Name: Alaess Lunaer
Alias: Kyra, Me'suum'ika Kyramud
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: Unknown, Est. 24 GST
Place of Birth: Quence Sector, Shogun System, Planet of Shogun
Occupation: Evaar'la Tal
Affiliations: Clan Varad
Hostile Affiliations: Clan Bralor, Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Height: 73in
Weight: 170lbs

Appearance: A face of once-soft beauty weathered by hardship and combat, shaped into a fierce and fiery visage, framed by waist-length, silk-like hair of perfect shadow. Alaess stands as a tall figure of a sleek, lithe build molded into trained muscle and resilience. Clad in highly customized Mandalorian armor, her figure is given to be as imposing as her male counterparts, with an edge of deadly beauty in the curves of her uncompromised armor and graceful figure.
Criminal Records

Republic File: "Subject is an unknown party linked to multiple crimes against the Galactic Republic. Target is considered highly trained and dangerous. Current suspect information is limited to the following-

Name: Unknown
Alias: Suspect nick-named Black Rabbit for official spotting reports and information association.
Age: Unkown
Gender: Assumed to be female
Race: Assumed to be Human or Kiffar
Affiliations: It is found most probable that the suspect is a Mandalorian, or Mandalorian paid, due to the crimes and offenses she has been linked to.

Crimes are as follows:

Homicide: Multiple accounts using precision weapons, linked by identical tactics and methods of execution and escape.
Sabatoge: Using both chemical and explosive ordinance against military and corporate targets.