House Locke of the planet Alderaan
Minor house under the banner of House Organa

Name: Kovast Locke
Birth Year: 16 BTC
Age: 39 years 8 months
Species: Human (Cybernetic enhancements)
Planet of Origin: Alderaan
House Affiliation: House Locke/House Organa
  • Father: Dr. Kaleb Locke
  • Mother: Jedi Zhia Locke
  • Brother: Kennet Locke
  • Sister: Sata Locke <Deceased>


Service Branch: Republic Army
Rank: Captain1
Primary Training: Medical corps (Trauma surgeon)
Secondary Training: Reconnaissance Support
Current Duty Assignment: Coruscant/Home Fleet

Brief Personal History:
First born son of Kaleb Locke, Republic surgeon, and Jedi Zhia Locke. Older brother of Kennet Locke, and Sata Locke (Deceased). Enlisted in the Republic army, over the objection of his father, and trained as an assault specialist. Cross trained in recon support and qualified with the light caliber auto cannon. During a patrol on an outer rim moon Kovast was wounded in combat with pirates. While Sergeant Locke was under going treatment, he was transferred to Alderaan where his father took charge of his personal care and reconditioning. While he adjusted to the required cybernetic implantation, he requested and was approved for retraining and instruction. Upon his completion of medical school, and residency, Kovast Locke was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Republic army. He requested and was granted assignment to a front line unit. During the conflict with the Eternal Empire Lt. Locke proved himself as a capable and gifted combat medic and trauma surgeon. He was decorated for performing emergency surgery in the back of a fast attack speeder during a withdrawal under fire, where he refused to leave his patient to evacuate with the rest of the unit. When the unit was returned to Coruscant Lt. Locke was promoted to Captain, and assigned to the planetary defense force. During the military reduction after the treaty was signed with Zakuul Captain Locke was employed with a civilian hospital. As soon as the military reduction was recalled Kovast Locke was reinstated with full rank and privileges. He is currently assigned once more to the home defense force pending front line duty assignment.

Note 1:
Medical Officers are not Line Officers and as such are not included in the chain of command. While they carry the rank, and respect of that rank, they are not in a command path, and would not be able to take command of a unit, ship, or station due to their specialty not including the proper training for command or tactics.

Name: Kennet Locke
Birth Year: 11 BTC
Age: 34 years 1 months
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Alderaan
House Affiliation: House Locke/House Organa
  • Father: Dr. Kaleb Locke
  • Mother: Jedi Zhia Locke
  • Brother: Kovast Locke
  • Sister: Sata Locke <Deceased>


Service Branch: Freelance Privateer
Rank: Captain
Ship Class: Corellian XS Freighter (Customized)
Ship Name: Winter Hawk
Primary Area of Operations: Undisclosed

Brief Personal History:

Classified Data
(Info here is undisclosed to the public)

Name: Kennet Locke
Code Name: Bishop
Rank: Agent (Holds military rank of Captain for military emergency situations)
Service Branch: Strategic Information Service
Current Assignment: Intelligence gathering mission near the borders with Imperial space

Training Programs Completed:
  • Introduction to Slicing
  • Advanced Slicing
  • Small arms training
  • Explosives use and training
  • Investigation
  • Assassination
  • Stealth Generation
  • Data analysis

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