Guild Lore:

In the aftermath of the war against the Eternal Throne and our subsequent defeat, the Empire lies in shambles. Though Zakuul has been defeated, and a new Empress has ascended the throne, the Empire lies exposed and severely weakened. Darth Tyranthius, a veteran with a cadre of his remaining legion, now seeks to create an organization of Sith willing to put aside the petty politics and in-fighting of the Sith to bring the war back towards our most ancient foe, the Jedi and its Republic.
With the limited resources available to him, he has commissioned the construction of a new Dreadnought outfitted with new and reclaimed technology, a new seat of power for which those who would join him may rally around.

What is the Bloodsworn?:

The Bloodsworn is an organization of Sith and Imperial assets, sworn to uphold the Empire. Those that join renounce the petty in-fighting, and vow to defeat the enemies of the Empire at any cost.
Because the organization exists as an alliance between the various Lords and Darths, there is no one supreme leader. Each Lord and/or Darth is independent, and may have their own master/apprentice and retinue of slaves/soldiers. These will not be provided to you, or assigned to you in-guild. Rather, you must convince those in-guild or out of guild to follow your character.
Due to the nature of the lore, all Imperials are second class citizens, and must show the respect owed to their superiors in society, though this does not mean that they have any command over you. If you are an Imperial or slave, you answer only to the Sith you have chosen to serve. The only exception will be the appointed Moff, who will act as CO of our guild flagship (Not yet chosen).

What is expected of guild members?:

The Bloodsworn is primarily an RP focused guild. We are all adults, and can handle mature and darker themes, as is normal for themes surrounding the Empire.

With this said, it is still a game. RP events will be designed and played out in a DMed sort of DnD adventure sort of style, mixed along side gameplay elements (I.E. attacking Republic outposts and harvesting their commanders for sweet gains.)
Members are expected to be active, though of course, real life comes first. There will be no quotas, or dues. Though those who show dedication will be recognized and rewarded.

Why should you join? Are there any member benefits?:

We offer a laid back, casual atmosphere of low stress, fun adventure. I will also only strive to recruit experienced, quality RPers. Though will not turn away those legitimately wanting to learn.
Through our stocked guild bank, we offer a collection of Cartel Market cosmetics & mounts. As the guild grows, more tabs will be made available. The higher your rank, the more you may take these items for your self, with the higher tabs offering more exclusive items.

Not only will we have lots of RP events going on, we'll also have in-game events and offer monthly raffles - only available to those who show their commitment to the guild.

Guild Rules IC- Section:

1. The Sith Empire has a rigid social heirarchy. Those deemed Sith, are above the Imperial non-Force users, with few special exceptions. Thus those playing Imperial characters, must address their Sith superiors as "Lord".
2. While there is now lots of conflicting lore due to Disney's story team, the Legends EU, and Bioware's own homemade lore, this is Bioware's game. Our guild adheres ONLY to Bioware's The Old Republic lore. Any contradictions or additional lore that makes no sense to TOR lore will not be permitted.
3. Sith are to respect each other's power bases. One may not "pull rank" on others not directly under their command.
4. Meta-gaming, God-moding, etc. is strictly prohibited.
5. Nonsense characters are not permitted. Special snowflakes, like some lost son of Vitiate or those that claim to be Sith Jesus reborn will also be rejected.

Guild Rules OOC-Section:

1. Respect your fellow guild members. Harassment of any kind will be dealt with immediately.
2. Be smart, don't bring up politics/religion/etc. We're here to take a break from the real world.
3. Don't be a jerk.