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HoloTracker: Include (1) Character's In-Game Name, (2) Faction, and (3) Location
HoloTracker [1387]
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K E ‘ R I I _ O G A S A W A R A
(full name: Ke’rii Hoban Hua Ogasawara)
B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N
AGE 40s BORN 21 BTC (Theed, Naboo) YUZHI MING Hua (meaning: prosperous) GENDER Male
OCCUPATION Captain (Imperial Navy), Entrepreneur AFFILIATIONS Family, Clan Kuwix, Empire
TITLES Captain, Boss SHIP The Shengli (class: D5-Mantis)
RESIDENCE Dromund Kaas
BUILD Athletic HEIGHT 183 cm (6') WEIGHT 81kg (180lbs)

Ke'rii is tall, with an athletic build, crew-cut black hair, light blue eyes, typically has slight stubble, and a visible scar over his right eye. Has cybernetics primarily covering the right side of his forehead and face. His skin is tanned from living on Tatooine. His dress is casual, and he always carries a blaster when out in public. For most formal social situations you can expect him to wear whatever he finds most comfortable (unless it is an occasion he actually really, really cares about, such as his sister's wedding, he will be in a formal suit). For business meetings, again, whatever he finds comfortable. When in service with the military he wears a uniform.


Alara Slate (wife) - While fulfilling his assignment on Taris, after the Sacking of Coruscant, Ke had a fling with Alara (more commonly called Lara). Being in the military herself, the two kept their relationship a secret. When Ke left, several years had passed, before the two saw each other again. For a short time they reunited, but Ke had a way of disappearing for long periods of time. Rumours floated around that he had defected to the Empire, and this was later confirmed when Ke met up with her again on Ord Mantell. She helped him escape from capture and snuck him safely back into Imperial Space. Lara was, for a long time, his 'what if', and 'it's complicated’. She is the only one he has truly fallen in love with but couldn't be with because of his loyalty to the Empire, and hers to the Republic. It wasn't until both were able to set aside their stubbornness that the two finally married. (read full biography)

Keiko’li Ogasawara (daughter) - Ke'rii never knew about his daughter until Keiko's mother no longer wanted her when she was ten years old. At first their relationship was that of two strangers. It was awkward, and for a very long time she always called him "Ke". It wasn't until just before he disappeared into Wild Space, where he would be lost for five years living on Zakuul, that she would finally call him dad. Though Ke missed the first ten years of her life, she became his motivation to be a better person and live a more honest and safe life. The two are similar, though she reacts better to authority than her father. (read full biography)


Upon first meeting Ke'rii one might find him arrogant, cocky, annoying, and very talkative. He always has to be doing something, and will often talk using lots of hand gestures. He fidgets when he has to be quiet, and often can be seen snacking on something (you know, trying to curve that occasional craving for a deathstick). He tends to come off as if he doesn't care about anything, but the truth is, he does. He's outgoing, friendly, and sarcastic. He's loyal, honest, and strongly protective of his family. He can be hot headed and quick to say something he shouldn't--this gets him close to engaging in bar fights (though he'll be the first to back down because chances are, he didn't meant to take the issue that far). He's very stubborn and doesn't take well to authority figures--this doesn't mean he doesn't know his place in the chain of command. He likes to challenge people, and he's not afraid to aggravate an already angered Sith (he likes to see how far he can push things). This doesn't mean he's disrespectful, he just has a hard time showing it to most. He'd rather be his own boss and do things his way. He knows when he is wrong, and when he's gone too far. Though it might take him longer than some, he will apologize for his actions (on his own terms, never when he's being told to do so). Respect him, and you will be respected back. Wrong him or betray him, and he will remember... for a long time.

Dejarik (is a self-proclaimed 'champion' at the game), dancing, reading, bartending, swoop bike racing, gambling, music, fixing mechanical objects (speeders, droids, etc). Is an avid Huttball fan (favorite team: Rotworms). Enjoys watching podracing. Loves animals, and has often rescued helpless/sick animals to rehabilitate and give a safe home (will either release back into the wild or keep as a pet).


Ke’rii isn’t known to be a man of deception, but his past has a way of creepy up on him and coming back to haunt him. Therefore, he has a few aliases he uses in the Republic and while conducting business in Hutt territories.

{ACTIVE} Huanxiang - is an alias on record as a tibanna gas mine owner on the planet Sleheyron.

{ACTIVE} Jianyu Shun - is an alias primarily used when he needs to travel to Coruscant or any of the core worlds of the Republic for a legitimate business reason. Jianyu Shun is a registered pilot, has documented Republic citizenship (showing his planet of birth as Corellia), and bank accounts opened on both Coruscant and Corellia. He uses this name to return to his homeworld, Naboo. This is the ‘cleanest’ of his aliases.

{UNKNOWN} Hua Junjie - was an alias associated with the Hutt cartel as one of their former employees (engineer, smuggler, and black market merchant). He shortened the name to Ji, so anyone who might recognize him from this alias would probably call him that. This name was used back around 3 ATC, but may still be remembered by those within the Hutt cartel world for his skills as a young pilot and smuggler. The name would reappear on Zakuul, from 16 ATC to 23 ATC during the invasion when Ke’rii was stranded on the planet.

{UNKNOWN} Takeshi Wong - is an old alias known in the Republic as a former smuggler and blockade runner who sold to the black market. The name is known to be a weapons dealer to those in the Republic, but also to the Empire. Those in the slicing world would know the name as an old slicer who sliced into a few Republic, Imperial and Hutt databases “just for kicks”. Republic records would indicate that Takeshi Wong has an old arrest warrant out dating back to 3 ATC.

W E A P O N S _ & _ C O M B A T

Ke’rii has extensive training in a variety of areas. He prefers using his blaster, affectionately called "Bianhu'ren" (shortened to "Bian", which translates to “Defender”). He is also known to carry a knife.

“Bianhu’ren” is a WL-29 blaster - Ke prefers the sleek, lightweight and simple style of the WL-29 series. Though the blaster is “light”, it has heavy plasma energy firepower (green in color). Intensity of the blast ranges from training, stun, to kill.
Blaster rifle - again, he prefers the WL-29 series. The blaster rifle is charged with the same features as Bian, however, intensity level of the blast can penetrate heavy armor, even able to kill on the first shot. Due to its lethal nature, Ke’rii does not prefer to carry it on himself and keeps it securely locked away.
Sniper rifle - WL-29 series. As with the above, the sniper rifle has similar features as his blaster, but includes a scope for greater distance and precise assassination. As with the blaster rifle, he does not carry this on himself.

Vibrosword - Ke’rii has studied and trained in vibrosword technique, preferring the Echani made vibrosword for its cortosis-weave, which allows it to stand up against a lightsaber. Being a perfectionist when it comes to combat skills, you will never see him in battle with a vibrosword, though he has been expertly trained.
Vibroblade - as with the sword, he prefers the cortosis-weave, Echani made, vibroblade. He has been known to use one in close combat and can sometimes be seen carrying on on his boot.

Martial Arts - Ke’rii has trained and studied martial arts, including that of the Echani. He is proficient.
The Force - Ke’s use of the Force, in his younger days, has been limited to his intuition as a pilot, lucky shots with a blaster, and to an extent, with his martial arts training. With those closest to him, mainly his wife, daughter and sister, he can feel their presences; and in some cases (primarily with his wife) he has been able to hear her thoughts. But he is not properly trained at all. The ability sparked in him in his 40s, around the time of his father’s death. He will attempt to ignore it or shrug it off as nothing, but there is a growing power inside him. He would be wise to seek professional guidance.

Spoken Languages - Basic (fluent), Olys Corellisi, Ryl, Mando'a, High Sith, Minnisiat, Qimeng Yuyan (moderate knowledge)
Understood Languages - Jawa Trade language, Cheunh, Droid (astromech), Shyriiwook, Huttese, Thyrsian
Slicing - a skill that came naturally for him since he was young. He is always advancing this skill, learning from others. Mainly this skill is used to gather secure/encrypted data about a possible bounty target, though he has used it for bragging rights by slicing into the Republic SIS database when he was 18 years old.
Ship pilot - another self taught skill. Having no official training, his piloting is often rough and rocky. He likes to push the limits of any ship he pilots. He will often add 'sketchy' modifications to increase speed and velocity. Traveling with him is not recommended for those with weak stomachs.
Cybernetics - primarily used to scan people/places/objects and retrieve data (if data is available on selected databases he has access to), record holovideo, sound, download information from computer consoles/ships, and store data. If you are scanned, chances are he is attempting to retrieve data or record the conversation (either by video or sound). His cybernetics also have the ability to make encrypted calls and tap into other holocommunications (if frequency is not secure, though he may attempt to slice encryption).

Ke has access to several databases, and tries to keep all of them updated:
Imperial database - including files from Civilian, Criminal records, Sith Intelligence, Imperial Intelligence, Military, etc. All around full access due to his involvement with the military. Currently updated.
Republic database - including SIS files updated to current by illegal slicing, civilian records, criminal records, education, etc.
Outer Rim - primarily Civilian and Criminal records on Tatooine, Hoth, Rishi. Along with ship records and their captains. All current.
Zakuul - limited information, planet and city layout, housing, restaurant type information as he did not have the means to gain access to their government databases.
House Thul - Alderaan - personnel records, family records. Last updated about 15 years ago when he was contracted to do a job for them.
Corellia - Civilian database, Government files, etc. Personal contacts in the shipyards, and a list of all the best restaurants. Currently up to date.
Kuat - shipyard schematics and information on contacts.

T H E _ S H E N G L I

The Shengli, a name translated to "Victory", is a D5-Mantis transporter ship and serves as Ke's home away from home. The ship is his baby. She's a hunk of junk that 'only he can pilot', which is more or less true... not everyone can maneuver the vessel like Ke'rii can. He has added modifications to the ship's computer systems that allow it to make jumps to lightspeed quicker and more recently, to shield the system from the alien technology on Iokath (which had previously been able to interfere with the computer systems of the ship).

Though The Shengli has seen her fair share of combat, she was hit hardest at the Battle of Iokath in 23 ATC. Perhaps it was due to her old age, or need for more upgrades to her actual build. The vessel was disabled near the end of the battle, but was rescued by the Ziost Avenger.

The Shengli remains operational today as Ke’rii continues to advance the ship’s modifications and systems.

M I L I T A R Y _ H I S T O R Y

Shortly after the Sacking of Coruscant, Ke'rii joined the Republic Army. His first assignment was to help with the Separatist War on Ord Mantell, where he held the rank of Corporal. He hated the assignment, finding the egos of the men he worked with unbearable. After months of service, he requested reassignment, and wasn't afraid to pull strings by imposing influence from his uncle, General Gung'chul Areum.

Eventually, Ke was reassigned to Taris to provide aid and support for the recolonizing and reconstruction project for the ruined planet. Finding the assignment challenging enough, he stayed for some time and actually grew fond of the people and the Republic's efforts. He was eventually promoted to Sergeant and given his own squad of 10 men to command. Ke was beginning to accept that he could settle into a serious military career, until one fatal mistake on his command took the lives of six of his men--including a good friend of his. Broken, and undergoing trials and scrutiny, he deserted.

A large gap in military service proceeded as he started to build life in the Empire and as a freelance bounty hunter.

Ke'rii emerged later during his duel-service with the Republic SIS and Imperial Intelligence, where he joined Gung'chul's elite squad, known as the 84,500 Rocket-Jumpers (or simply: The 84 500s), which was named after the height of the highest jump ever performed on the battlefield. He took the assignment primarily because of his loyalty to his uncle, but also because took away some stress from playing the double-agent. But the events on Coruscant that lead to his torture by his own sister, Xia'li, ended with him once again out of the military. In the year that followed, his record showed him as a traitor and wanted. However, Gung'chul eventually pulled strings to get his record to officially state: Dishonorable Discharge

In 23 ATC, Ke'rii received 'casual intelligence' while sitting among patrons at The Oasis Lounge that alerted him that the Republic may have a presence on the mysterious world, Iokath. Having prior knowledge of the world, but unable to reach it due to high radiation levels, Ke'rii attempted to reach Moff Heermann to alert him and his men that the world may have a Republic occupation. Not one to sit by and watch the war unfold (at least not anymore), Ke'rii headed out on The Shengli and made it in time to arrive at the Battle of Iokath, in which he aided Imperial forces to penetrate Republic opposition and make it to the ground. His ship was badly wounded and was rescued by the Ziost Avenger, where Ke'rii would come face to face with Heermann once again. Only this time, the meeting went much smoother and Ke'rii was reinstated at the rank of Captain in the Imperial Navy, and awarded the Imperial Grand Mark of Loyalty for his unrivaled skill and bravery during the battle.


ATC 1Private
NOTES: Applicant exempt from Academy training //ORIGINAL SIGNED// Gen. Gung'chul Areum
PrivateRepublic MilitaryCoruscant
ATC 1CorporalReconnaissanceCentral AuthorityOrd Mantell
ATC 2SergeantReconstruction Effort, Squad LeaderRepublic MilitaryTaris
ATC 16Master Sergeant84,500 Rocket-Jumpers, Lead JumperRepublic Military//CLASSIFIED//
ATC 16Master Sergeant//DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE//Republic MilitaryCoruscant


ATC 15CadetCadetMilitary AcademyDromund Kaas
ATC 15LieutenantUndercover, Republic spaceImperial IntelligenceDromund Kaas
ATC 16Lieutenant//GENERAL DISCHARGE//Imperial MilitaryDromund Kaas
ATC 23CaptainCaptainImperial Navy, Imperial Wild Space CommandIokath, Ziost Avenger
ATC 23-currentCaptainSecurity OfficerSecurity Division, Imperial Naval Intelligence DepartmentDromund Kaas


Sith Empire - Imperial Grand Mark of Loyalty - Awarded by Moff Nicohlas Heermann for unrivaled skill and bravery at the Battle of Iokath (23 ATC)

C R I M I N A L _ H I S T O R Y

Don't all good citizens have a criminal record?


BTC 3Unauthorized breach of sensitive data within a Government building. Illegal slicing of Republic Database.
NOTE: Bail paid in full by Senator Hoban'ji Ogasawara.
Ooda DanhCoruscant



B I O G R A P H I C A L _ H I S T O R Y

Early Life in The Republic
Ke'rii was born on Naboo, and is the first born and only son of Hoban'ji and Sihnon Ogasawara, a wealthy family. Being the only son, he had pressure to follow in his father's footsteps and pursue a career in politics. Ke had different ideas and went his own way. Throughout his education, Ke would skip classes, finding more interest away from the book learning that was required of him. He eventually dropped out of school because he was bored. Despite his lack of education, Ke is highly intelligent, though he will often play this down. He taught himself how to slice electronics, computer databases, etc. He has a knack for piloting ships and would take freight jobs here and there to earn a few credits when it motivated him. His life choices disappointed his father, and the two continually disagreed and argued.

Ke'rii has twin sisters, born five years after him. Xia'li and Mei'li both are force sensitive like their father. However it was Xia'li who went on to train with the Jedi, and Mei who stayed behind to follow another path. Ke and Mei are close, despite how much she would annoy him in their younger days.

The Sacking of Coruscant
When Darth Malgus attacked the capital world of Coruscant, Ke was busy working as a freelance freighter pilot en route to Nar Shaddaa. News arrived late to him when he was finally able to receive holocomms outside of hyperspace. Knowing his father and little sister were located at the heart of the attack, his first instinct was to drop shipment and head to the scene. Sitting for a few minutes, he allowed his head to cool and rational thought to come back to him. Instead, he finished his job, and waited to hear what would happen. News came slow of his family's fate, and he didn't hear anything until Mei'li finally showed up on his doorstep nearly a month later. He learned his father was taken by Malgus's men, and that Mei had gone to the Jedi for help so she could save him. In her state, the Jedi had turned her away, so Ke took her in and cared for her. He had urged her to go back to Naboo, but Mei didn't want to hear it. She wanted him to help her infiltrate the Sith Empire--an idea he strongly opposed, but eventually gave in to.

After sending Mei off to the Sith Empire, he returned home to Naboo where it was on his shoulders to explain what happened to his mother. After the loss of her husband, and now her daughter, Sihnon struggled. Always loyal to his family, Ke stayed at home, taking care of the estate and helping out where he could. Even Ke became lost at what to do, it seemed everything was crumbling. It was at this point that his uncle Gung'chul Areum (a General in the Republic military) came to visit the family, and with his guidance, Ke'rii was convinced to enlist and help fight against the Sith Empire.

Military life didn't last long for Ke'rii, and soon enough he found himself back in the pilot's seat and earning credits as a freighter pilot. Running the same route bored him, and eventually he quit and was off to do his own thing.

The Crimson Dread Pirates
One of Ke’s first big piloting jobs was transporting “goods” for a man named Kenneth Ogel and his brother Leonard. He was content with the job at first and did as told and never asked any questions. Being a young, inexperienced pilot and businessman, he never did any research into his employers. He got paid and that was enough.

But his last flight proved to reveal his employer's dark side. The “goods” he was transporting were actually slaves. After rerouting his flight to free the captives, he learned that not only were his employers transporting slaves, but there were rumors they were eating them. Ke'rii was finished and broke contract. Naturally this angered the pirates and they chased him down, discovering him to be en route to Tatooine where the conflict ended and Ke’s ties to them ultimately ended.

Nearly twenty years later, Ke's business associate, a little Jawa named Tutix Kuwix, would be ambushed by the pirates while returning Ke’s ship, ‘'The Shengli’’, back to Tatooine. The incident ended with Tut defending himself and the ship, and killing the pirate boss’s brother in the process. Angered, and blaming Ke'rii, the pirates put out an irresistible 8 million credit bounty to deliver him to them. (read more: "Hunted" and “Hunting the Hunted”)

Blockading, Hunting and Honest Work
After he disassociated himself from the Crimson Dread Pirates, he became a blockade runner, and it didn't matter who he got his credits from... Republic, Imperial... as long as he had money, he was fine. This non-committal lifestyle soon got his name placed on several bounty boards. He managed to dodge capture for quite some time, but eventually was brought in. Luckily for him, the Empire wanted him alive--though he didn't know it at the time. In an attempt at self-preservation, Ke negotiated his "freedom" by agreeing to help the Empire track down whoever they wanted. "If you can't beat them, might as well join them."

He worked as a bounty hunter for the Empire for several years, and quite enjoyed the risky lifestyle. Until one day an ex dropped off a ten year old daughter, Keiko'li, that he never knew about. Struck with the sudden responsibility to take care of his child (in which the mother wanted nothing more to do with) he abandoned his work with the Empire in search of a more honest living and found work as a security guard for the Czerka Corporation.

Ke's gig with Czerka would only be temporary... by design. Saying "yes, boss" and "yes, sir" never came easily and he wasn't planning on working under someone else for long. With financial help from his, now Sith Lord, sister Mei'li, he was able to purchase cheap land out at the edge of the Dune Sea where he would eventually build his own business: The Oasis Lounge (a casino and cantina, with many credits to be made in the market as well). Ke also was able to start up his own freelance bounty hunting business, and his "get rich quick" ideas wouldn't stop there.

I Work For Me... Or Do I?
While building his own business on Tatooine, Ke's life would continue to be blocked by forces out of his control. In what should have been a routine run of smuggled goods to Ord Mantell, Ke walked into a trap believing he was meeting up with his sister, Mei’li. It would have been simple to pick her up and move on with the job. But instead, he was greeted by his Jedi sister, Xia’li, who had orchestrated the capture. He was arrested for war crimes against the Republic, specifically accused of murder of two Republic leaders--which was a false accusation. Truth be told, this was a ploy to force Ke into helping the Republic SIS gather information on Imperial Intelligence. He loathed the idea, but if he didn't he would be charged with murder and executed for treason against the Republic and his daughter would go back to her life in the Republic with an unloving mother. Ke was trapped and agreed. (read more: "A Sibling's Deception")

So on to Dromund Kaas he went, and applied for a position within Imperial Intelligence. He passed all their exams, aptitude tests and background checks (most of his shady past had been erased from his prior negotiation to work as a bounty hunter for the Empire). Ironically, Imperial Intelligence wanted information on the Republic, which they knew he frequented, so he was in the middle, playing both sides, and not caring one bit about either one of them. Needless to say, information sent to both organizations was slow coming, and often lacking any relevant information. The situation was stressful, he wanted out.

Disappearance Into Wild Space
Just before the fall of the Empire, Ke'rii was up to his usual antics on getting rich quickly, having purchased an abandoned building on Nar Shaddaa he hoped to use for importing and exporting goods (and secretly selling weapons, not to the Republic of course). He had discovered an abandoned fleet out at the edge of unknown space. His intention was to salvage what he could, possibly even the ships themselves. He purchased a ship and hired a crew half the size required to easily manage the cargo vessel, and off he went. He only let his daughter and his loyal Jawa friend, Tutix Kuwix, know he was leaving.

Upon arrival at the abandoned fleet, he discovered it wasn't abandoned at all and was in reality the Eternal Fleet. His ship was boarded and despite his attempt at a peaceful confrontation, most of his crew were killed, and he was captured and interrogated (read more: "In the Black of Wild Space")

This was last anyone would hear from him for five years.

During the first five years Zakuul forces invaded the Empire and the Republic, Ke'rii was stuck in Wild Space without any means to return home. He had no ship, and his holocom was taken away (not that it was able to reach anyone back home). He lived as a civilian in poverty and struggled to obtain any stable work that could help him buy his way back home. He worked in a diner for cheap credits, barely even enough to afford decent living. It wasn't until a chance meeting by a Sith lord named Tiendrthesh that he was discovered and brought back to Imperial space.

Returning to the Empire
Ke's return to Imperial space has landed him back with his family, and in association with Sith Intelligence, where he made a horrible first impression with Minister Nicohlas Heermann. In fact, he insulted him, angered his own brother-in-law Kaatulf Bluedark the "Oathbreaker", yet still hoped to earn himself an official assignment. While letting things "cool off", Ke returned for a short time to the Republic to update the databases stored in his cybernetics, and catch up on what all had happened while he was stuck on Zakuul. Failing to earn an official position with Sith Intelligence, Ke'rii returned to Tatooine and continue his entrepreneur business.

The Black Death: Saving Sartori'li
Several months after Ke’rii returned home, his family was targeted by Xia’li’s extremist group. The victim: Ke’s father, Hoban’ji. It was his uncle, Gung’chul Areum, that called on Ke for his help in retrieving a cure that might save his father. Though in truth, his father was so far gone he was impossible to save. But the fact remained: the virus was genetically manufactured to target the Ogasawara bloodline. Ke managed to infiltrate one of the group’s laboratories on Ord Mantell and retrieved data that might prove useful.

Meanwhile, Xia’li’s group attacked the Bluedark Estate on Yavin IV, and Ke’s niece, Sartori’li Bluedark, was infected with the same virus that ultimately killed his father. (read more: "Call of the Wind") The virus worked through the young child slowly, much slower than how it progressed through Hoban’ji, and Ke’rii and his family began research for a cure. But so far, no cure is forthcoming, but Ke’rii developed ways to “manage” the illness, but the child remains in fragile health. (read more: "The Black Death: Research and Observations - by Ke'rii Ogasawara")

Redemption Doesn’t Come Easy
His whole life, Ke’rii never really finished anything he started, but he was changing. The loss of his father hit him harder than he thought it would. Then nearly losing his niece, the attack on his sister. Missing five more years of Keiko’s life. It was too much for him to keep going in his usual ways. He began hunting down Xia’li’s extremist group and even managed to take down some of their cells, but would never know for sure if he had completely knocked the group off the radar. He became more focused and sure of what he wanted in life. And once again, he found himself wanting to wear a uniform again. He sent several messages to Moff Nicholas Heermann after Mei’li had reinstated herself under his command with the Imperial Wild Space Command. But never once did he receive a response. He was discourage, but remained focused on cleaning up his life and behaviour.

And he did. He cut old ties. Cleaned up how he ran The Oasis Lounge, his piloting service and especially his bounty hunting business where he only took jobs that were officially sanctioned and made damn sure he was tracking down individuals that deserved incarceration.

Then one night he was sitting among guests at his cantina and overheard a young Jedi speak about how the Republic was on Iokath. He knew that the Imperial Wild Space Command was heading out there and knew of its importance. He, himself had heard of Iokath, but knew it was impossible to get to the surface (at least back then). Instinct told him to contact Moff Heermann, and though he never received a response, he and his trusted Jawa associate, Tutix Kuwix, headed out to Iokath.

It was there, at the Battle of Iokath that Ke’rii finally made a difference as he aided in the Empire’s efforts to reach the surface after suffering bombardment from Republic forces. He was awarded for his skill and bravery and reinstated into the Imperial Navy at the rank of Captain, and by Heermann himself.

Finally, his life had taken a turn in a positive direction.

But like all situations he found himself in, his luck would turn when his face began to hit the bounty boards. At first a 500,000 credit bounty, which caught the attention of the Crimson Dread Pirates who went after his ship with Tutix was on board. In defense of his life, the jawa ended up killing the boss Pirate’s brother. Believing Ke’rii to be the cause of this “murder”, the Crimson Dread Pirates released a bounty notice offering 8 million credits for his head. Ke’rii managed to downgrade the bounty to have him captured alive, but the price remained. (read more: "Hunted" and “Hunting the Hunted”)

O O C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

If you made it this far, you can see that Ke’rii has about six years of RP life to him that had previously been played out on the Begeren Colony/Satele Shan server. I bring all this life to him to Star Forge. If you are interested in RP, please PM me here on Enjin (Discord also available, but not posted publicly).

Faction: Imperial/Republic
Legacy Name: Ogasawara
Guild: <Volition>
In-Game Name (Empire): Ke’rii, Hua Junjie, Huanxiang
In-Game Name (Republic): Jianyu Shun, Takeshi Wong, Ke'riì (alt+141 on last "i")

Character Hooks:
He has a wide range of hooks, including, but not limited to sports talks (the Rotworms are his favorite Huttball team), pod racing, tech talk (he’s a slicer, modifies his ship and his weapons), ship/speeder engines, space exploration. Or maybe you have trouble in a cantina and need a nice guy to step in. Or maybe you need a temp bartender. Have an injured pet? He may have a solution. Speeder troubles? Hail him down, he’s a handyman. Maybe you’ve read a good book; maybe he has too. Maybe you need security advice or safe transportation off world. Or maybe he’s that face you recognize (one of his aliases perhaps?).

t h e m e _ b y _ r a v n i e
w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ s a m f
Ke'rii Ogasawara || Mei'li Bluedark || Alara Slate || Keiko'li Ogasawara || Darius Picard
Mei's Artwork || Written by Mei'li [Archive & Comments] || Discord: Mei-mei#3559 || Refer!
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Wow, this is a great dossier. Very well done.
Posted Nov 3, 18
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Updated this biography to include details on aliases used. OOC section at the very end has been updated to include in-game names for both the Empire and Republic thus far (I am pending transfer on one more Ke-alt :cool: )
Ke'rii Ogasawara || Mei'li Bluedark || Alara Slate || Keiko'li Ogasawara || Darius Picard
Mei's Artwork || Written by Mei'li [Archive & Comments] || Discord: Mei-mei#3559 || Refer!
Posted Nov 27, 18 · OP