D A R I U S _ P I C A R D
B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N
AGE mid-40s BORN 21 BTC (Dromund Kaas) GENDER Male MARITAL STATUS Divorced
OCCUPATION Colonel, Imperial ArmyAFFILIATIONS Empire RESIDENCE Kaas City, Dromund Kaas
BUILD Muscular/StrongHEIGHT 190cm (6'2)WEIGHT 91kg (200lbs)

Darius is the image of the ideal Imperial soldier with dark brown hair appropriately cut short and slicked back to give him a clean, crisp appearance. He is tall, with a strong muscular build and his uniform is always clean and pressed. He has soft, grey eyes, a chiseled square jaw, and keeps a stern expression of unquestioned confidence. He has a single visible scar on his chin, and a long scar along his left arm that runs from the middle of his hand up to his bicep.


Darius’ personality was formed early on in his life, having grown up in a strict military family. He was punished for having an interest in art and music, and quickly learned to dismiss any of his own personal interests. For him, the Empire and the Imperial Army were to come before anyone. Despite this, he still longs for a life outside of the military. He is open and honest and will speak his mind, while respecting authority and his superiors. Outside of a professional setting, Darius can be very outgoing, yet he does tend to keep his personal, private life to himself.

Picard has an interest in art and would have been an artist if not for his family's long history in the Imperial Military. He also enjoys the theatre and symphony, though he rarely gets the opportunity to enjoy such occasions. In his spare time he conducts research on various topics ranging from ancient Sith relics to the different engines of starships to the history of the galactic system (interpreted by both Imperial and Republic publications). He also studies other languages, and can often be found in the archives rather than a cantina.

M I L I T A R Y _ H I S T O R Y

Picard entered into the military at the youthful age of 15. Though it was not his aspiration to follow in the footsteps of the other members of his family, he knew it was his duty. He excelled through the Imperial Military Academy without any controversy and displayed undoubted loyalty and patriotism to the Empire. Though he was not looking to seek the attention of his superiors, he showed great aptitude for military tactics and combat, and would go on to graduate with honors.


BTC 6CadetCadetImperial MilitaryAcademyDromund Kaas
BTC 3 - BTC 1Private-CorporalSquad LeaderFifth InfantryBalmorra
ATC 0 - ATC 1Sergeant - Master SergeantUnit CommandEighty-First Infantry BattalionCorellia
ATC 2 - ATC 10Ensign - Captain//SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT//The 20,078th (“Oathbreaker’s Irregulars”)//CLASSIFIED//
ATC 10 - ATC 22Captain - Colonel//CLASSIFIED//Imperial Special Forces//CLASSIFIED//
ATC 23 - currentColonel//CLASSIFIED//, //SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT//Imperial Special Forces, //CLASSIFIED////CLASSIFIED//

W E A P O N S _ & _ C O M B A T

Picard is expertly trained in all forms of ranged, but showed excellent aptitude for the Blaster rifle, and to an extend, a sniper rifle as well. He always carries on him, however, a personal blaster. He is an expert marksman.

While more comfortable with ranged weapons, he has been proficiently train with a vibroblade and always carries one on him as part of his standard uniform.

Martial Arts and hand to hand combat training has been a part of his skillset from an early age. This was further strengthened by his many years of service and training with the Imperial Military.

Spoken Languages - Basic (fluent), High/Low Sith, Minnisiat, Cheunh, Ryl, Mando'a
Understood Languages - Jawa Trade language, Droid (astromech), Huttese, Catharese


Mei'li Bluedark - What began as a strictly professional relationship with Lady Mei’li Bluedark, has become an internal conflict for Picard. He was assigned to protect her and her children, and while he has never allowed personal feelings to interfere with his work, he has since developed a fondness for Mei’li. He respects her and her family, and especially her husband (his Commander and a Darth in his own right). His heart’s desire is at war with the honor of his duty and thus, he ties himself to a professional distance.
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B I O G R A P H I C A L _ H I S T O R Y

Darius Picard grew up in a prestigious military family and was considered a ‘mistake’ since he was born nine years after his other brothers. With his father and mother and older brothers already rooted deep in the Imperial Military, expectations fell heavily on his shoulders from a young age. While he only had a curiosity for the military life his family members followed, he had a greater interest in the fine arts and would often draw or write. But his parents were strict and he was forbidden to explore his interest in such peculiar studies.

As a child, Darius never thought to rebel against his family and easily fell into formation. He excelled and graduated with honors from the Imperial Military Academy and served the Empire diligently. He would go on to have a steady career with the Imperial Army and followed every expectation that fell on him from both the Army and his family. He was married for a short time shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant, but difference that could not be reconciled split the couple and their marriage ended in divorce.

Despite the shame the divorce put on his family’s name, Picard no longer cared about his family’s reputation. After all, how could one serve the Empire unquestionably when they were busy being consumed with how others would perceive them? In a bold move, he left the expected military track and went to work for a newly formed platoon, the 20,078th, better known as Oathbreaker’s Irregulars. Initially this decision angered his family until they learned he was serving directly under the command of a Darth.

For eight years he served the Darth, but ambition once again brought him back to the regular career path of the Imperial Army and he joined with the Imperial Special Forces. He married again, this time in a move that both hoped would shine a light on their careers, but once again, this marriage failed and ended in yet another divorce. He didn’t let this failed marriage affect him and continued to rise steadily within the ranks of the Army leading up to the Zakuul invasion. Finding his ground with the Imperial Special Forces, he eventually earning his way to Colonel.

Satisfied, for the moment at least, at his rank, he continues to dedicate his life to the Imperial Military, though he has taken on more specific and special assignments in his recent years. He is currently assigned to a classified assignment, serving under his former Commander from the 20,078th jointly with the Imperial Special Forces.

O O C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

Darius Picard is a brand new character that developed while I was writing a “return/introduction” story for my main characters that I have recently brought over from the old server (still a WIP). I liked the character so much that I decided to make him more than just an NPC. If you are interested in RP, please PM me here on Enjin (Discord also available, but not posted publicly).

Faction: Imperial
Legacy Name: Ogasawara
Guild: <Volition>
In-Game Name: Darius Picard

Character Hooks:
Picard would be associated with any rank of military personnel, Sith Apprentices, Lords, Darths (probably not acolytes, unless you can make it work, I'm open!). He’s a very military driven person, but maybe you have a character that could have bumped into him in a museum or archive too!

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