out with his right hand. His gloved palm pressed against the wall. A manipulation of energy formed as he pressed forward. Like so, the Sith simply phased right through the wall to end up on the other side. His masked helm was the first to ‘peek’ through the wall.

His masked gaze quickly shifting to take in the entire room as swiftly as possible. First and foremost, he scanned for any threats. He could see none. The amount of activity in the temple, the congregated presence of force users, prevented him from accurately reaching out with his senses as far as he normally would. With certainty, he could at least conclude the way forward was clear.. For now. He stepped the rest of the way out, freeing himself from the metallic conduit. The room was a databank nexus, with multiple terminal pillars grounded into the base of the floor and scaling all the way into the high ceiling above. Blue and purple nodes continued to flicker, bathing the room in their interchanging hue.

A wicked smile formed behind his mask as he reached his target. He stepped forward, retaining his shroud, making his way to the center computer node. Reaching into his satchel, the Sith brought out a black cubed datacron. Resting the device to the surface of the terminal, he quickly synched the datacron to the Archive’s records. His Master had given him this device prior to his arrival. The technology had already been previously programmed to search for certain keywords or matters of particular interest and copy them with haste.

‘Now, we wai-’ His train of thought interrupted interrupted by a sudden burst of paranoia that dug into the back of his mind like claws. A shiver danced up his spine as he quickly turned to face the cause of this disturbance. What he saw was a lunging blur of light brown and blinding yellow. A snarl of noise as his left hand stretched out. His cloak dissipated around him, that energy simultaneously channeled into his palm, launched forward in a crippling wave of raw kinetic energy.

The blast met its mark, yet the incoming hostile was not deterred. The figure wasn’t even slowed. It was as if the sentient had simply cut straight through the projected energy in their pursuit of the Sith invader.

A hiss came from the Assassin. His lightsaber was swiftly drawn as a blade of carmine plasma impeded the sudden strike of a yellow lightsaber that would have otherwise cleaved him in half. His body lurched back, yet he held his ground through an augment of his own strength. The two were now saber locked, and the Sith could finally get a closer look at his attacker. A dark skinned, green eyed, male zabrak Jedi. More importantly, a Sentinel.

“Grah!!” The Sith huffed out in a fit of rage as he activated the secondary blade of his weapon. He employed a double-bladed lightsaber, and quickly shifted to move the bottom blade upward in a swift cut to break the lock the two had entered. His right foot moved forward to accommodate the width of the swing. He forced the Jedi to withdraw, or face an unwanted strike to his center.

To say the Sith Assassin was mildly frustrated would be an understatement. A task that could have been swiftly accomplished had now become unnecessarily complicated. The Sentinels of the Jedi Order specialized in negating force powers of the Dark Side and were often entirely immune to certain techniques. Even more bothersome, this particular one’s perception seemed to of been strong enough to pierce his veil - a notable feat. That certainly could not stand. Yet, a low sigh left him and the rage that had boiled soothed. Instead, that energy was merely transferred into his core as he lunged forward to pursue the Sentinel’s withdraw.

“I had craved killing a Jedi,” He mused aloud. His helm morphed his voice beyond recognition, but his thick Kaasian drawl was a blatant indicator of his nationality. Carmine and yellow blades continued to clash in their combative dance, the crackle and buzz of the sabers crashing together simply mingled in with the distant blaster fire and explosions. “Thank you for..” A high parry gave him an opening to counter. Arcing his secondary blade in a downward jab succeeded in clipping the Sentinel’s outer thigh. A scowl formed upon the zabrak’s expression, “- the opportunity!”

The Zabrak, however, was not deterred. Amplifying his physical strength, he pushed past the pain to enhance his offensive style. The Sith was quickly put back on the defensive, entering Form 3 and deactivating his secondary blade. It did him little good without a larger open area. The Sith shifted back, all while parrying and deflecting the onslaught the Jedi worked to dispense. A timely manipulation of the force further swayed things into the Jedi’s favor. A surprisingly strong grip in the force had suddenly taken the Sith’s left ankle. He hadn’t expected his force presence to be so swiftly undermined. As a result, the Assassin’s stance buckled back, forcing him to stumble away. His saber disengaged, the carmine color flickering away as he damn near tripped. The Sentinel intended to finish the invader off with a final, downward slash across his chest. Yet, The Assassin corrected his posture quick enough for a manipulation of his own. His left hand clenched into a fist as the yellow blade came down. The Jedi’s weapon simply turned off. The Assassin had flicked the Zabrak’s activation switch. The Sentinels eyes go wide as his finisher is negated. Immediately, the Sith move the emitter tip of his own blade to the zabrak’s stomach before re-activating his weapon. Immediately, the Sentinel was impaled through and through. A light, final, gasp of breath left him as the Assassin leaned his head closer to his defeated foe.

“A valiant effort.” The voice layered in sarcasm as his blade disengaged. His free hand reached forward to apply a mild shove to the chest of the sentinel. The Jedi toppled over, dead. Stepping over the corpse, his left hand flicked upward to summon the Jedi’s weapon to his palm. It seemed the Sith intended to claim it as his own as he hooked it to his belt. “It’s been too long.”

The Sith, however, did not seem finished with his fallen rival. Instead, his left hand reached out once more. The Jedi’s satchel, clipped to the zabrak’s belt, became the Assassin’s focus. With a manipulation of the force, the Assassin tugged upon the satchel so forcefully that the strap that held it against the zabrak’s frame simply snapped. The Sith had no qualms about perusing the contents of the dead man’s possessions. He found what he sought --- a datapad. Activating the small personal computer, the previous user’s details formed across the screen. Unfortunately, its overall contents were encrypted. Nonetheless, the Sith seemed quite content.

‘Master Yanri,” The Assassin thought to himself as he dropped the satchel to the floor and made his way back to the main terminal. ‘-charmed to make your acquaintance.’ As he stuffed the datapad into his own bag. The datacron would inevitably end up in the possession of his Master, but the secrets of this Jedi’s device, their associates, their security codes, their frequencies, will be his own.

The terminal finally flashed red, signalling that the download was complete. He disconnected the device, before placing the datacron back into his satchel as a deep inhale followed. His veil reformed around him once more and the Sith departed the same way he had came.