I love this game. I love nearly all playstyles available in it. If you ever look at my legacy achievements, you'll see I have over 52,000 points. I've done nearly everything in this game and I play all content.

If there are any RPers out there on the Imperial faction that would like to put their names out there as prospective group members for content (principally PvE like world bosses, datacron hunts, etc.) on Ossus, feel free to post that information here.

I only ever expect two things from people I group with on content;

A) That the character they bring will be adequately geared for the content (right now, that'd be about an average gear rating of 242) and

B) That the player performs at least a minimal amount of research into the content mechanics before grouping for content.

TrickyNick87Hargun<Imperial Ministry of War>TANKFull 248 set bonus
w/ full 240 augments
I actually created this character specifically to learn how to tank. I've outfitted him in above average gear and I've run numerous Master Mode Flashpoints on him as well as 16-man Eyeless. Conveniently, this is also the only character I intend to RP on Ossus at this time.