INN had been offline for approximately five hours, the holochannel inaccessible from outside the studios. For casual viewers, it would come across as "maintenance", but for those with a cleverer hold on language, this would mean one thing: something important was happening, and the message needed to be controlled.

Suddenly, the network watermark appeared on a crimson background, and a slow paced feed of text appeared.
Announcement: Imperial Navy announces new Heavy Cruiser class, declared as "Project: Karr"; when reached for comment, a spokesperson stated, that, "The new cruiser, in lieu of increasing tensions with the Republic, and their admittedly increased technological edge, was requested by several tacticians need of a new intermediate to fill the gap created by past shifts in R&D priorities. Our shipyards have already begun construction per specifications. The screen snapped to a superblack, and one green dot split into two, as they formed four different outlines of something similar to a Harrower, but resembling more a spearpoint, than a carving fork.

INN feed would immediately come back online, as if nothing would happen. A Kaas City meteorological forecast was the first to come up. Thundershowers, warm temperatures, high humidity, and high wind, as usual.