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Akonarr Locke
(sn: akonarr)

Imperial Military Database
Search: Akonarr Locke
Enter Authorization Code:***********
Authorization Granted
Record Located

Name: Akonarr Issan Locke
Service Status: Imperial Marine Corps
Rank: Lieutenant
Current Deployment: System Defense Force - Dromund Kaas
Primary Assignment: Rapid Response Team (Special Operations)

Species: Human (Cyborg)
Home world: Dromund Kaas
Age: 31 standard years
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 177 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

  • Firearms training - Blaster Rifle, Sniper class
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Vibroknife combat
  • Physical conditioning
  • Hazardous climate survival
  • Zero-G combat
  • Threat assessment
  • Tactical assessment

08 BTC Born on Dromund Kaas
09 ATC Entered Imperial Military Academy
11 ATC Completed Advanced Training
11 ATC Deployed to Taris (Promoted to Sergeant)
12 ATC Deployed to Rabaan
13 ATC Deployed to Leritor (Awarded medal and promoted to Master Sergeant)
14 ATC Deployed to Kuat
14 ATC Deployed to Khar Delba
16 ATC Evacuated by medical transport to Dromund Kaas after outpost on Khar Delba destroyed by unknown forces
17 ATC Entered Officer Training Program
18 ATC Completed Officer Training Program - Assigned Dromund Kaas Defense Force
22 ATC Assigned Rapid Response Team - Promoted to Lieutenant
23 ATC Current events

Spoiler: File HoloShow
Posted Nov 30, 18 · OP · Last edited 9 hours ago
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<enter code authorization>
<code not recognized>
<unauthorized access detected>
<alerting Intellig......access granted Lord Ekcol>
<displaying classified file - Locke, Akonarr>

Name: None applicable.
Cover Name: Akonarr Issan Locke
Designation: Cipher 81
Status: Inactive - Note 1A

Creation: Eugenic File 28116A
Program: Intelligence - Cipher Program
Training Program: Aurek821007

Note 1A: Cipher 81 was removed from active status upon his reported death on a deep cover mission to Coruscant. Three years after his reported death Cipher 81 surfaced on Corellia and reported to Imperial authorities on planet. C-81 returned to Dromund Kaas after complete scanning for foreign bodies, or transmission devices. Debriefed by Sith Intelligence, and found to be unreliable due to failure to recall his location or activity while on Coruscant. Cipher 81 volunteered for cybernetic implantation to give Intelligence access to his mind and memory. Through weeks of study and interrogation, it was decided Cipher 81 would be deactivated, and a cover identity be created so that his years of training and experience that remained intact would be of use to the Empire. Background information was implanted in his mind and memories and he was commissioned in the Imperial Army.

Aurek821007 A821007 is the standard Cipher agent training program. Created subjects are genetically modified to accept enhanced training in technical areas for use on Intelligence missions. The following scores were applied to Subject 28116A.

  • Hand held blaster pistols
  • Hand held blaster rifles (Standard and Sniper class)
  • Virboknife
  • Chemical weapons/poisons

Technical Skills:
  • Data slicing (Standard skill and advanced skill)
  • Data analysis
  • Archive management
  • Small vehicle maintenance piloting
  • Medium vehicle maintenance and piloting
  • Droid repair and maintenance

Physical Enhancements:
  • Strength training
  • Endurance conditioning
  • Agility enhancement
  • Increased constitution

Spoiler: Classified HoloShow

---<Close File>---

Info in this update is highly classified, Darth or higher may be able to access it if they are connected with Intelligence, and even then they would have to jump through a number of hoops.. and we all know how most Darths hate hoop jumping. That being said, if the right conditions are met, there could be an RP hook or two in there.

Akonaar is not currently committed to any RP stories and is available for RP.
Also, shopping for an active, old fart friendly role play guild. Thanks for reading.
Posted Dec 4, 18 · OP
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