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Waking Up the Grunts || Simplified War

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Gonna cut to the chase for this one, but I've been around plenty of discords, enjin sites, and time to see interest for just plain jane grunt RP. Folks desiring to do it, but never pulling through because of too many lazy excuses and clash of 'what real world military structure should it be based off of' when we all should be aware that it hardly matters when it's just gonna be up to quality non-snow flake actions, and dice. SO! With that out of the way to scare off the uber agents, super commandos, and any individual who refuses to play as a character below the rank of Lieutenant - or those whom just gotta have the Arma Grade levels of milism in their war RP.

Let's get started.

Premise is simple. No Force Users. No Mandalorians. No Mercenaries. No Civies. No nothing other than a boots on the ground grunt RP experience.

"Skele this seems pretty strict, I mean you're excluding like everyone and their alt!"

-Ye mang, that's the case. Just your average joe soldier of the Sith Empire or Galactic Republic. Being deployed. On a world with baddies. With your fellow grunt enthusiast RPers messing around the various locations on planets BioWare has supplied us to use beyond our respective space stations, waiting for the DM (most of the times myself, probably.) to throw the wall of baddies be it from the opposing faction's troops, hostile locals, or monstrosities and bugs alike.

"But there's no way all of our grunts are gonna be from the same branch, company, or guild to have a reason to attend!"

-Of course not, which is why I've solved the problem for you: Pretend. Oh wow it's like we're all really good at that since that's what we all do half the time anyways! If a guild isn't gonna form to gather all you indecisive shits together to accomplish the hopes of an actual Company, Battalion, or Legion; You can all hold hands and pretend you're part of the same unit, or a bunch of survivors from other units bunched up along the biggest one remaining in these typically 'brutal' campaigns.

"That doesn't seem really effective..."

-Then let this serve as a motivator for you to help me otherwise, chuckle-nuts.

"But skele, I have no out standing characters that fit the bill, but want to participate!"

-k, make one. Trooper or Agent. Get some universally easy armor sets (Literally throw a dart at a Trooper set, and you're golden.) or the Imperial's Makeb Assault, Guardsman, or Snowtrooper outfits. Relatively easy and cheap (The middle one is not as much, I know, but we got the glowy one and the "I blew a $100+ special edition" suit that I'm sure plenty of you have tucked away if you really care about it.) to get. Toss in a white/red dye for pubs, and a black/red for imps. BOOM. You now have your outfit to attend and feel relatively at ease in merging into an event.

"Skele, isn't there already a bunch of war rp being done by others? Will this affect them? Are you working with them to make this? Is it gonna crash and burn like your previous attempts?"

-Yes. Up to them. Not really, because I don't want fleets, ciphers, SiS, mega Sith/Jedi, and other shit stealing the thunder from the grunts - Especially since these are events based around the "What's actually happening" outside the multitude of events already covering the wider niche of Star Forge's battle goer RPers. Oh, I expect it to go up in flames in two months if not one - I'm just shooting the shit, and seeing what sticks since I might as well scratch the itch and get this over with before retiring.

"All I'm seeing is memes and no real information, what is this besides another alpha male/female chest pound for war rp???"

-You got me there, bucko. So here is the actual skinny.

Events that will range from NPC/Fanon worlds to currently established and accessible planets forever being in the shifting tides of war. Where players who've longed for either simple "Brothers in Arms", "We Were Soldiers", "Saving Private Ryan" moments of heroism, tragedy, and fun times - To "Here comes the Commissar to tell you to charge the Colicoid horde, or be shot!" Most of these events/campaigns will be strictly from the viewpoint of the common soldier who is shafted with dying for politicians of the Republic, or the power hungry Sith of the Empire on hostile worlds. If the character of choice survives and you decided their personality and story was good enough to continue on; It can help pop another slot off in your character select and continue their story in the events, or otherwise. Speaking of which...

Yeah, Death, it's gonna happen. So NPC it, or if you're feeling frisky, go balls deep and see if your character makes it out alive. Chances are, they will. Responsible DMs and playing smart helps with those kinda things. Your call.

Events will be as follow.
-d20 mechanic. DM can decide whether you get bonuses or negative modifiers.
-5HP each. No matter the rank and experience. Only armor, vehicles, and shields change that, and you can get those 'in' the events. If you're fortunate.
-RP: Walk around the base, communicate with your fellow grunt characters, and wait for the DM to alert of the objective or oncoming battle.
-Fight and Survive.

And for those of you pondering if this will escalate to a guild anyways, yeah, probably. I've been getting poked about before and after my return, and think tanking with a few folks and seasoned rpers/DMs around: So yeah, even if it'll totes die out like every other match flame attraction RP. The premise is also simple and very much like the events format.

"Grunts only."
"One figure head of power - So not every single Sith/Jedi and their mother, General, Admiral or Moff of unrelated military forces, and other factors can dictate the actions of this group of grunts."
"Company to Legion size. Not full on Strike Fleets/Armies. Just a segment of one."
"Highest CO Rank being obtainable by non "Official Guild Officers" members is Major."
"Everyone outside the beginning stage group starts off as a "Cadet" and you get your rank when you pass the 30 Day trial period, and attend 3 Training Events/RPs with official Instructors, and 1 official combat event."
"Anytime someone is on their respective space station; They're to be off duty and in civies or designated uniforms. Not harassing Security, being Security, or meddling in the affairs of the yocals. We have Security Guilds for that. Let them do their thing."
"You get a uniform/armor set for the main events. Wear whatever you want outside of the ones centered on the guild's activities."

This is more of an out reach for the shits who are not part of the think tanks to quit mulling about, and just do it or join in a group who will be doing it in the near future. Gain interest. Test waters. If enough interest is gained, an open event will get slapped out. If not? You'll probably not see or hear much till we're already dicking about.
Posted Oct 24, 18 · OP
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There's no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole
Posted Oct 24, 18
I'd be all for this, I can toss a character into the mix (I have more than a couple spare Republic and Imperial Soldiers.)
Posted Oct 24, 18
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