Dark Templar
A Shadow and a Thought

Dark Templar is a RP/PVE guild with a long and storied past looking to recruit both new and veteran players alike. This guild has been around since the pre-launch of the game and with over 7 years of story can provide a unique view of the galaxy with a well developed guild story line that runs in conjunction with the game story. Find balance in the force or simply your next paycheck. From Sith to Jedi, mercenary to soldier, criminal to civilian there is room for all stories in our expansive universe!

In addition to the role play, Dark Templar is working on fielding its own raid team. Currently working on clearing content, once a full 8-man roster is decided we will be hitting the Hard Mode content and eventually tackling Nightmare tier content. The goal is to have two nightmare capable teams and the ability to clear content such as Hateful Entity. You need not be a roleplayer to join for our raid team, just tolerant of those who do roleplay.

Dark Templar has been around for a long time and has the infrastructure to prove it! A fully unlocked guild ship, a Yavin 4 stronghold, well stocked guild bank, our own website which hosts a plethora of guild lore in addition to forum based roleplay. We have veteran members who have played this game for years and are here to help you get leveled, get geared and get your story for your character built. Role play to PVE, stories to raiding, you can find a little bit of everything with us! Come and join and help build this already great community.

To join, please visit our website at Darktemplar.swtorhost.com and fill out a brief application.

If you have additional questions, feel free to comment or send a private message. It contact a Dark Templar recruiter in game please send a message (either whisper or mail) to either Enalis, Sîbyl (alt code 140), Syrallia, or Raeleena.

We thank you for your consideration.