(( OOC Disclaimer: Much of this information is extremely difficult to know IC due to the nature of his backstory. A high-level intelligence clearance, personal experience, and an extensively, impressive network of spies are solid reasons to know a fair chunk of his back story. ))

Name: Bikoa Nar
Alias: Cipher Seven, Silver Serpent, Old Man, Bik, Koa, Mr. Varik, and many others.
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Blue
Age: 52
Height: 5'8" (173.02 cm )
Weight: 158 lbs ( 71.68 kg )
Birthplace: Imperial Terminus Destroyer "The Shadow Glove".
Birth year: 29 BTC ( 3682 BBY )


Childhood and Early Adult Life:
The story of Bikoa Nar starts before he was born; as with most individuals, their parents are an undeniable influence on what type of person they'll grow up to be. In Bikoa's case, his parents were more influential than most. His mother and father met in the year before the Great Galactic War. Miranoa, his mother, was an Imperial Handler for hired mercenary groups that were tasked with inspiring, training, and preparing rebel groups against the Republic to help set the stage for the Sith Empire's eventual grand entrance. His father, Dart Nar, was a Mandalorian under the care of Miranoa. After many months of successful raids, assassinations, and sometimes outright assaults, Dart and Miranoa fell in love and would go on to reproduce.

His mother was Imperial Intelligence and was definitely not granted permission to consummate or fall for the overly aggressive Mandalorian. A deal was struck that the baby would not be terminated if Intelligence can guide it's growth. This meant, for Dart, raising a kid that had been experimented on before he was even born. Injected with Gene Therapy, Bikoa had a 3% mitochondria increase and his mitochondrial DNA sleeved in a protective membrane. This, basically, insures that Bikoa never tires and will, at any age, have the energy of a kid. Decreasing myostatin by a percentage increases muscle growth as it inhibits the inhibitor; Bikoa is now as strong as those of the highest tier. And finally the enforcing of mutation that messes with lactic acid production. Literally preventing his muscles from acquiring soreness. The side effect is a ridiculously high-metabolism.

Dart never questioned his spouse's momentary departure and sudden arrival with a baby. He may have even been proud of his accomplishment of nailing a secret Imperial Agent. Miranoa, on behalf of Imperial Intelligence, pressured the father to train the young boy as soon as possible which Dart willingly, and lovingly, did. Hand-to-hand combat. Sharpshooting. Explosives. Slicing. Guerrilla tactics. Starship flying. Speeder piloting. They did it all while the Galactic War waged around them. As Bikoa approached maturity, at age 15, Imperial Intelligence decided it was time to reap the benefits of their investment. Manipulating Dart, without Miranoa being aware, to be at the Battle of Alderaan and leading to his death at the hands of some unknown Jedi.

Bikoa, as any child would, became anti-Republic and trained even harder to avenge his father's death. Signing onto the Imperial Army and serving on countless battlefields. Eventually earning a place within the Imperial Sniper Corps, Bikoa would be assigned to operations ranging from as far out as the Outer Rim as deep as the Core Worlds. At age 21, and a Corporal, Bikoa was contacted by Imperial Intelligence with an offer he had been longing for.

Imperial Intelligence:

Bikoa eventually would rise to the position of Cipher and acquire the numerical name of Seven. His Intelligence record is littered with covert operations of destabilizing governments, Houses, and corporations. Known for aggressive tactics and brutality against his targets, Cipher Seven's kill count grew and grew. At 29, he participated on the ground for the Sacking of Coruscant. With the signing of the Peace Treaty, Cipher Seven's role shifted from hitting key Republic military targets, to a more Imperial protective approach. Leading a group of eight special forces, Cipher Seven conducted internal protection of high-valued figures and Sith Lords. These activities hardly varied for some time. The greatest shift in Cipher Seven's life was when the war was renewed, the Galactic War breaking out and more specifically, the fall of Imperial Intelligence.

The Battle of Corellia:

With the implementation of a virus designed against the Watchers, the practical destruction of Imperial Intelligence, Cipher Seven and his crew were reassigned to Lord Tenedris. A brash, young, and arrogant Pureblood Sith Lord who fancied war yet only when it was clear that his own fate was that of victory. Lord Tenedris was on the ground with a small army of just over a hundred men and under the command of Darth Hadra. When Republic Strike Teams successfully snuffed Imperial leadership, it was on Lord Tenedris' shoulders to led his army. This led in a rash, unplanned, and uncoordinated attack in an desperate attempt to fight the Republic. Cipher Seven and his group were tasked with the holding a highway, preventing Republic reinforcements from taking the Sith's army from the rear. For a considerable time they held it. Cipher Seven was positioned on a rooftop, picking apart the cavalry with accuracy as he issued coherent commands. A team of nine soldiers, no matter how enhanced or talented, can only do so much against an army at their gate. A tank round blasted the building beneath Seven's feet. Crumbling the building around him, swallowing him in rubble.

The Road to Recovery:
If asked how he escaped, he wouldn't be able to provide an answer. It was all a cloudy, dust filled blur. The Cipher, now presumed dead, was buried under literal tons of concrete walls, broken pipes, and now dissembled furniture. His saving grace was that a particularly strong wall had landed at an appropriate angle to shield him from the debris. A rather awkward tent. Unfortunately, this tent was resting on his right arm. Elbow down was just mush. Red mist. Nothing. Climbing, digging, groaning, and panting. For hours. Passing out more than once. Creating a makeshift explosion to burn the severed arm which prevented death from blood loss. Pure ferocity and will to live drove the Cipher on. Eventually reaching fresh air and the awareness that he was behind enemy lines and left for dead. Cipher Seven ditched his Imperial garb, most of his gear, and his name. Retaking his proper name Bikoa, he trudged on under the guise of a wounded Republic Trooper who took brain damage and can hardly speak. A cover for his properly lacking conduct. The Republic, morally pure people that they are, took him in and brought him to the nearest medical station. It would be a few weeks in a Kolto Tank before Bikoa was finally healed, at least internally. He had to fetch a right arm and an eyepatch.

For the next dozen years, Bikoa kept low. Watching. Acquiring resources and wealth. Apprehensive that Imperial Intelligence, or Sith Intelligence may hunt down a runner, but his cover held. Through certain sections of the Underworld, he acquired the moniker of The Silver Serpent. Able to bypassing any security system. Hit any target. Collect any data. The price was high and activity rare.

Until one day. Finally. Lord Tenedris popped on his radar. Bikoa, the man that the Empire left behind and used since birth, felt the need to
take revenge.

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