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Mira's Journal (Warning: Mature Themes)

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The cold of Hoth is more miserable than even Tatooine's heat. The perfect place to hide yourself from the Galaxy, until one day someone like me comes knocking on your door.

My target's name was Yin Tyn, a Jedi Master with a long list of Sith who want him dead. I found him in a small cave in the middle of nowhere. He was sitting by a fire drinking what looked to be some sort of booze. His face and body showed the signs of his age and weakness. The bones on his face were pushing out against his skin, and he could barely keep his eyes open. It was going to be a quick kill for me, but before I could draw my blaster to take him down he called out to me while I was still hiding behind cover, "Sit down an have a drink with me first. After that we can get proceed with the business you have with me." My instincts usually tell me to never accept a drink in that situation, but something felt different. So I sat down for a drink... and then another... and another.

We talked about allot things while we drank. Like his time as a Jedi, and my time as a pirate. He even told me how he'd been hiding in this cave for almost ten years. With no one to talk to most of the time he told me he would write in a journal to keep himself from going crazy. It's because of him I'm sitting here writing this shit down right now. Yin described keeping a journal as a sort of meditation to keep the mind sharp. So I thought, fuck it why not.

It might have been the booze or it might have been some sort of Jedi mind trick but for the first time in the long time I felt like I could trust someone. We talked for what felt like hours. He asked me all sorts of questions, and made me think about things I hadn't thought about in a long time. Like who I am, and if the choices I've made in my life were the right ones.

I'm a killer. I've killed countless times. I don't remember the faces of every person I've watched draw their last breath because of me and I feel no pity for the faces I do remember. My dad was my first kill. I vividly member picking up his blaster putting it to his head while he slept and pulling the trigger. I smiled as I watched him die. I'll never forget that day, it was the best day of my life.

If I have any regrets it was the first cop that I killed. I was still just a kid, sixteen years old, but I was tried as an adult. In my defense I told him the cop had raped me, but they said there was no evidence. I was deemed guilty and received a 25 year sentencing. Five years later I was let go when they found out I was telling the truth. The cop had raped multiple other girls throughout the years while I was locked up, but eventually they caught him. The prison time isn't what I regret, and I sure as hell don't regret killing that son of bitch. No, the real price I paid for that kill was losing my little brother. They told me that while I was locked up he was sent to an orphanage and eventually adopted by some off world family.

Yin asked me after I told him about my brother, "Have you ever tried searching for him?" The answer was no, because even if I did go off an look for him I know I would've made for a bad parent. So I told Yin, "He's better off without me." After that we shared one last drink before I pulled out my blaster and shot Yin right between his squinted eyes. He didn't even try to fight back.

It was a quick death.

Posted Nov 29, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 18, 18
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Someone recently asked me why I wear pink armor. I didn’t give them a straight answer. Truth is I’m pretty embarrassed to talk about it. The color of my armor is a reminder of someone who I once knew.

I was once part of a crew called the Flying Jawa Company. We were a basically a mix between smugglers and pirates based out of Rishi. Life was simple. We robbed, killed, and transported whatever we were asked to without question so long as the pay was good. Most of us were the kind of people you'd expect to find in that line of work. Except for one of us. His name was Jorriko but we all just called him Jo. He had never picked up a blaster in his life and was the sort of guy that grew up never needing to. Yet some how he ended up finding his way onto our crew, and leaving the comfortable life he lived behind.

He didn't belong with us, but I'm glad he decided to try to. He was bright light in my life that I didn't know I needed. I had grown so accustomed to the darkness of the underworld and all the fucked up shit that came along with it. Then Jo showed me someone that was able to not be consumed by that darkness despite living in it. I fell in love with him, and there was nothing that I wanted more in life than to keep his light by my side forever.

I think my happiest memory of Jo was one night he came home to the ship with with flowers he had bought in the market. He was the sort to always go buying dumb shit, and most of the time I'd yell at him for it. This time though I couldn't bring myself to get angry with him, because the flowers he bought were for me. The flowers were a type of Rose that native to Rishi, bright pink in color and sweet in smell. That night I allowed my self to feel loved, something I hadn't done in very long time. It was the first night he kissed me. The first night him and I shared each other, and the first time someone had ever told me that they loved me. I treasure the memory of that night probably more than anything.

I paint my armor the same shade of pink as those flowers.

Posted Dec 18, 18 · OP · Last edited 34 mins ago