In the Duros Sector this weekend, a high speed chase broke out between enforcers of Barbas the Hutt and mercenary forces working for recently reconstituted Mantis Independent Contractors. A representative for the mighty Barbas could not be reached for comment, but witnesses say the Mercenaries chased down a freighter departing from Barbas' Supernova Casino. The stretch from the Supernova is mosly cleaned up now, but photos of the incident show a very different picture: Speeder bikes in the sides of buildings. One pedestrian far below was struck with debris and sent to a local hospital.

It is unknown whether anyone survived, though datapad video suggests one survivor was dropped in the streets of the Corellian Sector, found with a crudely drawn signature of some sort on his face and multiple injuries.

While the motivation for this attack is unclear, one can only wonder what the return of Mantis means for the galaxy.

-Article by Alys Broka, of the Nar Shadaa Sentinel