Minister of War
Grand Moff
Imperial ArmyImperial NavyImperial Reclamation Service
Grand Admiral
MajorGroup Captain / Lieutenant MajorMajor
First Sergeant / Master Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
SergeantPetty OfficerSergeant

Notes on Ranks

The above table is based on the Imperial military rank tables provided in the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia. Lore-knowledgeable readers will note that I’ve added several ranks that do not appear in the Encyclopedia. I’ll explain why I added those ranks here.

Imperial Army Ranks

First Sergeant
* Pierce’s First Sergeant. Appears in the Sith Warrior class mission General Durant.

Master Sergeant
* Master Sergeant Payne. Appears in the Republic Trooper class mission Battle of the Gauntlet.
* Master Sergeant Korum. Appears in the Imperial Belsavis planetary story mission Catalyzing the Conversion.
* Master Sergeant Hayg. Appears in the Imperial Belsavis planetary story mission Found in Translation.
* Imperial Master Sergeant. Appears as an open-world mob on Corellia.

Gunnery Sergeant
* Gunnery Sergeant Johnston. Appears in the Republic Trooper class mission Inconspicuous Valor. Johnston may be a SpecForce defector himself.
* Gunnery Sergeant Shorzen. Appears in the Republic Trooper class mission Battle of the Gauntlet.
* Imperial Gunnery Sergeant. Appears in the Jedi Consular class mission Old Blood.

Imperial Navy Ranks

Grand Admiral
* Grand Admiral Harridax Kirill “Voidwolf”. The main antagonist in the Smuggler class story[/i].

Lieutenant Major
* Lieutenant Major Pirrell. The principal NPC the Bounty Hunter deals with in its class story on Balmorra.
I chose to place the rank just below the rank of Commodore because Pirrell’s superior is Colonel Sartius, the Army equivalent rank of Commodore (although Sartius is identified as a naval officer in the story even though he holds an Army rank).

Imperial Reclamation Service Ranks

I listed ranks for all Reclamation Service personnel encountered in the game. It seems the Reclamation Service has the same rank structure as the Army, though I was unable to find a Reclamation Service NPC holding the rank of Corporal.