Third Shift (2230 hrs)
CEDF Missile Frigate K'surt Ch'ahecah (Frost Wave)
Attached to the 12th Imperial Battle Group

The lift stopped and the doors parted, opening onto the bridge of the frigate. Commander Kema'neitt'ath stepped through the doors and paused to look over the bridge crew as they worked efficiently. She had stopped in her quarters to switch out the Imperial uniform for her more comfortable CEDF uniform. She preferred the white material over the dark tones of the Imperial uniform. A yeomen stepped forward with a computer board and offered it to his commanding officer. He spoke in cheunh, causing a glare from one of the Imperial officers that had been transferred to the K'surt Ch'ahecah for training.

(Cheunh) "Commander, orders from the flag. The battle group is adjusting this leg of the patrol to return to Dromund Kaas sooner then expected. Apparently there has been some uninvited guests of the Republic variety, the battle group is ordered to the region and to deploy into a screening formation in case the criminals find transportation."

Kema'neitt'ath accepted the board and looked over the data, then nodded. She tapped an acknowledgement onto the board and moved to the center of the bridge, standing in front of her chair, she clasped her hands behind her back, then looked at the yeomen, a nod for him to return to his station, then she spoke in accented basic.

"Communications send to the flag, we are ready for maneuver orders at his discretion. Helm, patch into the battle groups nav sat beacons. Engineering, Chief, spin up the sublight engines, and prep the hyperdrive in case it is needed. Guns, load odd launchers with war shot, even launchers with ion shots, in case we need to capture something. Lieutenant Jassit, join me here, please."

With her orders given, Kema'neitt'ath sat down in the padded command chair, crossing one leg over the other as she leaned back against the back of the chair. Her steward appeared at her elbow with a white cup of tea. He set it on the arm of the chair and moved away as quietly as he appeared. She lifted the cup and took a drink when the Imperial officer stepped closer.

Lieutenant, if I have to take the ship to battle stations, I want you to take a seat at the auxiliary sensor station. I do not make it a habit to explain my orders, but as you are my guest, I will do so, this time. Without a permanent duty assignment, you are, for lack of better words, human cargo when in combat situations. You are not a part of my team yet, and have not trained enough with us to keep up. This has nothing to do with you personally, I find you an excellent officer, but it is a matter of training, and practice. My bridge crew has been a team for years, and are blooded in combat. I do believe you can be trained up, but until that point I prefer to work with my team if the k'pah hits the air rotatory device."

The young Imperial looked like he was about to argue the point, but instead he simply nodded and spoke with his crisp Imperial accent.

"Yes Commander, I understand your position. If I can be of any.. use.. please let me know. I would be very interested in joining your training sessions.

Kema'neitt'ath nodded once more. Then nodded to the Imperials assigned station at the long range sensor station.

"Very good, Lieutenant, I will have the Chief add you to the training rotation. We train on this ship every day, the bridge crew trains and runs sims every other day."

Three lights switched from amber to green on the nav console, a matching set changed on the arm panel of her command chair. Nav, sublight engines, and hyperdrive were all ready. Kema'neitt'ah looked over at the weapons station and saw the tubes were showing amber, indicating they were loaded and waiting. When the order was given, the weapons would switch to green. Kema'neitt'ah locked her gaze on the forward screen as the order came to maneuver. The Commander had already given her orders, and as the battle group began to move, the K'surt Ch'ahecah moved as well. As the ships of the group distanced themselves from other stellar bodies, one by one they jumped to lightspeed.