In-game / Current Information
Last Updated: 11/13/2018

Retrieved from Imperial Intelligence Networks (Imps only):
Location: Vaiken Spacedock, Dromund Kass
Activities: Barkeeping at the Vaiken, patrolling the Vaiken.
Persons of Interest: Sal Amphat, Lord Talrissia, Ryzzia, Lord Rhayal, Darth Eisran,
Other Notes: None.

Biographical Information
As of 13 ATC

Anything that appears in yellow is to be considered PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, and can be acquired from public sources and can be used by any character.

Full Name: Iocontin Zhukov
Preferred Name: Contin

Aliases: Degreaser, Iocontin, Contin
Titles: None

Date and Location of Birth: Exact Date of Birth Unknown (Aged 22), Balmorra
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Human, male, short brown hair, scarring on the right profile and along the back of the head, multiple burn and laceration scars along the right arm and torso.

Player class: Operative
Ship: None
Crew Skills: None
Occupation(s): Barkeep (Former)

Language: Basic
Organizations: None

Items and accessories: Blaster rifle, dummy grenade, flash grenade, kolto injectors, various medical compounds (kolto-adrenal mix, painkillers, etc.)
Skills and talents: First aid, field medicine, explosives use, explosives defusal, barkeeping, vibroknife fighting,
Limitations and flaws: Poor accuracy with blaster weapons, chronic pain,
Hobbies: None

Relatives: Lisa Zhukov (deceased) (née: Kurov), Mikhail Zhukov (deceased)
Allies: Sal Amphat
Adversaries: None

Biographical Summary
- Born on Balmorra. Son of Mikhail Zhukov.
- Over the course of 5 years, Zhukov acquired a massive debt to Lord Kurov to perform operations of Balmorra.
- When Contin was of age 3, Lisa Zhukov was killed by unknown assailants.
- Contin was sent to work under Lord Kurov to assist in paying back the debt.
- After 1 year of serving under Lord Kurov, Mikhail Zhukov was killed. The debt was transferred over to Contin.
- Contin was assigned as the 'disposable scout' of Lord Kurov's personal retinue, frequently assigned to dangerous missions.
- At age 18, Contin sustained severe injuries due to a homemade "bouncing" landmine. After field medical treatment, Contin made a full recovery over the course of a year.
- During that time, Contin began studying field medical treatment and first aid. After a total of 2 years practicing, Contin met the standard for Imperial Marine medical officers.
- After several more operation, Contin began working as a barkeep for the Vaiken Spacedock (due to unsatisfactory performance of droids).
- 6 months later, Lord Kurov was killed during [redacted.]
- Contin was removed as barkeep and replaced with standard droids, then was reassigned as a field medic to two sith apprentices.

Psychological Summary
- Notable depressive episodes for two years after severe injuries due to the incident with the landmine.
- Reported change in temperament and personality after said incident. (Originally, subject was recorded as being optimistic and prone to overconfidence.)
- Intense paranoia regarding the motives of others and their actions, particularly of sith.
- Frequent misuse/improper use of approved medication for chronic pain (avoiding doses, improper timing of doses, single incident of overuse, etc.)
- Recorded traits are compounded by the stress of the debt to the estate of Lord Kurov.
- Notable increase in paranoia behavior after 2 months serving aboard the Vaiken Spacedock.

Positive traits:
Relatively Friendly
Quick Witted

Negative traits:
Pride (Limited Amounts)
Can’t help but crack jokes at himself and others (even if it risks getting him killed)
Prone to Irrational Behavior

Quotes: "Degreaser Contin, professional twat"

Additional Notes: Current Balance of Debt to the Kurov Estate: ~2000000 credits.

OOC Notes:
Character Hooks
Contin's constantly trying to find a way to work off his debt WITHOUT getting himself in too much trouble.