AGE 20 BORN 2 BTC, Corellia SPECIES Human GENDER Male
APPARENT AGE Twenties HAIR Brown EYES Green SKIN Caucasian
BUILD Athletic, toned but thin HEIGHT 183 cm WEIGHT 80 kg

Kal is no more dinstict than your average male human. He is slightly tall and with an average weight to muscle ratio, evident by his average, if not a bit thin, but nevertheless athletic build thanks to the constant training as a member of the Jedi Order


None so far


Kal is slightly hotheaded, prone to sarcasm and all kinds of emotions, nevertheless his caring and kind side shines through for his friends, allies and loved ones, while his darker side is always funneled as a destructive tool against his enemies. He is too "human" than most of the Jedi are or strive away from, but too much of a Jedi to even begin to be compared to the Sith, most of the times.


Kal's most honed skill is without a doubt his dueling and prowess with melee weapons, training with a number of Jedi duelmasters since his youngling days in the order, Kal has managed to learn to handle and use sword-like weapons, from the practice saber,to the mandalorian vibroblade and a lightsaber, with ease and skill unmatched compared to the other apprentices around him. Nevertheless he still has much to learn and much more to train and he is by no means a tough opponent for an experienced and battle hardened Jedi or Sith. Aside for his dueling skills he can also use the Force as a tool for offence with some sort of natural,but still just above average,talent. Despite his Jedi trained skills he is a good pilot and mechanic and he has average knowledge of technology such as terminals and other complicated computers and machinery. /color]


A faithful member of the Jedi Order since his youngling years, as he grew up however he has come to recognize some of the shortcomings of his Order and he is prone to more emotion than most of his fellow Jedi, even making choices some Jedi would consider the start to his fall to the dark side. However for every reprimand and scolding he gets for being in touch with his darker side and his emotions, Kal always manages to use those forces within him to serve the light side of the force without so much as a sign of the Dark side actually taking control of him. Now,as the final days and Trials of his training approach,along with his very own lightsaber and his rise as a Padawan fit to stand next to a Jedi Knight to server. He finds himself landing on the ancient Jedi planet of Tython

t h e m e _ b y _ r a v n i e
w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ s a m f