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Rivoso Varnheim - The Loyal Entrepreneur

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“M E N. A R E. M O R E. R E A D Y. T O . R E P A Y. A N. I N J U R Y. T H A N. A. B E N E F I T ,.
B E C A U S E. G R A T I T U D E. I S. A. B U R D E N. A N D. R E V E N G E. I S. A. P L E A S U R E.”

— T A C I T U S

Raised in an Imperial household on Dromund Kaas, Rivoso was brought up with the ideals of loyalty, duty, and tenacity all his life. His father served as an Imperial marine and raised his son to follow in his footsteps, tutoring him from the young age of four. His mother, an officer in the Ministry of Logistics, taught him the importance of planning and forethought.

As he grew older, he joined one of the many military academies on the Imperial capital, working hard to become one of the top students in his classes. He placed the importance of friendship second to his success, which came across as an arrogant coldness, leading to friction between him and his classmates. Despite this, he graduated among the top and enlisted within the Imperial Marine corps.

His time as a soldier was par for the course. Over the course of several years, he attained the rank of Lieutenant and maintained command of a squad designed for advanced scouting and surgical insertions behind enemy lines. Their success on several missions during the occupation of Balmorra earned him a promotion into Imperial Intelligence’s field agent program. From there, he begun his training as an agent, and operated as a deep cover asset within Republic SIS for a long term.

However, when reports were not received of a Republic operation that lead to the decimation of several Imperial outposts within the Outer Rim, the finger was pointed to Rivoso, labeling him as a traitor.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as it was the work of intentional sabotage from higher up, but Rivoso had never been able to discern the true reasoning as to why this happened. Instead, this put him on the run as his cover was blown shortly afterwards and he fled to Nar Shaddaa, hoping to evade the Imperial and Republic forces that were both keen on his elimination.

Since his blacklisting, Rivoso has seen several different identities and many places of residences across the outer rim. His resolve had certainly been tested, but did not waver as he continued to do what he could in his limited capacity to aid the Empire.



Acts of service in smaller ways were all he could offer in full—bounties, supply drops to Imperial outposts—but his travels soon brought him into contact with one of the Empire’s covert resistance initiatives, one that offered mercy despite his complicated past.

Through effort and no small amount of spilled blood, Rivoso worked to earn both the trust and respect of his newfound colleagues as they came together to fight against the reign of Arcann’s Eternal Empire.

The galaxy evolved with the founding of the so-called Outlander's 'Alliance,' bringing an end to the tyrant, which allowed the Empire to surge back in order to attain its former galactic presence. The fight now shifted towards the Republic, and in doing so, Rivoso’s focus also shifted in order to clear his name.

Utilizing his newfound connections and applying his uncompromising tenacity to uncovering the necessary evidence, a compromise attained with the Inquisition. The evidence in question brought the proper culprit behind the false accusation, however, due to the tenuous nature of his elevated station, his status as an Imperial citizen could not be reinstated in full, for the Inquisition’s fear was that a precedent of mercy to traitors—false or otherwise—would be set. The charges would be cleared, and Rivoso would be a free man, independent of any official affiliations.

It was a bittersweet outcome, as the former Imperial’s loyalty still remained.

His current station is within the powerbase of a Darth, whom he became a close affiliate of during the Zakuulan incursion, working as a logistical ‘officer’ of her resources. While it is quite a shift from the past work of both an infantryman and data analyst, it has become a station of lucrative opportunity for Rivoso.

While still attending to his primary duties, Rivoso has become for all intents and purposes, a smuggler and third party associate for any Imperial individuals that require resources that are more difficult to attain with an Imperial banner behind them.

Posted Dec 18, 18 · OP
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All information highlighted in yellow is obtainable from public, census, or medical databases in Imperial records, accessible to those with clearance.

In-Game / Current Information
Last Updated: December 18, 2018

Retrieved from Imperial Intelligence Networks (Imps only):
Location: Vaiken Spacedock, Dromund Kaas, Corellia, Nar Shaddaa.
Activities: Current reports indicate much activity within the Galactic Market, particularly in dealing with commercial shipping and material acquisitions. A new business known as “Midwan Shipping Services” began with Rivoso as the founder/owner, which grew exponentially after a contractual arrangement with Llomeryncorp (an Arkanian founded megacorporation). Further reports have shown that both business and owner have been absorbed into the megacorporation, though additional commercial activities have not ceased.
Persons of Interest: Lantry Llomeryn, Darth Manteia, Ensign Nexhall.
Other Notes: <<CLASSIFIED>> The following should be noted with caution; the subject, Rivoso Varnheim, was previously accused of: Murder of Imperial Personnel, Conspiracy to Commit Treason, Illegal Trade of Imperial secrets, Blackmail of Imperial Officials, Treason of High Order. While evading capture for fourteen years, recent evidence was brought to the attention of the Sith Inquisition, and through much deliberation, the charges were cleared due to the detainment of responsible parties. While innocent of crimes previously accused, Imperial citizenship has been revoked, and the subject is to be regarded with the status of ‘Independent’. All activities should continue to be monitored.

Biological Information

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 48 GST
Skin: Fair
Hair: Graying black
Eyes: Emerald Green
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Body Type: Trim and athletic.
Distinguishable Features: A thin scar along one side of his face, as if made by a vibroknife. A simple, though expensive-looking, cybernetic eye-piece. Though slightly taller than average, and on the more handsome side of plain, Rivoso is a very run-of-the-mill human man in looks.

Appearance: What used to be a head of jet black hair is now dull, darkened gray, with more silver peeking out as the days march on. Rivoso now sweeps it back, allowing his shoulder-length hair to sit in a neat fashion and away from interfering with his vision. The cybernetic eye he has is of notably expensive quality, though of relatively simple design to the casual observer. The telltale signs of aging mar his face, with more pronounced creases around his eyes and over his brow, though a full, meticulously maintained beard obscures the better part of his jawline. Despite his age, Rivoso continually presses his body to its limits in order to keep himself fit for military duty, should the occasion arise. His physique places him at impressive operational capacity, though he is perhaps a bit slower than he used to be.

Spoiler: AppearanceShow

Biographical Information
As of 13 ATC

Legal Name: Rivoso Jaernifar Varnheim
Former Ranks and Titles: Corporal, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain
Aliases: Damreth Falair, Herron Lonth, Nemry Tel’lamar, Cairon Mel’grath
Planet of Birth: Dromund Kaas
Citizenship: Independent, formerly Sith Empire
Marital Status: Unwed
Notable Allies: Darth Manteia, Lantry Llomeryn, Voluk’orem’sabosen, Pyreen Mon’thalamar.
Organizations: Llomeryn Corp, The Coterie Company, Midwan Shipping Services (MSS)
Living Relatives: Kialla Varnheim (younger sister)
Ship: X-Series Phantom (Decommissioned model)
Occupation(s): Logistical Coordinator/Advisor, Logistics Entrepreneur
Languages: Common, Sign (Tactical/Common), Duros, Huttese, Rodian
Loyalties: Imperial Nationalist and aligned with the Sith code. Very little empathy to those outside of the Empire.
Skills and Talents: Logistical Coordination, Personnel Management, Field Tactics, Advanced CQC, Adaptive Learning, Eidetic Memory
Limitations and Flaws: Non force sensitive, cybernetic eye contains HUD of information which may cause loss in focus/attention in some situations.
Hobbies: Martial arts practice, gym exercise, history, philosophy, military war games.

Psychological Summary: Logical through and through, and strong willed, Rivoso demonstrates a high aptitude in stable behaviours and functioning. The only noteworthy discrepancies are the occurrence of nightmares pertaining to several situational events from his service during the Balmorran conflict, in addition to a heightened distrust/mild paranoia of those around him.
Posted Dec 18, 18 · OP · Last edited Jan 2, 19
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