Battleborn Scions
Our story starts off with a sith known as Darth Kraya. Her family known as the Battleborn Family was known for their ferocity and cunning ways. One day they were defeated and the only one who remained alive was Kayar-ia's mother. Her mother gave birth to triplets after being raped by another sith pureblood. Down the line after Kayar-ia was made Darth Kraya, she sent off to rebirth her family's legacy. This lead to the birth of the Battleborn Scions
What we are looking for
We are looking for people willing to start out as not so powerful characters and through rp gain power. We have a Sith Enclave, a Military, and a Underworld Ring for players to join.
How to contact/join
Message SovereignGary#1417 on discord or whisper Kayar-ia in game