Commodore Sabosen'endise'nuruodo

Imperial Navy

Born in early 4 ATC; Sole child of Chiss diplomatic staff, both killed during Eternal Empire attack on Dromund Kaas; drafted & put through accelerated training, assigned shortly thereafter into Imperial Army, later reassigned to Imperial Navy.

Name: Sabosen'endise'nuruodo
Core Name: Nendisen
Gender: Male
Species: Chiss
Age: 19
Rank: Commodore
Homeworld: Dromund Kaas

Height: 188 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: Red-Orange
Skin Color: Light Blue
Notable Features / Markings / Tattoos / etc.: freckles concentrated around temples and eyes, significant scarring on either side of mouth


Spoken Languages: Galactic Basic, Cheun
Understood Languages: Droid (Astromech), Sith/High Sith, Huttese, Rakatan (learning)
Military Academy Assessed Strengths: Loyalty, Sensibility, Conciseness, Obedience

Raised per CEDF physical & psychological standards; annual physical at Chiss Embassy (Dromund Kaas)
Notable facial damage; significant facial scarring from Whitefang attack, freckles and premature wrinkling due to significant cold weather exposure; both of these were accrued during Hoth assignment(s)

Noted for unprecedented advancement in Imperial Army, and subsequent transfer to Imperial Navy
Current Unit: Imperial Seventeenth Assault Group
Current Position: Commanding Officer, [redacted], Imperial Seventeenth Assault Group
Current Duty Station: [redacted]
Notable Campaigns: Eternal Empire Blockade of Dromund Kaas, salvaging of the Hoth Star Fortress, Invasion of Voss, Battle for Iokath
Previous Assignments: (re)organization(s) of Expansionary Fleet

19 ATCCadetN/AImperial AcademyDromund Kaas
20 ATCSpecialistField Medic, Hoth CommandImperial ArmyHoth
21 ATCSergeantSenior Field Medic, Hoth CommandImperial ArmyHoth
22 ATCLieutenantTrauma Specialist, Hoth CommandImperial ArmyHoth
22 ATCMajorChief Medical Officer, Hoth CommandImperial ArmyHoth
22 ATCMajorChief Field Medic, Expeditionary FleetImperial Army/NavyVoss
22 ATCMajorInfantry Commander, Expansionary/Expeditionary FleetImperial Army/NavyCorellia*
22 ATCLieutenant MajorChief Medical Officer, ISS DeceiverImperial Navy/ArmySpace, Inner Rim/Mid Rim
23 ATCCommodore (provisional)provisional commander, Expansionary FleetImperial NavySpace, Seat of the Empire
23 ATCGroup CaptainCommander/Orbital Coordinator, Expansionary FleetImperial NavyIokath/Space, Wild Space
23 ATCGroup Captainco-commander, Expansionary FleetImperial NavyVaiken Spacedock, Seat of the Empire
23 ATCCaptainCommanding Officer, ISS Empire's HeraldImperial NavySpace, Outer Rim/Hutt Space
23 ATCCommodore[redacted]Imperial NavySpace, Outer Rim

Awards and Decorations: Siege Survivor's Medal (civilian, 19 ATC), Imperial Academy Pin (19 ATC), Imperial Academy Accelerated Stripe (19 ATC), Imperial Service Medal (20 ATC), Order of the Blue Hand (20 ATC), Imperial Medic's Green Shield (21 ATC), Imperial Medic's Red Shield (22 ATC), Alliance honorary Liberator of Hoth (22 ATC), Hoth Command Chevron 2nd Class (22 ATC), Forward Command Shield of Duty (22 ATC), Imperial Liberator of Voss (22 ATC), Expeditionary Fleet Service Medal (23 ATC), Imperial Great Mark of Loyalty (23 ATC), Expansionary Fleet Inaugural Banner (23 ATC, one of two created and awarded), Ministry of Logistics Organizational Medal 1st Class (23 ATC), Vowrawn's Blessing (23 ATC), (WIP)
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