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Breholf Talesa: A Wisdom of That Belies His Age

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Breholf Talesa

Retrieved from Republic Intelligence Networks (Pubs only):

Location: Unknown, no records
Activities: Unknown, no records
Other Notes: Unknown, no records

Retrieved from Imperial records. (Mandalorians, Imperial Military, Administration and Intelligence personnel.):

Location: Dxun, Japrael system
Tactics and skills: During his time with the Imperial Ninth Special Task Group, Breholf Talesa has demonstrated a keen eye for tactics as well as built a reputation as a marksman. These abilities are not hampered by rough or difficult terrain; especially jungle worlds such as Yavin. Breholf has also managed to escape capture during simulated 'escape and evade' exercises and seems to possess an uncanny knack for slipping bonds or notice. As a commando Breholf is adept at causing havoc behind enemy lines and prefers to work in a more specialised angle than as a simple solider. The Mandalorian also possesses a somewhat acute perception that he claims is a result of his 'high tech equipment'.
Other Notes: With a professional and somewhat distant manner Breholf is able to work beside Sith and Imperials without much personal friction though he seems to prefer operating beside the former. This may because of a personal relationship that formed during his time with the Ninth Special Task Group between himself and an Apprentice. Breholf also has a curious streak when it comes to other cultures and has often been found asking some of the junior Apprentices about Sith history, customs and practices. The son of a warlord who's own history is entwined with the Sith Empire over the course of the Great Galactic and Galactic War, this may be why he has elected to assist the Empire and not the Republic with the alliance with the Mandalorians currently null and void.
"My father told me of a story where when I was in the crib I would often pile my toys to escape my tender captivity. Sometimes they'd find me trying to open the bedroom door in futility but mostly my mother would find me on the floor wailing in distress. Since then he knew I was not one to be constrained; physically or mentally. Traditions are such a cage. They form who a person is. Yet adhered to in a manner that is too strict and you suppress growth. As a Crusader warfare is a holy, honourable act. It earns me glory, riches and renown among my peers. Yet for a clan warfare must be done beyond its own sake. It must be for territory, for resources or to remind its rivals that they are not weak. Strength goes beyond muscle. It's a combination of willpower, intelligence and the ability to see when one is wrong. These two statements apart are just two pieces of advice but together? They form the core of everything a Mandalorian should be; ever growing, ever cunning, ever thinking."
Born3650 BBY
Weight232 lbs
Eye ColorGreen
In-game nameBreholf

As of Revolt against the Eternal Empire

This is primarily background information for the benefit of the reader. Specific character details in this section cannot be used in-character without permission.

Full Name: Breholf Dariak Talesa
Aliases: Gingerbread, Snow-Top, Bright-Eyes, Bre'ika
Titles: First Spear Scout
Age: 20

Date and Location of Birth: 3 ATC, Dxun

Appearance: Like most young Mandalorians Breholf is a physical powerhouse in raw, untamed potential. Standing at seven feet he’s well noticed both on and off the battlefield especially when donning his battle armour. Scars run down the dips and curves of his taut stomach and pectorals as well as the left side of his face narrowly missing his eye. Along the left side of his chest Breholf has his clan’s sigil as a tattoo; a snarling wolf surrounded by two crossed swords and the Crusader circle representing their adherence to the concept of ‘holy warfare’.

His hair and eyes seem to garner the most attention. While father’s dark complexion Breholf also possesses bright green eyes from his progenitor.Such is their luminosity that it’s said a Talesa can always be seen in the dark; a beacon to both friend and foe alike. His hair is snow white; neat yet thick and a hallmark from his mother and her Echani bloodline.

Another interesting trait comes from his Zeltron heritage of his father. While not in possession of the empathy and airborne pheromones of the infamous pink-skinned hedonists Breholf’s skin and fluids secretes them in high enough concentrations that ingestion causes lax inhibitions and overall enhances his charm and attractiveness. He lacks the Zeltron ability to sway opinion and as given his close proximity to allies in ship barracks and trench lines he has elected to use a suppressant injection to temporarily nullify these effects.

Breholf is rarely seen without his armour in some shape or form; heavy battle plates painted black for turning weapons fire,blade or claw. Made from Mandalorian Iron his armour or ‘beskar’gam’ has saved his life more than once. Other times he elects to wear his skintight bodyweave which is typically worn beneath his armour to act as a seal. Should he be in a more informal venture Breholf has clothes to suit clubs, bars and diners though dislikes more flashy fashion.

Personality: Unlike most some of his kin who write off the ways of outsiders as foolish, strange or weak Breholf has a healthy curiosity for various cultures and ways of thought. Through his travels across the galaxy when fighting the Eternal Empire he’d often collect items from both his foe and whatever civilisation they had conquered or vanquished. It is not enough for Breholf to know ‘what’ but also ‘why’ and ‘how’ when discovering new concepts and technologies.

While affable and friendly to those who pose him no threat or challenge Breholf lives for the hunt. Be it in the midst of a pitched battle or stalking some monster on a hostile world he has a bloodthirsty edge that’s typically satisfied by such activities. He is not as outgoing or as brash as his older sister Jaxyana and so is used to taking a back seat which suits him fine as Breholf tends to enjoy observing before making a decision or a reply. Other times however his youthful eagerness takes over and he’ll throw himself into the fray without a second thought especially if a comrade is in peril or prestige is to be won.

Breholf prides himself on having something of an analytical mind and is not opposed to actions that can circumvent conflict to attain goals such as non-violent actions and lateral thinking. If pressed into a corner Breholf will, as an instinct, fall back upon bloodshed.

Player class: Sniper
Crew Skills: None.
Occupation(s): Mandalorian Scout

Spoken Languages: Basic, Mando'a, Minnisiat, Cheunh (Unable to speak it)
General Alignment: Lawful neutral.
Organizations: Mandalorians, Aliit Talesa, Iron Pact Warband, Black Spear Battalion
Items and accessories: Beskar-Rodium Alloy armour, Mandalorian ripper battle rifle, blaster pistol, grenades, detpacks, mini-mines, armour weapons (Flame projector, scattergun, missile launcher, jetpack), hand axe, Alion Nova Guard kukri

Skills and talents: One thing that Breholf is an expert at is long range marksmanship. From a young age Breholf has practiced with blasters, slugthrowers and even rare Mandalorian Ripper weapons to attain pinpoint accuracy. Coupled with his ability to utilise camouflage and a stealth field generator he acts as one of the warband scouts; marking enemy positions and disrupting the foe behind their lines.

Breholf has little to no knowledge of mechanics and computer slicing or piloting for that matter. As such when on his wanderings alone he relies on chartered transports to get to where he needs to be. Breholf has some minor skill in medicine allowing him to stabilize fellow warriors until an apothecary or battlemedic arrives.

Interests: Cultural tourism, cooking, exploration, hunting

Relationship Status: Divorced
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Relatives: Garmas Talesa (Father), Linca Talesa (Mother, Deceased), Jaxyana and Karinn Talesa (Sisters), Rykan (Brother, twin), Daneak Daur (Ex-Wife), Vitarr Talesa (Son)
Allies: Black Spear Battallion
Adversaries: None
Posted Nov 16, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 21, 18
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