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LF Dedticated Long Term Jedi Master

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Hello Fellow RPers, I am currently looking for another Heavy RPer (PST Preferred or a player who is PST Friendly) to take on the dawning task of becoming my Toons Jedi Master, I do have N'jadaka Killmonger on the Imp side as well just incase his story takes him down the sith path but as of right now nothing in his so far RP story points to that direction so Sith masters need not to respond to this ad (sorry, unless you can actually come up with a Believable IC way He could become a apprentice to your sith toon I will be open to discuss it, but for now I am only seeking a jedi master.) Below I have his backstory as it it to date.(seeing as this toons backstory is basically being done In game the following dossier is subjected to change)

What I am looking for
▪A dedicated Heavy Rp Jedi master
▪PST player or PST friendly (PST=Pacific Standard Time, I'm in California if that helps)
▪Male or female Jedi master, it does not matter
▪ someone willing to basically write this toons backstory what I mean is all of his force abilities, fighting techniques, personality, how is views the force, etc..etc.. will be placed in YOUR hands you will be his teacher (aside from the abilites his has learned so far IC)
▪ I want that Obi-won/anakin or Bane/zannah Type relationship (I give those two examples seeing as N'jadaka is only 15 Yrs old IC. But will age along with the In game, so depending on the year it is when Jedi under seige is placed in N'jadaka might have aged a bit.)

If you have any questions about this or would like to take on the task of molding a jedi from the ground up basically feel free to message me on my discord
N'jadaka Killmonger #2272 (best way to contact me) but if you dont have a discord feel free to send me a message on enjin.

My times of availability

Mon- 8pm-10pm pst
Tues- 7pm-10pm
Wed- 8pm-10pm
Thurs- 7pm-10pm
Fri- 7pm-12am
Sat- open availability
Sun- open availability but will not be available after 10pm due to work the next day

*also Fri-Sun I do spend time doing thing in RL so Fri- Sun if I have RL plans I will inform you of them and we could RP before I have to leave or after I am done*

Thank you for those that might be interested and if someone accepts this I will post a reply saying that someone has accepted and that I am no longer looking.

Spoiler: Character's Dossier:Show
Posted Nov 8, 18 · OP
This ad is no longer active, please delete :-)
Posted Nov 15, 18 · OP